Monday, January 04, 2016

Fantasy Team-Up: Daredevil and Damien Wayne

Hey People....

So how were your holidays? Get anything good for Christmas? Still hungover from New Year's?
Mine were pretty decent myself, and of course there's a few new figures yet to debut.

Laptop screen's still broke, so you guys are gonna' have to wait on the new skits for a bit. But don't worry, they're definitely in the works.

In the meantime, I have a big backlog of ideas and suggestions for the other features on here.
Trust me I'm looking to make 2016 just as good if not better than last year for this blog.

So, in honor of one of the figures I have arriving this week, I decided to imagine what a team-up would look like between Daredevil (who's apparently all into mentor mode these days) and Batman's biological son, Damien Wayne.

In my scenario, Batman's been kidnapped by the evil ninja cult,The Hand.....

on the orders of their new master.....Ra's Al Guhl.......

That's right, Ra's Al Guhl would takeover as head of the Hand. And yes, I'm aware he already has a not-so ninja cult devoted to him already in the League of Assassins. Well apparently you can never have enough evil ninja followers, and so Ra's has merged the two into one giant assassin cult. That's a lot of fucking evil ninjas man.

So much, that the sheer number of of one group sent after Batman,were enough to eventually subdue him and bring to straight to Ra's.

So Damien, cut off from any help from the rest of the Bat-Family and allies, has no choice to but to seek out the one man who knows these new players the best. One man who consistently has proven himself to be the number one thorn in their side, but who once also led them.....Daredevil.

After a quick test of skills and wills due to Damien's abrasive nature...

 ....the two join forces in an effort to rescue Batman and but an end to Ra's new unholy alliance forever.....
Will they succeed against such a very large and powerful force such as the united League of Assassins and Hand ruled by Ra's Al Guhl?

Probably. But it'd be one hell of a fight, that's for sure.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Dale what i really want to know from you is what you thought of Star Wars. but on a loosely related matter to this posting i recently read Daredevil 223 which was a Secret Wars II cross over in which The Beyonder gives Matt his full eye site back for a while. i didn't pick it up for the story but it ended up being a good read.

The King of Thessaly said...

@Shlomo: So what did he do? Quit? He'd probably suck as Daredevil with his sight back- like if Spider-Man went blind... sure he'd have his Spidey-sense; but he's used to seeing- just like Matt isn't... Daredevil's new greatest foe would be a guy with a really bright flashlight.

@Dale: I got to tell you, though- I HATE Damien. For me, personally, it's the wort addition to the Batman lore in decades. I lost so much interest. I understand people like it- and it's a new story to tell and all- I just fucking hated everything I read with him.
But what do you think of Daredevil's new black suit, and hisown personal "Robin" though? -I'm digging it.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: Haven't watched the new Star Wars yet, and knowing the lines of people wanting to see it still, I think I'll wait until it shows up online.
What? I'm just not that big of a fan compared to other movies. But it does sounds good, Episode 8 sounds even better. You go see it then I take it?

I used to have that issue once long ago. I think there was a What If? or two devoted to that. In one he regains his eyesight, and basically becomes the legit poor man's Spider-Man, and in another, his rogue's gallery find out he's blind and out him....and hilarity ensures....I think.

@King: KING!!!!!!!! Wasssssssuuuuupppppppp?

I can see the divide on Damien, especially in the beginning, because Morrison just wrote him as he was at the time, a spoiler fucking know-it-all brat you just wanna choke 'till he doesn't make a fucking sounds anymore...What, this is all hypothetical...

Anyhoo, he won me and a lot of haters to his side after writers like Pete Tomasi actually took the time to flesh him out and make him relatable to readers. Again, not everybody likes him, but he's certainly not the worse thing out there, or added to the Bat-legacy.

Me? It's aight. At least Ron Garney's art had vastly improved since the last time I saw it. I guess it's a cute gimmick for now, and the suit doesn't look too bad. Personally I wish they'd have gone ahead and just adopted his Netflix show costume. Now I usually prefer not keep the two universes separate, but the costume's cool enough to be allowed to be adopted into the mainstream.

The King of Thessaly said...

What Netflix costume? The Trial Of The Incredible Hulk black pajamas, or the final costume with black eyes and a nose? Because they both suck.

Dale Bagwell said...

Not a fan of the Netflix costume? The one that debuted at the end of season one? Damn sight better than what he was wearing, that a aforementioned black pajama bit.

The King of Thessaly said...

Unlike my other problems with the series- the costume ones are pure nitpicky: black eyes instead of white, and the covered nose. Otherwise it was fine- except for the fact that he should have been in it by episode six at the LATEST. -I have a bad feeling we won't even see The Punisher in a skull-shirt.