Thursday, September 26, 2013

Top 5: Avengers' Edition


So I've been reading big time the archives of top 5 or 10 lists that that the good staff of, and wow, do they have some good ones. and as you all should know by now, I'm a huge sucker for lists like that.

So in the spirit of those lists, and the ones I do here @ The House, here's two sets of lists, with the topic being the Avengers. I'm in a Avengers state of mind right now, with all the reading I've been recently doing pertains to them. Especially some of the issues I have of the Busiek/Perez era I mentioned not too long ago.

Ok, without further ado, here's a list of the Top 5 X-Men that should/should've been Avengers and why.....

5). Iceman

I think Bobby would be a nice fit for the team. I think he'd also finally shed his loser jokester image, and really develop, or re-develop his personality. His powers would really be cool on a team like the Avengers, and he's definitely been around long enough to warrant a try. Hey, if Sunspot and Cannonball get to be on the team, why can't a seasoned vet like Iceman?

4). Banshee

Speaking of seasoned vets, none come as highly recommend and with as much credentials as Sean Cassidy. He's ex FBI, Interpol, cop, spy, and has led a team or two.
Sure he's one of Apocalypse's undead for now, but that can always be fixed. Plus again, the powers. They're unique and would be unique to the Avengers as well.

3). Angel

Warren's the only other founding member of the original X-Men besides Iceman, Cyclops, and Phoenix not to join a team like the Avengers. I figure its way past time considering his stints in groups like The Defenders and The Champions. His wealth, powers, and general personality would be a nice breath of fresh air for both warren and the Avengers.

2). Phoenix(Jean Grey)

It was suggested once, that Jean be allowed to join the Avengers and break the endless cycle of death and rebirth pattern she's been in since she came back. I think this would be a good idea, plus maybe Tony and Hank could help Jean handle/cope with the Phoenix powers better than Prof. X ever did.
Plus it'd be something new just to have Jean be the Avengers' problem for awhile.

1). Nightcrawler

It's Kurt. He's a swash-buckling, fun character that would be so great for the Avengers. His humor, powers, experience, the whole package. Kurt's just a natural for them. Hopefully one day he'll be allowed to join before he gets killed off again.

Now here's the list of the Top 10 JLA'ers that could/should be Avengers.....

10). Red Tornado

Hey, he's a robot, so he'll be handy to break apart and rebuild every few issues, plus the whole Wind elemental things seems like a good fit for the types of foes/adventures the Avengers fight/have.

9). Black Canary

She'd be perfect for a team like the Avengers. Her powers and experience, leadership, plus Green Arrow naturally.

8). Green Arrow

The Avengers is exactly the type of team Ollie would enjoy to be on. It's more street-level than say the "gods of justice" in space, plus who wouldn't love to see Ollie in the team long enough to bitch to cap about the usual stuff, only for Cap to put him in his place with one speech.
Plus his obvious skills as archer will be be invaluable.

7). Martian Manhunter

I think it be cool to see J'onn hang around the Avengers. Sure they'd have their share of alien members, and telepathic ones at that, but J'onn is such a great character that I could easily see him benefiting the team more than them benefiting him, but they would. Could be the new heart and soul of the Avengers? Only time would tell.

6). The Elongated Man

The Avengers could always use a stretchy hero, so here's Ralph! Plus with Ralph, he's like the world's second greatest detective behind Batman. Could you imagine just how fun those adventures with Ralph and Sue on the team would be like? Fun and lighthearted. Just the kind of mood that suits a character like EM. Who knows, he must actually get more props as an Avenger.

5). Zatanna

She's magic person, but without any of the nasty crazy spells that plague Wanda. Just as long as nobody tries to pull an Identity Crisis on her and the team, and cause Z to have to mind-wipe Cap or something, ha ha.

4). Flash(Wally/Barry)

Either Barry or Wally would be perfect choices for membership into the Avengers. The experience factor from both men besides the obvious speed powers are a given. Plus these two also have an edge in having lots of time travel adventures, which would be invaluable against foes like Kang and/or Immortus.

