Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"Father, I Shall Become A Bat..."

I was originally going to start off the week with a skit, but then I found out David Bowie died, and I figured I'd speak on that instead.

Well today, it's a the first new skit of 2016, so yeah, no pressure not to suck, right?


Coulda', shoulda', woulda'  eh Bats?

Oh and here's some SWAG from this previous weekend, and the week before that.....

First up is the new figures I bought so far in 2016. Just wait until those new Marvel Legends waves come in folks. Oh man.....

But these are DC figures; One's the King of Thessaly's favorite characters, the DCUC Damien Wayne, and the other is the DC Collectibles Red Hood figure from the Greg Capullo artist line.
I like how the Red Hood figure comes with two swap-able heads, so you can either be the boss, or one of the regular gang members(especially if you're intending on buying multiple figure to army-build). They do come with four weapons, but can hardly hold them. Either way someone's gonna sure enjoy em even if they can't;)

Here's the comic swag I picked up last Saturday:

A copy of Alex Ross's Rough Justice for only 15$ and a copy of Superman: Red Son for only $10.
Glad to have both in my collection, especially Superman: Red Son, which I've been meaning to get for some time now.

Some issues of the latest Moon Knight series (#'s 8-10, 14-15, 17 to be exact) $1 each.

Power of the Atom#9 (Damn good and seriously underrated series by Roger Stern and Graham Nolan) for a dollar.

And The Question#1 (Denny O'Neil and Denys Cowan's series) also for a dollar.

Oh and here's the last figures I bought for 2015:

DCUC Ra's Al Guhl

Despite some articulation issues due to his suit, he's still a pretty damn good figure.....just gotta' either use your imagination to fill in the white streaks of hair or paint them in yourself. Might use white-out if I'm feeling brave enough one day.

And thankfully not too long after letting him go in a figure trading deal, I bought another Nightcrawler figure

....and oh look! He brought a friend. ML BAF Terrax to be exact.
Terrax really looks like he's giving Kurt the business isn't he?
You'll see more of those two this week as well.


The King of Thessaly said...

Hahaha! Fuck you and fuck Damien!!!
How dare you, Sir!

That figure is my favorite version of Batman...

Man, Guy can't even catch a break from The Atom???

That entire O'Neil/Cowan run on The Question is one of my favorite comics EVER. It's almost proto-Preacher in its awesome weirdness. I own the whole thing- and I'll by anything I see with Denny O'Neil or Denys Cowan's name on the book.

Nightcrawler and Terrax for the win, though!

Batman was gonna pull out... Gonna, wounna, shounna......

Dale Bagwell said...

-Ha ha!
-He's mine too, although and with all the batman figures I own, that's saying something.

-He really can't can he? Him and the Atom would clash a few years later during the JLJurgans era, with similar results of the Atom making Guy look like a fool...which wasn't all that hard to do back then....or now really. I think because Guy was so in your face and big lovable jerk, he was fun to dump on sometimes. That's my theory anyways.

-I really need to buy that whole run myself. That first issue is enough to hook you for life to see how that particular interpretation goes, and it goes really really well. Interesting comparison with Preacher though. Never thought of that influence, but I can see now that you mention it.

Yeah, white-out for the white parts in his hair and beard...plus he has eyebrows when he shouldn't. Still, a really decent figure overall, and definitely a very necessary addition to the Bat-section on my giant shelf. Now if only they made a decent Talia so I can really fuck with Bruce.....

-Indeed. Can't wait to unleash the creative beast on them, especially Terrax now that him and Drax for the tie begin and drinking buddies. Who knew?

Batman, depending on who writes him, was probably Bill Cosby-ied, so he has an excuse....I think;)

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