Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Captain Super-AmeriPro

I'm writing all this on my cell phone do bear with me here guys.

So this is happening now:
 Apparently we get two Captain Americas now. Yay?

And his shield does all sorts of tricks and flips, or something like that:

Hmmm. Methinks if there was ever any prove of action figures and storylines, it's this one.
Ugh. Hate the shield, and am thoroughly stupefied why this is even happening, other than blatantly being a cash grab for the upcoming Civil War movie.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Steve Rogers, SuperPro 2016.
Then again maybe we were warned about this 24 years ago?


The King of Thessaly said...

HA! Good old NFL Super-Pro... by which I mean: goddamned fucking NFL Super-Pro.

I hate the costume.
I've liked old-cranky-head of S.H.I.E.L.D. Rogers in the comics lately... but it's a no-duhhh-move what with the Civil War movie coming out that he's back young.
I like the shield a lot! I love how it splits into the gauntlet-things. It's a cool look. Reminds me a little of DC's Guardian.
And I like how it's shaped like his old-school one. AND it even has a bit of the crappy energy-shield he had for awhile in it!

Dale Bagwell said...

SuperPro was one of those creations, much like Solarman, US 1, Chuck Norris and the Karate Kommandos, the reasons behind Dazzler, and various characters created over at Marvel over the years, that make you wonder just who spiked the water cooler back then, and if I can get some of that stuff, 'cause that fucker was lame as shit, 90's be damned!

Now while I guess I'm up for real change, grumpy old Rogers didn't really do it for me. We already had a grumpy old man in the white Nick Fury (and Wolverine really) so I didn't really have a burning desire to see Cap the angry old man treatment, even if apparently he took to it like fish to water.
It just turned him from a cool and respected hero to your grandpa....that's cool, I'll pass.
And yeah, sure, he kinda always has been like that, but then Marvel and went a out it in your face that they felt he was outdated philosophically, if not morally.
That, and "hey, doesn't The Falcon look super-cool as Captain America?" No, no he doesn't. He looks like Colonel Sanders dream. Sorry, Falcon was fine as himself, and should stay that way, as his own man. But whateves....

The suit I can live with, as it;s just a slight variation of his Ultimate Cap costume, with some slight color changes. But that shield...that ugly-ass, millennial abortion of what Cap's shield should look like.....nope, can't make me like it. Nope.

But yes, he really, really does look DC's Guardian now....and not the cool Morrison Manhattan Guardian, but the ol' fogey, bland Jim Harper one.....

Agree to disagree with ya on this one my drunken brother from somebody's mother..

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

speaking of NFL Blow and bright ideas from marvel remember when they tried to get cute for their 75th Anniversary last and come up with this?

The King of Thessaly said...

Hey, you can talk that way about SolarMan; but no one says "Dazzler" and "lame" in the same sentence on my watch!!!

Yeah, your mileage may vary... but I liked seeing Cap in a different light. He was different enough from Fury. And I dig his dynamic with Deadpool.
I like Falcon as Captain America. I think it makes sense- who deserves the title, who's next in line- of course it would be Sam Wilson. That being said, I don't like his comic. Not because he's Cap, but because of the writing/story-line.

I never liked The Ultimate Captain America costume. So, its influences on this one help make it a pass from me. But damn, I love that shield! I'm probably not going to like the new comic, though. Captain America is a hard sell for me. Stern/Byrne, DeMatteis, Gruenwald, and Waid... Hated everything after.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: well now that you refreshed my memory, yes I do, and yeah, fucking lame move, and a dick move I might add on marvel's part. Nothing new for them, but ROM fans such as yourself have got to fuming in anger though.

@King: Ha ha, hey I didn't say Dazzler was lame, just her behind the scenes origin. Dazzler was supposed to be a black disco queen who debuted about 4-5 years too late for the disco movement, but you know, marvel and all. It's weird how we got who we got, but what long strange trip just get Allison Blaire.

Old Man Rogers could've been interesting if Hickman hadn't been so damned and determined to term him into angry and frustrated Old Man Rogers. I was practically waiting for Hickman to have him say "You damn kids! Get off my Quinjet!" when he was chasing the Illuminati, and then to add further insult, you had Reed, Hank Mccoy and Amadeus Cho basically rub it Cap's face how smart they were. Just all sorts of wrong. Massive mischaracterization and it shouldn't have been allowed to happen. Hard to root for Cap when he's portrayed like that angry annoying, noisy old neighbor from across the street.

I'll agree w/you, that after Bucky, Sam probably was one of the more deserving characters to get a chance to step and be allowed to be part of something greater...but he was fine who he was, as his own man with his own hard-fought rep. Everybody knows one replaces cap for very long, not even Bucky, so no surprise that he's already half-way out the door. Just shouldn't have done that to his character. Because seriously, where does he go after being Captain America? Will becoming the Falcon fulfill him, or not? IDk, but hopefully the movies won't follow suit, but who knows.

The Ult outfit was fine as long as it stayed on that side of the MU, not being adopted into the main universe, but yeah Marvel.

I totally agree on the Cap dilemma. He's like Superman, in that he's a hard character to write without getting too preachy or sounding to morally righteous. Balance is the key, and the the men you just mentioned all did a fine job in doing just that. And yeah, after Waid it really did go to shit, up until Brubaker. Not for a lack of trying by Jurgens, Morales, and Priest, but their interpretations just didn't stick. Haven't really read any of Reminder's work, but meh on that too.

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