Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Top 10: Batman Villains That Haven't Been Made Into Action Figures

Happy Hump Day People

With so many figure waves and movie-related action figure merchandise coming out this year, I wanted to focus on the Batman side of things, in particular, his villains.

Sure most of his own Rogue's Gallery has seen their likenesses translated into action figures.
But some haven't. Here's my own Top 10 list of Bat-Villains who haven't been made into action figures and why they should.

These are in effect, the last group of villains worth being immortalized in plastic....

10). Crazy Quilt:

I know, I know....but hey, that was also the charm of that Killer Moth or Copperhead figures wasn't it? Or Killer Shark? I'd buy it. I might even by 5. 'Cause fuck you that's why.

9). The Ventrolquist and Scarface:

Okay, sure, maybe he wouldn't see enough,maybe he would. But seeing the Ventriloquist and Scarface finally be made into action figures would be a a necessary name to be crossed off.

8). Firefly:

Okay, sure this one's a bit of a cheat since he's appeared as an action figure for the Arkham game line of figures, but surely he's due a proper comic-faithful version right?

7). The KGBeast C&C:

How there isn't a figure made of this guy, I'll never know, but there should. With the all the potential of accessories and an iconic look, the 'Beast just won't be done justice unless he's
a big collect and connect figure in the same vein as Bane.

6). Blockbuster C&C:

Wow. This picture alone pretty much kills any argument for finally making this guy huh? Seriously, he fucking looks like a flesh-colored, hippy version of the Hulk. Jesus Hulk even.

Moving on.....

5). The Electrocutioner:

Sure you might not see this guy outside of a sporadic appearance here or there, but with his costume, he'd be a solid addition to the plastic rogue's gallery. Hey he was on an episode of JLU fer' crissakes!

4). Prometheus: 

Talk about a character that has fallen so far from the heights he debuted from.....even if you immediately ignore the fact that he was taken out in his official debut by a dickshot from Catwoman. But I digress. Prometheus just has an overall very cool look, plus add in a removable helmet or a swap-able helmeted head, and all in his classic look, and let your heroes(especially your Green Arrow and Speedy figures, quake in fear)

3). Hush:

Much like Prometheus, Hush gets a lot of unnecessary shit from fans and detractors. Personally I blame that on how the character was misused after his in initial debut. If he was kept protected and written as being a legit threat, and not a whiny bandaged bitch, Hush would gain the respect he deserves. Besides, that bandaged look that Jim Lee gave him looks pretty good still.
And yes, another cheat, since there has been a Hush figure to go with the Hush wave of figures, but it's way past time a we say a redo. What? Of course I'm being serious, why do you ask?

2). The Wraith: 

The Anti-Batman of the 80's, The Wraith was pretty much an intentional evil Batman rip-off. But he had a nice gimmick of having an evil twist to Bruce's origin, losing parents, but turning to crime instead. Yeah I know, Prometheus pretty much stole that didn't he?
Anyways there's a couple variations on the outfit since there have been multiple wearers of that name and identity.

1). Grim Reaper (Year 2):

I think he Batman's only (maybe?) fought this guy twice. I love that outfit though. Such a waste not to use him again.

Okay, here's two more:

-The Calendar Man:


-The Calculator in his classic look

That's my list. What's your pick for a Bat-Villain that hasn't been made as an action figure yet?


The King of Thessaly said...

Dude, The Ventriloquist and Firefly never had toys? That Batman The Animated Series toy line ran FOREVER and they did not get made??? I'm shocked. Those animated-style figures were still coming out years after the fact. Huh......

A lot of MORTS on this list, so you know I dig it!

A Calculator figure could even come with a real working little calculator on his chest! Like those watches from the 90's?

Hush started out so strong... then his story-line was postponed/interrupted by a mandatory company-wide crossover, if I remember correctly. And once it got back to him- they lost the magic and fucked it all up.

I don't keep up with the action-figure game, so I can't really say who could be added who never had a figure because I don't know if they didn't.
Ten-Eyed Man get one?
How about The Condiment King???
The Eraser???


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i remember when i first saw the Crazy Quilt guy in DC's Whos Who and even back then was thinking WTF? never read Mr. Scarface in the comics but really enjoyed the character in the Paul Dini Batman cartoon series. don't know shit about Firefly beyond the immediate obvious. KGBeast, never heard of him until Assault on Arkham and what the fuck is up with the first "Village People" costume of his!? i know the late Blockbuster from DC's Legends mini-series with his ill fated stint with the then newly formed Suicide Squad. i remember The Electrocutioner from a Vigilante comic issue i had back in the mid 80s but i know he was on at least on Suicide Squad mission many years later. i only know Prometheus because of him having "disarmed" Roy Harper. don't know shit about Hush, Wraith or Reaper. heard of the Calendar Man but don't really know anything about him and i just know The Calculator from a old Detective Comics back story.

i think i really well sculpted and articulate Black Spider figure would be really cool with his Assault on Arkham style costume.

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: I know right? Not to mention the fact that they've started a new animated line of 6" figures from both B:TAS and the new adventures and still no Ventriloquist. But they made Commissioner Gordon, Zatanna, The Demon w/Klarion, The Mad Hatter and my new favorite, the the animated version of Ra's Al Guhl, complete with mask. All come out this year.

Other than adding the calculator(good idea about including a workable version of those old digital watches we used to use) and Calendar Man, can't think of anyone else, other than maybe, Lady Shiva, Broze Age version of that helmeted Clayface and I guess yeah,the ten-eyed man?

@Shlomo: Yes! The black spider, especially with that costume! I'd spring for that, yes.

Yeah that first KGBeast outfit is kinda gay yeah, but it got better after that. Hell one made from his animated appearance on young justice(?) Would be cool too.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

KGBeast appearance in Young Justice? you sure about that?

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah I think I goofed there. Could've sworn he did, but it was probably JLU and specifically Batman: Assault on Arkham I was thinking about.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

in that case yes you were thinking Assault on Arkham you goofball :)

googum said...

Crap, I hadn't seen that Batman Retroactive with the Reaper before! Need!

The King of Thessaly said...

Yeah, old dying-of-starvation-in-a-sewer-KGBeast appeared in six episodes of Justice League Unlimited... (IN THE AWESOME ORIGINAL COSTUME!) Unfortunately never in YJ though. That was Sportsmaster's show.

Yeahhhh, I don't think he's going to be very at all. I mean he is a Kree soldier after all, and I highly doubt...