Thursday, August 29, 2013

Talking 'bout toys


So it's Thursday, and the last Thursday of the month, "so what's the filler post for today?" you might ask.
Well in case you didn't read the title, I'm discussing the toys. Specifically, the official end of my much beloved DCUC figure line, as well as the equally beloved Marvel Legends line. Both are wrapping up and ending this year due to poor sales and restructuring on the part of both companies.

Now whether this is a mandated thing in the case of Marvel I'm not sure. The wave ends with the Jubilee BAF, as the line will morph into one that will mainly feature movie versions of classic Marvel Heroes and the like. So basically a toy-line for the movies. Just....damn.

In the case of Mattel/DC, the line's ultimate end is really being blamed on not enough people buying all or most of the figures that were put out. That's when the line phased out of store retail, and strictly into online retail, or Subscription only.

This was done to ensure that diverse figures like The Huntress, Phantom Stranger, or whoever could still be made and enjoyed by collectors, and that a better chance of completing teams like the Doom Patrol and Teen Titans.

The major problems to all this were raised prices while the quality and any new accessories weren't bumped up as well to help offset or ease the customer into the higher prices. And we're talking about increase ranging from $15-17.95 to $30 here.

Still the line limped on, and but now it's ended at a mere 63% of what the customer level was needed in order to justify continuing the sub-line.

Here's what was teased, and may still be eventually released:

-A brand new Huge BAF Doomsday, both in his uniform from his 1st appearance, and as regular Doomsday.

-The Huntress in the costume designed by Jim Lee.
 -Ice, to go with her good friend and fellow Leaguer, Fire.

-Pre-NU52 Reboot Superboy/Conner.

-90's Hook hand Aquaman.

-Damien Wayne.

Plus The Ocean Master and Ra's Al Guhl.

Yeah, those.

So whoever wanted the Legion teams, Metal Men, Titans, or JSA completed, are shit out of look unless you customize 'em.

So it looks like I'll be playing my least favorite game of catch up, and go find all the cool ones I don't have or missed, and hopefully before the price-gougers come out of the fucking woodwork.

With that in mind, here's my Top 10 List for figures that should've been made, and that I'd have liked to see made.

DCUC Heroes:

1). Red Hood

And the real one with the mask and jacket and everything. I don't what the fuck those guys were smoking when they made the one they did, but they fucked up, and cost us probably the only chance at an authentic Red Hood.

2). The Ray

I'd go for a 50/50 variant split, so that you could get both the Golden Age, Freedom Fighter version, and the more younger, modern one as well.

3). Sgt. Rock

C'mon, even Nick Fury and his pal Dum Dum ranked being immortalized in plastic, and yet Joe Kubert's famous Sgt. Rock doesn't? And how could he not tie-in to all the GI Joe movie love recently?

4). The Unknown Soldier

Simple re-paint. Just use Negative Man's head on a military-type fatigued body.

5). The Chief/and or Mento

Can't decide which, but either way, they help round out the Doom Patrol team.

6). Johnny Thunder and his pet Thunderbolt

Two-Pack. 'Nuff said!

7). Warlord

8). Vixen

9). Phantom Lady

She's look hot, and really make fanboys drool depending on how provocatively she's dressed.

10). Aqualad

Sure we got the Young Justice version of Aqualad, but not Garth. Damn shame that one, as well as Speedy:(

DCUC Villains:

1). Chronos
He's one of the big Silver Age villains that didn't get made, and that really sucks. I saw a very cool custom job, so I know he could've been made. How awesome would he have looked on the shelf, with his little clock accessories?

2). Dr. Destiny

He's another villain that should've gotten his due in the line. Just steal from the popular JLU cartoon designs because they were awesome like that.

3). Dr. Polaris

Same deal, plus I'd go with the deer antler version as well.

4).  Pied Piper
Classic or modern, doesn't matter to me.
5). Prometheus

How has this guy not been made yet!? And he's a Morrison creation too!?
I'd either have him have an extra un-helmeted head packed in there, or just helmeted I guess.

6). Heatwave

He helps round out the Rogues, as does most of the line-up.

7). Weather Wizard

8). The Trickster

I'd prefer the classic James Jesse version myself.