3). Green Lantern(Hal)

See number 4, plus again, the obvious power of a power ring like GL's would help so much against foes like the Masters of Evil, Kang, Ultron, and other heavy-duty Avenger foes.
Plus it'd be worth it to see Hal and Tony in a friendly competition to see who could bag the most teammates;)

2). Wonder Woman

This would be an interesting choice if nothing else for the dynamics between her and Thor, and her and Cap. Possible love connection? Who knows, but it be cool as hell to watch it go down.

1). Superman

Because he's Superman. 'Nuff Said.

Honorable mentions: The Atom, Aquaman, Metamorpho, and Hawkman

And as a bonus, here's the Top 5 JLA'ers that shouldn't be Avengers.....

5). Booster Gold/Blue Beetle

Ok, as much as I enjoy this duo for their crazy antics and all, they would just wind up making a farce of the Avengers if written as they were under Giffen. Just too silly, and I doubt Cap would put up with their money-making schemes on his watch. They wouldn't last a day as that version of Booster and Beetle.

4). Captain Marvel

Ok, hear me out. Not saying Billy himself wouldn't work. But would Cap, upon finding out that a tween is really Captain Marvel, I highly doubt he'd let him join. Hey, even though Bucky's back, I'm sure it still haunts Cap everyday what happened to Bucky. He'd have serious reservations about letting another well-meaning kid tag along, and such would be the case here.

3). Plastic Man

Speaking of guys that would make a farce out of the team, here's Eel O'Brian as further evidence. Sure his powers would be extremely acceptable, but Ralph is the more serious and smarter of the two, so yeah, no Plas this go.

2). Batman

You'd think Batman would make a great fit, but only if it's the friendly pre-crisis version. Every other version of Batman has always made a begrudging member of the League. If not for his friendship with Superman and Diana, would be Bruce be as "comfortable" within the the team if not for their presence.
That and I just don't see him taking orders from anyone, even Cap.

1). Guy Gardner

Say what you will about Guy, but he'll always have trouble with authority, especially if he's not in charge. And with Cap at the helm, I'd suspect he'd give ol' Cap a hard time just like he did Batman and Superman in the JLA.

So, whatta' think? Leave your comments and suggestions in the comments section of course.

Well I went to the comic store yesterday, and the only swag I walked away with was the the Adam West Batman and Burgess Meredith Penguin figures from the new Batman '66 toy line.

Now while the price is good, and for the most part so are the figures, my major nitpick(which really is kinda minor all things considered) is how puny Batman is, or rather the Adam West Batman is.

Sure, Adam West wasn't the statue-eque and muscular built Batman we'd come to expect by then, so no wonder the show-accurate figure reflects that aspect. I just think they could've bulked him up a bit. I mean everyone else in the line, be it Caesar Romero as the Joker, Meredith as the Penguin, the Riddler and so on all perfectly reflect the non-superhero/villain physique. I'm just sad Batman wound up on the puny side this go-around.

Other than that, I thoroughly enjoy them, especially the Penguin. Between him and the Super Powers Batman Unlimited one, I think I can safely sell my other Penguin, the 1st one from the Metamorpho wave that's ugly as fuck.

Oh, and the current seasons of Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad are awesome, even though BB ends this Sunday. There's a marathon here that lasts from Wednesday until Sunday, when the last episodes airs, showing the entire series. Awesome stuff that really foreshadows Walt's eventual fate.

Have a good weekend folks, I'm outta' here:)


karl said...

Good picks all round, tho for me they are all resoundingly JLA and DC thru and thru rather than Avengers; I could clearly see some members of ALPHA FLIGHT more at home with the Avengers than these lot.
Not sure I would ever trust Comicbook resources with any lists...that site and its forums in particular are riven with weirdos and freaks who like nothing better than to argue. I wouldn't mind but most of them have only begun to start reading comic a couple of years ago it seems!
My Avengers choices would be;
Mon-El [of the LSH]
Cloak and Dagger
Negative Man [Doom Patrol].

