Monday, September 02, 2013

Swoll Again

Happy Labor Day People!

Ah yes, Labor Day. A national holiday devoted to taking it easy and grilling outdoors. How nice right?
Well there's no rest for the wicked here @ The House of Fun. Nope. Joe Shmoe may not be working today, but rest assured Mr. Morbid and his morbid-teers still are.

In fact, here's a brand new skit to help celebrate the holiday....maybe:)


Who says I don't give the people what they want, or didn't know they wanted?

Just remember, if you popped a chub or had your little man in the boat stimulated by those faux Power Girl cheesecake shots, then you're fucking sick 'cause that's an action figure.
Just kidding! Stiffies away;)


Dan W said...

Seafood will do that to ya! Oh well I guess Power Girl and Captain Atom are like Daphne and that white sweatshirt dude on Scooby-Doo, always running off alone together. Suddenly scenes in Justice League Europe make a bit more sense!

karl said...

Power Girl of the JSA always had that cock-teasing vibe going on with that peek-a-boo boob tube costume, didn't she. Not anything on the same scale as Dream Girl of the LSH though; she could've made Atom blow his top nuclear style!

No Labor day for us here in good ol' England, just another working day. Can you believe I haven't had a day off work for almost six years [I know, fucking mad, and I am]. And shouldn't Labor be spent Labour [oh God I sound like that pedantic weirdo on our FF forum who corrects your spelling and loves the Thing...must..S...T...O...P..thinking like her!].

Randomnerd said...

Not only did Power Girl bust out of the costume, but for a bit she was sneaking off for tete a tete's with everyone. (Well, not EVERYONE, but Aquaman and Green Lantern in pretty quick succession). I'm wondering if she and Atom leave the suit on or suit off. Things that make you go hmm.

@karl, I frequently switch the spelling of labo(u)r just to see which of my friends corrects me first, and which way. It's a fun game. Also, you need a day off.
Preferably with Dream Girl.

Dale, this is probably the only kind of Cheesecake that doesn't add inches to the waistline. So thanks.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Right? Glad you stopped by Dan-O;)

@Karl: No it's spelled Labor in this side of the pond buddy. You guys are just plain fuckin weird with your little spelling differences, and saying "Shedule" Yeah that was spelt wrong but that;s how it sounds when you Brits say it:)

No time off in 6 years!? Holy shit man. How the hell do you do it and not go postal on someones' ass?

Poor bastard. I'll drink a toast in your honor then:)

And yes, yes she does;)

@Random: You're very welcome. Who looks out for you guys like I do right?;)

Randomnerd said...

No one, but then you use binoculars. :D

Dan W said...

Hey we spell colour and labour properly down here too! With you Americans it's all about slimming things down. Personally I blame Oprah :)

Random - I thought the Power Girl window was for Atom, so ol' Ray had easy access to hitch a ride in the grand canyon? No?

Randomnerd said...

That is a very interesting thought, Dano. I always thought She just liked the breeze, but this is much more probable.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: So that's what the boob window's for.....Hmm. I just figured it was an easy way to provide air-conditioning to the girls;)

The King of Thessaly said...

Hey- it's Nobody's Favorite Super-Hero: Captain Atom!!!
So, wait... you're saying a toy of a comic-book character with big'uns SHOULDN'T get me hard? Well... why the fuck not???
I'm old and sad and lonely- I'll take what I can get! *criessittingintheshowereatingcookies*
I always liked the explanation of the boob-window as it's where her SuperMan-like crest would go, but she feels she hasn't earned it yet... or something to that effect. Kind of means more that the JLE explanation of "I got boobs- I flaunt 'em! If you wanna stare then you're a pig." I'm paraphrasing, of course.

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