Monday, September 23, 2013

Playing the Bat-Dozens

Hey people,
survived another weekend it seems.

It's the official second day of fall, and I for have am happy about that. I don't know about how hot it got in your neck of the woods this summer, but it is hot and humid as fuck down south.

It's just now at the point where's it cool at night and early in the morning, but not quite long-sleeve and jean weather.....yet.

Well regardless what day it is, you can always count on a new skit for the week, and there's no time
like the present. so without further ado........

Batman, Robin, and the Joker all play the game of the Dozens. You know? Where you sit or stand around and crack on the other person's momma?

Yeah, it's like that. Enjoy!

The End

Of course I can always do more, so we'll see if  and when a sequel should happen. But it should;)


Dan W said...

Lol I liked this one - In Western Australia you get points for dropping 'yo mumma' into general conversation and most people do it, so I became a pro and did it instinctively. Back in NZ now and it's not really that heard of yet, so a lot of great opportunities go by!

Joker can let it go, even Bats with his dead folks and all, but woe be the dude who tries them on Wonder Woman!

What does Vision do we he comments on a blog and has to prove he's not a robot?

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Really now? Man that place must really miss the 90's when that whole yo momma phenomenon really got started. Cool to know it's an international thing now though:)
WW huh? Yeah I figure you're right on that; she doesn't seem like she'd be a good sport about all that.

Ha ha, good question Dan. I guess he puts the numbers and letters in anyways. Can even androids lie? He does if he wants his comments posted:)

Randomnerd said...

Man, that bowling alley one was really good. I'm saving it for the next time I get into a political debate. You had me cracking, Dale.
I love the colder weather too. I think I went a little overboard last night though. I stuck a fan in my window, and this morning I almost couldn't put a foot down on my floor. Chilly!
Now I need to dig my slippers out of the inner recesses of "Underthebedland". I hate that. It always has unintended consequences. Like cleaning.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Hannah: Glad you liked it. It was hard to keep to down to just that amount of strips. I can always do more like this, and I plan too!

Cleaning. Yeah, I hate to clean underneath my bed too because of the killer dust bunnies underneath:)

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