Tuesday, January 26, 2016

When (War)Blades Cry


Yeah, if I were in Warblade's shows, I might strongly lean towards letting myself get killed too.
Damn those WildC.A.T.S. toys by Playmates were all over the place in terms of articulation. Some like Grifter, Zealot and Spartan lucked out better than others, while the rest like poor Warblade seemed to get the shit end of the stick.

I wouldn't mind seeing modern and more articulated takes on the team again, but apparently outside of customs, that's just a pipe dream for now.

Also wanted to share this story right quick. I don't know if you saw Dan's post about this, but this guy using his entire life savings, to create a series of animated X-Men "episodes" using help from old Sega games. Well apparently, Marvel/Disney caught wind of it and basically told him to stop what he was doing and cancel his show.

Regardless of how you feel about the issue, whether it was justified or not on Marvel/Disney's part due to copyright laws, it's still very sad and unfortunate.

Here's the full story in case you're interested:


The King of Thessaly said...

He should want to die, alright! His life is pain! Gods, those characters sucked... I know you like them- but the WildStorm side of Image Comics always made me wince.

About that web-cartoon: It's because of Disney more than Marvel. They are famous bastards of copyright claims on YouTube. Just like Nintendo, or WMG... If Punisher: Dirty Laundry, or that fan-made Deadpool movie, came out now with all the hype on those characters; they would shut it down too. But they came out when no one gave a crap. Sucks, but the only way to really get away with that stuff is in the context of review or parody. Tribute doesn't count- and they do have the right to go after anyone they want to in that regard... this just makes them look like massive dicks!

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah, and I know it's basically their legal obligation to do so, but goddamn man, it really does make them look like massive, throbbing dicks on this one.
After really thinking this over, I can concede that he was in the wrong for making going a step beyond fan art in making actual episodes rather than just a single or series of still images. I get it, and considering the recent legal issues that DC are currently undergoing with other companies trying to use the shape of the superman logo or even Batmobile( yes, there's actually a company fighting DC for the rights to the name Batmobile. Jesus)
I get it. Especially Disney of all people, they're like Big Brother, forever on the lookout for any example of copyright infringement.
I once heard this story where this daycare worker once painted a Disney mural in her daycare facility, only to be told by Disney that she could either paint over the mural, or start paying them a licensing fee for using their characters.....characters I might add that were once in the public domain before ol' Walt got a hold of them and used them himself, making gobs of fucking money of them.
Add in the well-known, but still disgust-lying sobering fact that corporations like Disney have legally and successfully manipulated the legal system to keep their characters from entering the public domain despite original copyright laws stating that after 40-50 years they're supposed to become [art of the public domain, and you begin to see the massive problem that currently exist.

All that to say, that yes Marvel, Disney, and yes even DC, are giant assholes for this.
That's why to this very day I fucking hate Disney with a burning passion. Because I know just a few of the really fucked up and morally questionable things they've done that they don't want the public to dwell on.
So yeah, while the guy should've done his own due diligence, and made sure he was in the clear, it's still beyond fucked up. Greedy assholes, as if they need the all that money...

Yeah I'm bitter. What can I say.

Dale Bagwell said...

I'll readily admit that in the beginning, wildstorm, much like early Image in those days, weren't exactly shining beacons of what comics are capable of. But again, that was the whole company on a nutshell back then; all (bad)style and very little substance.
Add in the fact that both Jim Lee and Marc Silveresti were (and I guess from a business stand point is was kinda smart) trying to cash in with fans on having worked on the X-Men by creating characters and teams that were pretty much unapologetically knock-offs of the X-Men, and you could reasonably say they were doomed from the beginning to enter into the world of eventual obscurity. Hell, Lee even hired Claremont to briefly write the WildCats, so there.
But unlike Liefield's Extreme studios, Wildstorm grew and matured, and when the late 90's hit, you had guys like John Cassidy, Warren Ellis, Mark Millar and others makes names for themselves by working on wildstorm characters. If not for them, there'd be no Authority, Planetary, or Joe Casey's WildCATS 3.0. Gotta' take the good with the bad, I know you know that.

Those figures though, are unforgivably inconsistent in terms of quality and articulation. They just reek rush job. But what did Jim Lee care back then? He was making comics, cartoons and video games. The only figure I still enjoy from that wave is my boy Grifter.Is he a knockoff? Sure, every character after Superman can be considered a knock-off, even my favorite hero ever, Batman, is a knock-off of the Shadow. Doesn't keep me appreciating either at all.

But as they say, different strokes for different folks.
Someday I really need to write about what I liked about Image back then, because I was all over the place in what I liked from them as soon as they came out, as I'd often jump from being all about the Extreme Studios characters (like I was in 94' and '95) to Top Cow (which would hold my attention from '95-'98) and of course Wildstorm and Savage Dragon.
Goddamn what a time to be a comic fan.....

The King of Thessaly said...

Yeah, Disney is pretty terrible... Ever see the Epic Rap Battles Of History with Stan Lee Vs. Jim Henson? It's relevant.

The first couple years of Spawn had some substance... Then Maxx and Savage Dragon. Even Bloodstrike was doing some cool stuff. And Supreme later on...
I was all about Image at the time. And I still love me some Dragon.
It's crazy to see them now, how and what they're made up of. -Came a long way from some 24 years ago. Even if Wildstorm grew and matured- they regressed the hell out of it in DC. Pulled everything right back to that mid-90's sensibility.

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