Wednesday, September 04, 2013

So, Who Would Win: Black Panther vs. Bronze Tiger

Happy Hump Day people!!!!!

So, Goo(a.k.a. Chuck Topley) and I were talking this past Sunday about the lack of figures around our areas, and how the ends of both the DCUC and ML lines meant we'd really start to be hurting in that department.

It's why I've been buying up so many back issues like crazy recently. Because I have a sudden availability in funds that would've been spent towards action figures.

Well yesterday I hit the jackpot by when my buddy that works at my local comic shop informed that they just received a shipment of the latest ML figures. The Rocket Raccoon wave to be precise.

I will say this, at least you only have to collect 3 figures instead of the usual 6 or 7 just to get a complete build a figure.

Anyways, I raced right over and bought the new ML Black Panther figure.
Then I discovered another figure I didn't think I'd see, the DC Unlimited Vampire Batman figure based off the Red Mist trilogy by Doug Monech and Kelley Jones.

The son of a bitch kept me up all night long singing the old Chili's baby back ribs song, except he has singing about Sooki Stackhouse instead.

He was all like "Sooki........Sooki Stackhouse's hot ribs!!!!! That's not barbecue sauce!!!!


Then went to Wal-Mart(or hell-mart as my mom calls it) and bought the ML Iron Monger series Ultron figure for only 11$.
"Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!"

So yay!

Okay, so this edition of So who would win, has got to be Omega's wet dream come true right here:
Black Panther vs. Bronze Tiger.

So.......Who would win and why?

Will it be the Bronze Tiger/Ben Turner?


Will it be the Black Panther/T'Challa?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments section.


karl said...

Id have to say the Black Panther, but really only because I don't know anything about Bronze Tiger.
God, what Id give for an Ultron action figure [I have a cast-iron figure from the Marvel Chess set], but you know what would REALLY sell...a life-size wearable Ultron head mask, like those Cyberman masks from Doctor Who.

Dan W said...

Ohhh this one has to be the closest of the matches yet. I think it would be savage, and awesome if in Marvel's Savage Land with dino's, but Black Panther just edges out to win for me.

In fighting prowess they're tied, but in strategy Panther is a King, and the latest in a long line of Panther's - that ability to plan and think, plus the skills of the ages sown into you since birth, means he didn't train to outthink, outwit and outlast all others. He was born too.

Great match-up Dale

Randomnerd said...

Oh man. I think I'm the clear winner here because I get to watch the fight. Two extraordinarily gifted fighters neither of whom know the meaning of the word quit.
I'd give a slight edge to Black Panther just because of his mental acuity, but if BT can get the jump on him, and take him down quickly then it might be a different fight altogether.
Excellent Hump Day, Dale.

@Karl, I ditto the call for an Ultron mask. And we might just get one after the new Avengers movie. Hopefully it looks something like the comics version.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: I agree. BP all the way, and no not British Petroleum;)

If you want an Ultron figure so bad, go get one. There's plenty of Ultron offerings action figure-wise between both the ML and Marvel Select lines.

@Dan: Thanks, I think so too. The savage land would really be an ideal, if not THE ideal place for this to all go down. That's 3 for BP.

@Random:Thanks ging:)

That's 4 for BP. Wow. and Omega's still nowhere to be seen....

Randomnerd said...

Can we all agree it would be awesome if a T-Rex interrupted the fight?

Dale Bagwell said...

Could be. Don't need the distraction though. I bet they'd kill hat fucker w/o paying too much attention. Well, at least not T'Challa.

The King of Thessaly said...

That Vampi-Bats could look a LOT more Kelley Jones-ish for my tastes! The musculature isn't quite right, still... They fucked up his Venom: The Madness figure back in '96 too... I want a good Kelley Jones Deadman sculpt so I can lose weight by constantly vomiting in terror every time I look at it.

Oh, and Black Panther wins. Why? Because: "Kake la Wakanda, kake le le, kakee ye ma! Oh ka puca shoka:
Black Panther!!!
Kake Nene pahn dah, kake sheh sheh.
Kake me seh, noka tuca posha: Black Panther! Une ne mure moka sahn, ganye shuke se Te’Challa!" -THAT'S WHY!!!!!!!

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: DC Direct put out a much better Kelly Jones Vampire Batman some years back, so that's probably more your speed. And I agree, but the way these toys are made nowadays, especially in those lines, detail like how we want isn't a priority anymore.

And you're going with BP for the win?

The King of Thessaly said...

BP all the way, because like an oil-spill: He's black and slick as fuck!
"Detail Like You Want Just Isn't Our Priority" -That's DCs new ad-slogan, isn't it???

Randomnerd said...

I believe that's "Anything like you want just isn't our priority".

karl said...

Today with my regular comic delivery I received a nasty piece of filth!
Well, at least that's what I hope.
Its Erotic Lives of the Superheroes and features [get this, I shit you not] 50 Shades of Shagging of three superheroes.
It seems a cross=company crossover [Lord knows how they EVER got permission for this] between Marvel and DC as the book features
Mr Fantastic
Rogue [of the X-Men]
Superman and
Ive barely rimmed er skimmed thru the book [have to go to work soon] but from glances I have read
Rogue giving blowjobs [with her power that should be some trip!
Bruce Wayne gets innapropriate stiffies [is there such a thing as an inappropriate stiffie] and the worst for me as an FF fan...
a Reed Richards, now in his 60s and retired, having sexual fantasies about some woman, Elaine Ryan, who pops up in each of these four stories like an STD virus.

When I get some spare time [in about ten years] Im gonna read this book cover to cover, if only to feel duly morally outraged [and to piss off my FF forum member Miss Fantastic, who adores Reed like no other - she will SHIT when she reads this].

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: Yes! Exactly! And the most common excuse is usually money. As in it costs money to do that, even though the price is super-jacked up anyways.

Thankfully, what was formerly DC Direct and now is DC Collectibles, is putting out the NU52 CSA figures. And they are actually detailed he fuck up, with the amount of articulation I want and crave. We shall see how the rest of that line goes.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: Shit man, please let me/us know how it goes then. I'm interested in finding out if this is the usual erotic fan fiction you can read online for for free, or if it's better. Somehow. Poor guy:(

Tiger OA1 said...

This is the match made in heaven. The Bronze Tiger can beat the shit out of any hero or villain in the worlds but no one can out think the Black Panther.

Dan stole all my true comic book justification :( but it's OK, T'Challa's mental martial arts mathematics is just to much to deal with if you don't catch him quick with skillful overwhelming force.

Sooo.....Shadowfang beats Invincible Armor. T'Challa wins.

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