Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Top 10: Spider-Man Villains Yet To Be Made As Action Figures

That's right folks, today I'm listing my Top 10 picks of Spider-Man villains who haven't been immortalized in plastic yet.

Here they are:

10). Puma:

I can't believe Puma hasn't been made into a figure when he was interesting protagonist for Spidey back in 90's. I'd go with 2  swap-able heads though; one could be the classic Puma head, then the other could be a feral-looking one from his last appearance. There's also two outfits he wore as well, the first was his blue and red one, followed by his current mostly red one to choice from.

9). The Grizzly (BAF):

Only as a BAF could a larger than life lovable loser like the Grizzly, truly be deserving of a figure. Maybe they could use the recent Rhino BAF buck?

8. The Rose:

Hey I sure wouldn't mind seeing this guy be realized into plastic. I've been fan of his ever since I first discovered him while reading the "The Name Of The Rose" story-line back in the day. Plus with the plethora of suited bodies available, there's no reason why the son of the Kingpin couldn't be made.

7).  Cardiac:

Yeah, technically he's not a super-villain, but he could be again, plus I really dig the unique design. Let's see it in plastic, and relieve some 9's goodness.

6). The Molten Man:

Kind of hard to believe Liz Allen's big and fiery golden-plated brother hasn't been made into an action figure right? Do it Hasbro!

5). Shriek:

 The "Bonnie" to Carnage's "Clyde", it's way past time the two were finally reunited in plastic form, don't you think?

4). The Spot:

What? Sure he's silly as fuck, but visually? He'd make a cool addition to anyone's toy shelf.

Oh, and here's a picture of a custom figure just show you how cool it could look.

3). Overdrive:

I'm only picking him to finish out the Superior Foes team, since the rest of them have already been made.

2). The Jackal:

Not only would be cool to have this guy on-hand to fuck with ol' Web-Head, but it should come with a clone of Gwen, 'cause why not?

1). Doppelganger:

I've been wanting this guy ever since he debuted during the Infinity Crusade, and then showed up as part as Carnage's "family" during Maximum Carnage. I'm truly scratching my head in disbelief that he ol' Dopple hasn't been made yet, but his "brother" Demogoblin was. I know there was one made for some random line, but I need one for the ML line.

Annnnnnnnd, here's 5 runner-ups that didn't make the main list:

5). Stilt-Man (BAF):

4). Sin-Eater:

3). The Answer:

2). Will O' Wisp:

1). Vermin:

I'm sure there's many, many more foes I'm not thinking of, so if you do, tell me who'd you think ought to be made.


The King of Thessaly said...

THIS is my kind of list- every single character a fucking winner and total fan (if I'm the fan)favorite!

A Sal Buscema-style Puma figure would be AWESOME! I though he had one from the 90's Cartoon, or even Secret Wars line... He did not. Seems like he should have, though. It's a travesty, really!

Oh, Grizzly... you lovable loser.

The Rose was A PIMP. Anyone from the Buscema Spectacular run is a classic! You have a few on here.

Eric Larsen's Cardiac! I would buy the fuck out of that. I used to draw him all the time... A Solo figure would also rock.

Molten Man could even be shiny!

I'm surprised Shriek was never made as a repaint of another female figure- they used to do that shit ALL THE TIME. Psylocke/Electra, Phoenix/Ms. Marvel, Medusa/Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter... I know there were more, but I can't think of them...

Spot had a horrible repaint figure in the 12-inch Marvel Universe line.

Overdrive... I could take or leave it.

Never liked The Jackal much either... Plus a figure would just remind me of The Clone Saga every time I saw it. No one wants that.

Yeah, Doppelganger was in the 90's animated line, I have him.

Sin-Eater is my all-time favorite. Sin-Eater, Fool Killer, Jack'o'Lantern/Mad Jack. I have every comic any have ever appeared in. They even made a Jack'o'Lantern figure! If they ever made the other two; I'd kill to get them.

Fuck yeah! -The Answer!!!

