Thursday, January 14, 2016

So, Who Would Win?: Aquaman/Namor VS. Attuma/Ocean Master


That's right, you read the title right, it's a Fantasy Team-Up edition of So, Who Would Win, as Aquaman and Namor team up to take on one a team made up of one of their respective lifelong foes, Attuma and Ocean Master.

In my scenario, Attuma gathers a huge army to attack Namor, but as he makes his way to advance on Namor's Atlantis, a bright, blinding flash suddenly appears, momentarily halting Attuma and his army. Ocean Master appears through a mysterious portal with an army of his own in tow.

Ocean Master looks puzzled.

"This isn't Atlantis! That damned sea witch sent me somewhere else, or.....someplace else....."

"Oh this is most certainly Atlantis alright stranger. Can't you clearly see that?" Says Attuma.

"No the layout, the look, the's wrong, all wrong." Clearly this isn't my Atlantis."

"Well soon it won't be the king of Atlantis' either, when my army and I bring Atlantis down around Prince Namor, and make that fool regret the day he ever defied me!"

"Namor eh? Sounds a lot like my bastard half-brother."

"Perhaps if I aid you in your quest, you can aid me, and then we'll both be free to rule our respective kingdoms. What say you.....?"

"Attuma, and I accept stranger."

"The name's Ocean Master, as in master of my world....and perhaps this one as well...."

And there you go, instant team-up on Namor's ass.

Then help arrives in the form of the another weird portal opening up 10 minutes later.....

"Hmmm, strange. I thought he'd be here by now, but there's no sign of him anywhere.
Wait, what's...that!? Some strange armored army is attacking.....Atlantis? Not my clearly not my realm, but it looks somewhat familiar enough to possibly be my Atlantis. Maybe we're stuck in the past? Either way, I have feeling whatever's going on there has something to do with my evil brother. Has to....."

And just like that, now Aquaman enters the fray.




Attuma/Ocean Master


Who Wins and Why?

Tell me who think wins out in the comments' section.

Oh and I'm not done yet. Oh no. Next week it'll be Aquaman/Namor teaming up again, but this time to fight the team of Tiger Shark and Black Manta. Don't miss it....


Dan W said...

I love both heroes equally so this is a hard thing to say but Namor would wipe the floor with Aquaman.

He's been good, bad, and all points inbetween, but he's truly a tank, arrogant and powerful in ways DC only started trying to make Aquaman in the 90's.

While anyone could beat Namor now he's a corpse - in the dumbest sales gimmick of recent times - he's the clear winner to me.

Same goes for Attuma, until Black Manta shows, I don't think he'd sweat over ol' O.M.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Well it was intended as a team-up between Aquaman and Namor against the team of Ocean Master and Attuma, but I get your point. Obviously Arthur and Namor would handle OM and Attuma after a long and very intense fight.

As for Namor VS. Aquaman? I honestly can't root for one or the other. I don't see one having a clear advantage over the other in terms of strength or abilities. Plus Namor has a natural physiological defense against electric attacks, while Arthur has mental abilities. Hmm, maybe it would come down to that. Could say, Arthur show up in the MU and mentally command the sea creatures of Namor's Atlantis to attack Namor? He did just that in the Marvel VS. DC fight from the late 90's, so who's to say that doesn't happen again?

I definitely agree that willing Namor was a super-obvious gimmick to entice readers to pic up SS, which they should've wanted to do anyways based off the roster and new premise. I feel bad for James Robinson having to go along with that one, even though he'll move the story on from there. Just plain bad....especially since it's not Black Panther doing the killing. For intentionally destroying Wakanda. Now while it sort of makes sense that a survivor from one of the worlds Namor destroyed is behind it, it still reeks of stupidity and blatant attention-grabbing for all the wrong reasons.

Attuma could probably take OM yeah, probably even the NU52 version. And yes, I doubt Black Manta in any incarnation, would be an easy fight for Attuma.

Thx for stopping by and giving us your take on this.

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