Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Fantasy Team-Up: He-Man and Wonder Woman

Continuing on this week with new features, just not any new skits.....yet.

Today it's another new edition of Fantasy Team-Up, this time pairing up two very compatible world-renown warriors, He-Man and Wonder Woman.

Seriously, how perfect a pairing is this? Probably enough for Diana to say "Superman who?" after getting a good long look at He-Man's physique.

So here's how I see it going down....

Due to one of Skeletor's revenge-driven schemes, he uses his powerfully evil magic to open a portal  to another world. And on this world he finds a very ancient and majestic stretch of land, with ancient cities built upon it. A refuge of sorts hidden from prying eyes of a nearby civilization.

Skeletor and his forces step threw the portal and find themselves on the ancient and legendary city of Themyscira, home of the Amazon race, and birthplace of the legendary warrior woman, Wonder Woman.

Skeletor and his army are meet by the legendary Amazonian army led by their ruler, Queen Hippolyta.

"Done you wretched creature? I haven't done anything yet, "*cue evil laugh*

Try as they might, but despite their legendary fighting prowess and unbreakable spirit, the Amazons are out-numbered and overpowered. A mere couple of hours, Skeletor successfully conquers the Amazons, and takes over Themyscira.

Out of sheer desperation and a little luck, Queen Hippolyta somehow is able to send a message to her only daughter, Diana, a.k.a. Wonder Woman.

The message reaches her, as does another..by the legendary Sorceress of Eternia.
With her magic she sends He-Man and his friends to meet up with Wonder Woman.

And from there, they set out to liberate Queen Hippolyta and her people of Themyscira.

                                                            Shit just writes it self really....

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