They made a very awesome Vermin figure in the Marvel History: Dark Side line. I only know because I has... I would buy any Spider-Man related figure I could get my hands on back then. I have them all set up, crowding around a battle damaged Spidey on the ground... Every time I ever moved; I'd re-set-up that display in the new place.

I'd also love a Knight and Fogg figure set. How's that for an obscure, deep cut?

Dale Bagwell said...

Ah, Knight and Fogg! Yeah, that is a bit obscure. I still the remember that one issue of Spectacular Spider-man where they killed the Arranger. Shit was cool how they paced the chase seen before straight up murdering his ass. Awesome.

Solo...yeah, haven't seen him in a loooooong while. His costume's just too plain and generic for me though, but don't get me wrong, he'd be an interesting addition to see finally made.

@Doppleganger, Yeah, I saw that after I posted. I might have to hunt him down on Amazon and buy him, since that'll probably be the only time I'll see him in figure form for awhile.

Sin-Eater's your all-time fav huh? Just curious why? A Foolkiller figure, of both the classic and later Marvel Max version would be dream figures on the real. Let's fucking get drunk and petition those fucks at Hasbro, and do this!

My reasoning for the jackal is he's a classic Spidey foe that hasn't been given his due as a figure yet. He can't be that hard to make really. As for the clone saga, I'd blame DeFalco and Marvel for stretching out what was supposed to be a what, 6-month storyline at best, into a 2 year-long ordeal from hell.

@TheSpot: They did? Hmmmm....
@Shriek: I know right!? You can't tell me nowadays with the vastly improved female bucks, they can't make a damn fine one now.
Dude, the Rose was indeed a PIMP! I can't explain why he grew on me so quickly, but that one storyline in WEB, "The Name of the Rose" made me a life-long fan after that....just ignore the Blood Rose thing, and we're cool.

Puma is a huge huge omit-ion for me. How they can pass on ol' Thomas Firehart? He was a major pain in Spidey's ass in the in the late 80's-early 90's, especially when he bought and took over the daily bugle. It's fucking criminal he hasn't received a figure yet. Fuck you hasbro!
I prefer Cardiac over Nightwatch myself, so easy pick there, but if done right, a Nightwatch figure might be pretty chill.

They did huh? I remember the some of that dark side wave, with clear astral form Dr. Strange, Typhoid Mary, Stegron, and Ultron. Should've grabbed those...oh well.
But never saw that one. Gotta make him again.

You goddamn right the Answer! It's a unique look man! Plus he'd look cool as fuck standing right next to the Question. Brah, the mileage I could milk out of possible skits from that....

Oh, the upcoming Absorbing Man ML wave has another version of that Jack o' Lantern figure, but using the Ghost body buck this time around. Just letting ya' know in case you wanna grab him.

The King of Thessaly said...

I just liked Solo's gimmick... He's in the new Deadpool comic, along with Marvel Max Foolkiller and a bunch of other seldom used guys.

The Doppleganger figure is a nice one. I like him.

Sin Eater... I don't know- he was just so grungy. A psychotic serial-killer with a homemade costume. He stood out back in the 80's to me, in a Spider-Man comic. I was like- "This guy is really gonna fuck shit up." He was responsible for two of the biggest events in Spider-Man/Peter Parker's life. He had that classic "Shoot this kid" cover. I don't know- just always wished they had done more with him.

I'd want the Kurt Gerhardt version of Foolkiller in a figure. The "gimp suit" not the "swashbuckler".

Trust me, you do NOT want the Spot figure!

I loved when Puma took over The Bugle. Great story-line. Blood Rose was alright. Hahaha! It was weird, but, whatever. The Rose was always great, awesome backstory.
But it's really fucked up that Puma never got a figure- a damn shame...

The Question and The Answer. HA! It would be perfect.

Thanks for the heads up: I'll be looking for that Jack figure!

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: I'd honestly take both versions of Foolkiller as this point, but yeah the Max version does seem more reasonable of the two.

Solo was unique, even in a world where Wolverine, Cable and the Punisher both existed, and then suddenly there were guys like Solo all over the place. So yeah, nice to see he's still remembered and doping stuff in DP's title, but hopefully he'll do his own thing and be relevant again. We'll see.

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