9). Parallax(Hal Jordan)

Mattel had their pic of angry Hal faces and still don't make this one, although the Power Ring one would be the ideal choice.

10). Vandal Savage

C'mon, he's fought both the JSA, JLA, and even the Teen Titans. Can't believe this evil motherfucker didn't make their list.

As for some ideas about potential build-a-figures, how about
The Atomic Skull, Blockbuster, and/or Hector Hammond.

And finally, here's the Top 10 List of Marvel Legends figures, good and bad, that should've been made:

Marvel Legends Heroes:

1). Dazzler

Why there's no Dazzler figure made for the ML line I have no idea! I'm sure one of the hang-ups is which costume to use. Just go for the 50/50 split: One is her disco outfit, the other could either be her Outback-era costume, or the Jim Lee 90's one. Either way, it's a fucking sin she hasn't been made as a figure yet or at all.

2). Jack of Hearts

Classic costume only would've been nice.

3). Darkhawk

Classic or modern, doesn't matter, they just should have made him(and yes there;s one made in the MU scale, but I don't count that line as mattering)

4). Quasar

5). ROM, the Spaceknight

Legal matters keeps this and any other ROM appearance from happening. But how cool would it be to see an actual marvel made ROM figure? I know Shlomo would be one of the first in line for this.

6). AOA Blink

I've had a crush on Blink ever since first reading the AOA story-line back in 1995. She was one of the most wanted to be made figures even back then. A Marvel Legends one would have been sweet if made right.

7). The Multiple Man

He's an easy repaint job, that can come with two heads packed in; a regular Jamie Maddrox head, or the X-Factor version. Would've been very cool to get a chance to own if he were made.

8). Polaris

She's another character I can't believe Hasbro/Toy Biz never made. No excuse for that when Havok and Iceman both exist, as does a Maria Hill figure. Yeah, a Maria Hill figure was made before Polaris or Dazzler. Let that sink in for a bit.

9). Proper Black Bolt and the rest of the Inhumans

Yes proper, as in not that hunk of ass figure that Hasbro passed off as Black Bolt. And make the rest of the fucking Inhumans and put 'em all in a box set.

10). Proper Drax the Destroyer

Yes proper, as in being big and bulky as fuck. Like the Hulk but with big purple gloves, cape, and skullcap. Such an obviously easy repaint.

Marvel Legends Villains:

1). The Grim Reaper

Why this guy hasn't been made yet I don't know. He's Wonder Man's brother, and a very frequent foe of the Avengers. Two versions possible here: The classic deer antler costume, or the more hooded undead version. I'll take either one, with interchangeable hook parts.

2). Living Laser

Same deal here. Two possible versions: Laser, clear-ish energy form, or classic 1st app. costume.

3). The Silver Samurai

He was somewhat in the new Wolverine movie, and yet no Silver Samurai. What the fuck's up with that!?

4). Molecule Man

Owen Reese also deserves a plastic figure of himself. Cool power attachments and sculpting could really sell this one. Classic or Dark Avengers classic look would've been nice to see.

5). The Swordsman

One minute he's with the Masters of  Evil, the next he's arm in arm with Mantis. Either way he would've looked great on the shelf with the Avengers.

6). The Enchantress(W/ the Executioner as a two-pack)

No Amora figures yet, outside of custom ones. She really needs to be made, especially with the new Thor movie coming out that she'd look great in. Anyone of the many variations of the costume jack Kirby made her would be awesome.

7). Gladiator(Sh'iar)

Easy repaint here, plus that Mohawk. Maybe steal the DCUC OMAC head for this one?

8). Count Nefaria

This is the guy who was like the evil Superman in the MU before Gladiator and the Sentry.
Classic costume all the on this guy, with a maybe ,slightly, repainted Dr. Strange head.

9). The Jester
Hey, why not? He's a classic DD villain, and doesn't have that bad of a look.  He would've looked pretty cool with a smug grin on his face in the villain section fo sho!

10). Lady Bullseye

Okay sure, Brubaker got a lot of shit for Rue 63' ing Bullseye, but the visuals alone on this possible figure would've helped sell it. Plus, her design really doesn't look that bad at all.

