Thursday, January 21, 2016

Aquaman/Namor VS. Black Manta/Tiger Shark

So I got my laptop back, and everything's back to normal around here, so let's get on with this week's edition of So, Who Would Win, as I continue the team-up theme from last week with Aquaman and Namor teaming up against a team comprised of some of their deadliest and most persistent foes.

Case in point, the team of Black Manta and Tiger Shark.

Last week Attuma and Ocean Master gave our heroes a hard time, now it's Black Manta and Tiger Shark's turn.

As we all know, Black Manta infamously killed Aquaman's son, and jumped to the head of Aquaman's hit list after that; Tiger Shark was created to be a natural counter to Namor, both in size, strength, and the water factor of course. Add in admantium teeth, and namor's got more than can handle with hardcore mother fucker.

So, as in keeping with the same scenario as last week's, Black Manta plans an attack on his lifelong enemy, and now with Aquaman battered and bruised after his fight with his evil half-brother, Manta strikes!

Same deal for Namor, as he too is assaulted by Tiger Shark after just going 15 rounds with Attuma.

Manta and Tiger Shark team-up and go on the attack, and it quickly becomes a real test for out heroes whether or not they have anything left in the gas tank to survive this latest fight. It's Aquaman and Namor versus the guy modeled after a shark and the guy modeled after a stingray......




Black Manta/Tiger Shark

Who Wins and Why?
Let me know who you think survives in the end....


Denny Hubley said...

Of course a tough fight but not as tough as Attuma and Orm. I believe Namor and Orin are the most powerful beings under the sea with exception to Gods ( Cthulu, Neptune, Agar etc ) so Todd n David gonna get the Sea Monkey's beaten outta them! Thanks for posting for The Sub-Mariner and Aquaman are my fav' seriously have a sick coll since 1996. Love those guys :)

Dale Bagwell said...

So, so sorry to respond so late like this Denny. I swear I just saw your comment, today being December 7th, 2017.

I gotta' agree with your assessment though.

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