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: Not a big fan of are we? I love their lists myself, even if some do leave your scratching your head about some the choices.

Negative Man huh. Why?
I'd rather see Robotman in there, as his sense of humor and experience would be very welcome and humorous to see in a team like the Avengers. Plus he's getting blown up almost as much as the Red Tornado and Vision, so that'll be fun to see as well.

karl said...

Robotman would be a good counterpoint to the Vision at least; they could compare notes on what itd be like to be human.
Nope, mr I do not like comic book resources AT ALL; When I first got on the 'net their forums were the most stuff I went on [well, that and the porn, NATCH!] and after a while the forums - in particular the Wonder Woman forum - was populated by the most insane nutters you can imagine, real control freaks. Even the moderator was arrested on charges of child abuse and jailed, it was that sick! Around three years ago many WW fans were forced off the forum after many trolls hijacked it, so we are all safely ensconsed elsewhere now on other WW forums and blogs, where the behaviour of posters is far better. Personally I would never participate in a CBR forum ever again!
[rant over - ooh that was a log time coming out!].

Randomnerd said...

Now, I'd actually love to see Booster and Beetle on the Avengers. It would be the best comedy sketch of all time, and Captain America would be bald by the end of it.
I'd also like to lay bets that either Black Canary or Zatanna would end up in bed with Tony. Or both.
The X-Man I'd like most to see in the Avengers is definitely Banshee. He never got enough respect in the X-Books. I think he'd shine in the A-squad. And they don't have enough gingers.

Dale Bagwell said...

Karl: Didn't know all that mess went down over there like that. I know the commenters tend to be very opinionated, but in turn, I've learned some interesting facts/perspectives myself. Crazy.

Yeah Robotman. I figure he and Steve and the other s can all relate the to the obvious PTSD they'll must share, especially Cap.
Plus with his sarcastic wit and sense "oh we might die on this one but cool, fuck it" attitude, I think he'll fit in just right.

@Random: Yeah I see Tony boning all the ladies, except maybe Dinah.

Yeah Banshee never got the respect he deserves outside of the X-men and Generation X. He should be brought back and used probably. Maybe Remender can fix him.

karl said...

I can just see Booster Gold and Blue Beetle in the West Coast Avengers, driving Wonder Man c-r-a-z-y!
Someone has to.

Randomnerd said...

@Dale, Now come on. What is Tony if not a dark haired version of Ollie? Without some of the self loathing, of course. Actually, I think that might make him more attractive to her.
@Karl, it's a short drive.

Dan W said...

The X-Man that should've been an Avenger? Colossus. He's always wanted to do more to protect earth, Russia and the world that provides his artistic muse than just mutant rights, and the Avengers are the spot.


Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: Me too. In fact, I dare say with the the Blue and Gold team of old, the WCA is exactly where they would fit in better than the main Avengers team.

@Random: Yeah....I guess so. He's probably bag her anyways, provided she and Ollie aren't an item. But not for lack of trying...."Pretty bird";)

@Dan: Good point Dan. He was like that, and to expand on that point, that's probably why he was the president of Russia in Earth X.

karl said...

God yes why didn't I think of that...Black Canary would be a PERFECT target for Tony Stark/Iron Man; she's just the type hed go all out for, all the way, I can totally see them hooking up if they ever did another Avengers/JLA crossover.

googum said...

Hell yeah Nightcrawler! I swear he was going to be in the Hank Pym Avengers book a while back, but the X-editors wouldn't let him go.

Meanwhile, I'm in internet silence, because I'm only on season three of Breaking Bad!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Googum: Well looked who popped out of his hole. What's up man:)

Yeah Nightcrawler would be great, but did that really happen? He almost joined Hank's squad of Avengers during Slott's run? Damn.

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