Finally, here's my swag list from yesterday's trip to the comic store:

-Daredevil/Deadpool Annual '97(A really good read that fellow blogger Dan highly recommended. And he was right)
Tony dates then dumps the Wasp, except she doesn't know Tony was Iron Man until much later. Damn good story, and all during Hank Pym's stay in prison.
-Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes#5(of 8)
Joe Casey gets no credit for how well he re-told the early days of the Avengers after they found Captain America. He's like the anti-Geoff Johns in that he too digs the history, but is respectful enough not to modernize things to the point that gratuitous violence or rape doesn't find its way into a simpler time back then. I just need maybe 3 more parts and I'm all caught up.
-Justice League#23(final part of the Trinity War "event")
Not bad, but it's the usual one event leads to another event that never really ends that you'd expect from comic events nowadays. At least the CSA are back, and boy do they look fucking bad-ass!
-Suicide Squad#5
Middle part of the Mission to Moscow arc, and but very worth buying. As are most pre-NU52 reboot back issues.
-Batman#'s 610, 611, 613(all various parts of the famous Hush story-line, and the last good bit of work Jim Lee's done since. And that was 10 years ago.....
-Various DC's Who's Who.
I almost have the all of the original Who's Who before hitting the updated volumes that followed.

All-in-all, not a bad find at all for 16$.

Have a good/great weekend folks.....


Randomnerd said...

They never made a Sgt. Rock? Man, that's just idiotic.
You hit the one I want, Garth. I NEED that one. Not want. NEED.
And yeah, the new guy is nice. I like him, but he's not Garth, and without Garth you can't complete the original Titans.
Speaking of, it would be kind of cool to have a line of original Teen Titans figures, in their original costumes. (I'd be down with Barbie Dolls of them too, but I realize I'm probably a fan girl of one on this, so I'll leave that in my head.) You know, Donna with her ponytail, Robin in his shorty shorts, Speedy with his cap, etc. That would be sweet.

Dale Bagwell said...


They should've released a box set of all the original Teen Titans. That would've been a cool and truly well-selling collector's item.

Fucking idiots! The whole world's filled and run by idiots I tell's ya!

Randomnerd said...

If the world was going to be run by idiots, why couldn't it be us?
Nah, scratch that. Too much work.

Dale Bagwell said...

Exactly. Thus why we "elect" well-groomed monkeys to run it for us. Fuck this!

Randomnerd said...

I think the well groomed part might be optional. Have you watched C-span lately?

Dan W said...

I just dont get the non-love Grant's creations get across both Marvel and DC after he's done with any title. Vixen and Vandal Savage should have one first due to time served, but Prometheus, General, and the Bizzarro Justice League from All-Star Superman all deserve figures too dammit. Not to mention his ninja Man-Bats.

Heres to Darkhawk getting a decent one too. Mike Manley's version for the win.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: Nope. Don't get it on tv, and don't want it. If I have insomnia though.......

@Dan: Right? Why the lack of love for Morrison is beyond me. Maybe because the those companies pat themselves on the back for being progressive enough to hire him to write some stories and play with their toys, but then virtually ignore or reset whatever he did until or unless it benefits them promotion and sales-wise to acknowledge the same accomplishment they spend their time ignoring.

Dan W said...

I reckon Dale!

Maybe in DC's case they can have a DC management figure that 'squats and dumps' over your favourite figures for a realistic action?

'Bout as much luck of that happening as we do The Ultramarines. Bet Grant wishes he could take some of his gifts to Image now. If Marvel and DC ignore them much more he won't get many royalties from them anyway, and we've all seen what other creators do to them (sigh Prometheus).

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Exactly! And the name of the management figure shitting on my figures/our beloved characters? Dan "Dildo" Didio. He comes complete with the heads of the characters he's killed off and replaced, a device to zap continuity and writers/artists that don't fall in to line, and oh yeah, a small box or urn containing our childhood memories. Sounds about right.

You know what just occurred to me? It's like Invasion of the body snatchers in the DCU, except they won. No really, they did.

As for Morrison, yeah he's probably kicking himself with not owning/missing out on the royalties of a lot of characters he made for both Marvel/DC. But he's Grant fucking Morrison! He can make 10 or 20 million of the same and do just that. Take em to Image, Dynamite, or anybody else that'd shit themselves for a chance to publish his stuff.

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