Thursday, January 28, 2016

So, Who Would Win?: Galactus VS. Lord Frieza


Yes folks, I'm actually being serious about with this week's edition of So, Who Would Win? as I'm forcing that dastardly son of a bitch Lord Frieza to fight it out against the true beast incarnate (Brock Lesnar who?) Galactus.

As it usually happens when I temporarily rack my brain for potential match-ups. I'll stumble upon some really good ones, and for the sake of discussion and diversity, I think this one isn't half bad.

If you're at all familiar with the DBZ universe and the show itself, than you've definitely hard of Lord Frieza. he was the one responsible for killing Goku's people, like his father and Vegeta's father.

He was just that powerful.

Throw in the fact that this galactic/planetary conqueror surrounds himself with his own personal honor guard of highly skilled and powerful fighters in their own right, and you can easily see why Frieza was such an unstoppable force.

In this scenario, Freiza's just destroyed another planet after he got what he wanted out of it, just because he could.

But Frieza fucked up. He picked the wrong planet to blow up.
He picked one that had already had dibs called on it. Dibs called by the force of nature they call......GALACTUS!

Mere moments after celebrating his victory and feeling very good about himself, a silvery streak of light comes into view and flies past Frieza's ship. It goes so fast, not even Frieza who's no slouch in the speed department can make out the shape and source of the flashing figure.

That's when the blurry streak starts to come into focus.....and Frieza's life is about go flashing right before his very eyes.....

That's because the fabled and dreaded harbinger for Galactus, the Silver Surfer finally comes into clear view right in front of Frieza and his men.

"I do not know who you are, but know this, your foolish actions here today have angered my master.
The very planet you so carelessly and callously destroyed was already marked for consumption."

"Oh? And who are you pray-tell?"

"I am the Silver Silver, herald for my master Galactus."

"Awww, so I angered your precious master have I? I'm just so heart-broken over that."
*Both Frieza and his men laugh at the Surfer*

"If your precious master has such a problem with what I did, then why doesn't he come out and face me then? That is whenever he tires of hiding behind his errand boy."

"If it's your desire to come face to face with my master, than I sincerely hope you and your men have made peace with whatever deity you worship, for none who are so bold to challenge mighty Galactus ever survive the experience."

"Ha! Let your master come out and face me if he dares, for I am mighty lord Frieza! And it is he that should fear ME!"

And with that, the Surfer suddenly vanishes.....

Freiza's feeling very smug at that moment, and makes more insults...until a sudden flash of light encompasses his view, blinding him and his crew.

And that''s when he sees this:





Lord Frieza

Who Wins and Why?
Let me know what you guys think about this one in the comments' section,

Alright people, have a good weekend....

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