Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Top 10 X-Men Villains Yet To be Made

Yay!!! It's hump day, we get it. Moving on.....

You guys might remember how I covered something like this last week with Spider-Man villains, this week, it's the X-Men's turn.

If you were a serious Marvel action figure collector back in the 90's, then Toy Biz had the hook up with their X-Men line of figures. They had sooooo many, not to mention the sub-lines, that characters that weren't even a year old were getting figures of them made.
Crazy to think about, but damn were we seriously spoiled back then.

Of course now there's a unofficial, official ban on new X-Men merchandise thanks to the whole film rights issue going on right now..
And yet I heard there'll be a new X-Men wave of ML figures coming out this year. Confused? Me too.

But anyways, here's my wishlist for the 10 most wanted X-Villains I want to see made into ML figures in the very near future that haven't already been made into figures yet...

10). Proteus:

It's downright fucking criminal they haven't made a Proteus figure yet. It really has. With translucent figures being made all the time, this should be a no-brainer.

9). The Shadow King (BAF):

Why not the Shadow King? He's an integral villain in the mythos, and about as evil as they come, And they can just re-use the Blackhart figure buck with a new customized head.

8). Mimic (BAF):

I've been wanting a Mimic figure since forever, especially during the Exiles series came out. Of course we need the classic goofy red and orange version with the big feet, big hands and crazy-ass red goggles first, but the Exiles version later on would work too. Just needs to be the like the Absorbing man and come with different swap-able arms and other possible accessories.  Do it Hasbro!

7). The Vanisher:

There's multiple versions of costumes this old-timey X-Men villain's gone through over the years, so while the classic version would be nice, his X-Force look is pretty cool-looking too. 

6). Mesmero (Classic):

I don't know about you guys, but I think it'd be pretty damn cool to finally see this guy on store shelves. The green version looks pretty good as well, but not so sure about the late 90's version that plagued that era's version of Alpha Flight.

5). Sauron (BAF):

It's simply  criminal we don't have a Sauron figure out yet. I have seen a bunch of cool custom figures
of Sauron, so I know it can be done, so just do it already Hasbro.

4). Destiny:

I honestly don't know how Destiny hasn't been made yet when all the other members of Mystique's incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants has. This needs to be remedied.

3). Sunfire: 

Okay, to be fair, he's not technically a villain anymore, and he was a member of the Uncanny Avengers not too long ago, but still, we haven't seen a Sunfire figure yet. And yes, I'm aware the Age Of Apocalypse version did, but the regular hasn't. So there;)

2). Madelyne Pryor, The Goblin Queen:

Just look at that picture man. Tell you don't want that in your dirty little hands? Just me then? Cool.
But seriously, another figure a longtime in the making.

1). Mastermold (BAF):

Technically a version or two of a Mastermold figure exists, but not a proper one like he deserves, I'm talking a huge big bastard of a Build-a-figure of Mastermold. Do it Hasbro!

I'd also like to add in how much I'd love it if they put out a Hellfire Club box-set.

It'd go like this:

1). Sebastian Shaw 
2). Harry Leland
 3). Donald Pierce (complete with swappable damaged cyborg arm)
 4). Mastermind/Jason Wyngarde
 5). Emma Frost (Hellfire outfit)
 6). Selene the Black Queen


   6). Black Queen Jean Grey

Finally one more team of X-villains I'd love to see made:
A Marauders box-set

Do it Hasbro!

What X-Villain(s) would you like to see made?


Dan W said...

I'd like to see the Beast and Phoenix from Marc Silvestri's futuristic run on X-Men with Grant Morrison - they maight already have been done, but I just thought they were really wicked in their design, and would make great figures.

Some Morlocks would be cool too - if Marvel ever wanted to make money off the X-Franchise again. Big beastly ones. Or interchangeable part Phalanx figures... Actually come to think of it, I'd like a wave of figures based on certain artists styles, like Batman Black and White.

Maybe I just need sleep. It's late :)

Dale Bagwell said...

I second that and would go further by including Tom Sylark and Rover, EVA, Wolverine, and those Crawlers as well.

You'd think they would've included some morlocks in the old Toy Biz line, but no. Good suggestions, and I'd add Callisto to that if only because she's the more well-known morlock besides Marrow.

An Artist only wave would be a damn cool idea man. Why Marvel hasn't jumped on that when it works so well for DC i have no idea.

Good suggestions mate, now go get some sleep.

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