Monday, September 09, 2013

The Trouble with kids

Ah Mondays. God love em' right? No? Yeah, pretty much.

So this previous Saturday I was bad. I went back to my local comic shop, Nuklear Comix, after my initial trip last Tuesday to pick up the Black Panther figure. Will boredom got the better of me, so I went yet again.

This time(and yes all impulse purchases) I bought a loose DCUC Cyborg variant figure and the new ML Thunderbolts-style Punisher figure.

Also, I picked up the first and only, Batman Inc. Special#1 and Justice League#21, featuring the death of Black Adam.

So yeah, spent my comic shop in one whole week. Not hard to do if you're me.

Oh well.....

SKIT TIME!!!!!!!

Parents everywhere should be able to sympathize with poor Hank Pym here.

The End

That's true......I think;)

Finally, and in case you were wondering, Black Panther won out over Bronze Tiger by a landslide of 5-0.
Omega wasn't here, but even he probably had to cede the victory to T'Challa.

And that isn't to say that good ol' BT wouldn't but up a fight; hey, this guy fought Batman to a standstill once!
It's just that T'Challa is stronger, faster, and tougher. This is the same guy who's taken down The Thing, a full-on charging Rhino, and Black Bolt. Yeah.
In the end, wouldn't we all be winners though for watching a fight that would last hours, possibly even days?


Randomnerd said...

Hee hee. Peace and chicken grease. I'm stealing that.
I've never thought my kids were actively trying to kill me, but this made me contemplate.
All those legos strategically placed on the stairs?
The bottles of shampoo carelessly tossed on the floor of the shower?
The "accidental" head butting?
It's very suspicious. So yeah, at least Ultron is honest about wanting to kill Hank and his friends. The rest of us have to wonder what homicidal mania lurks behind the eyes of our smiling cherubs.
(I totally agree Hank should have a vasectomy, but probably not for the same reasons.)

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: Go for it! I know I did:)

Does make you wonder though huh? Hmmm, maybe nanny-cam the whole house?

Randomnerd said...

I do have one of those spycam tanks. Then I can roam from room to room.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Randon: So Big Ging's watching all huh? Scary:)

Randomnerd said...

I am the night. :)

Dale Bagwell said...

What was that? The Dork Knight? lol

Randomnerd said...

That's what it says on my Geek Mobile. :)

Dale Bagwell said...

But of course it does;) NANANANANANANANANANANANA Random-Nerddddddd!

Randomnerd said...

Ha! I need that on a loop to blare out the windows.

karl said...

Its stretching reality when the Black Panther can take out Black Bolt tho thatd be fun to see. King of the Wakandas against the King of the Inhumans. Winner in all this? Medusa. She gets to bed down with a man whos super-strong, a monarch and who NEVER SPEAKS. Every wife's dream I should imagine [don't have to - Ive been there].
Gotta love Ultron - such an ungrateful child, even had to destroy an entire country just to get his daddys attention [come on, weve all considered it - and prob STILL wouldn't get attention, lol].

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl:It really is. That, and that time during Dwayne mcDuffie's FF run where he has BP threatening to break the Silver Surfer's arm would holding him on a hammerlock? Great imagery, but definitely not possible give the way Norrin's current body is built.

Medusa would win either way. Plus once you go black.....

As for Ultron, fuck yeah he has daddy issues. And by extension so does Pym since that's who's brainwaves he used to make Ultron. Or is it possible that it's the dead child that Wasp and Hank had in their early years when she got shot? Hmmm. either way a lot of counselling is way overdue. But doable? Not likely.

Thanks for stopping by karl.

Dan W said...

I loved having Storm vs Silver Surfer i. Dwayne's run though, always liked that idea. Storm used to be the best.

Great skit again mr. Did the figure come with that jacket or does our favourite Mr Morbid have some sowen in skills we're not aware of yet?

As for blowing budgets in comic stores, yip I know that feeling. #badbutohsogood

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Crikeys! Then you feel my pain then don't ya buddy.

No sewing skills, but not for a lack of trying on my mom's part;)

No I used the same lab coat that came with a Mr. Fantastic figure and FF car. I've used it on him, the Atom when he was giving his fellow Leaguers physicals, and now good ol' Hank. Good eye there mate. And glad you stopped by:)

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