Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pictures of Woody

Happy Hump Day People!!!!

Okay so here's the shit in a nutshell.
Creatively I'm getting a bit burned out and restless again. I just am. Hey, you try being both funny and entertaining every week, four times a week. As David Bowie sang it "It ain't easy!"'s not. But instead of bitching about it, I'm just going to have to change things up.

I'll be more aggressive in seeking opinions and suggestions from my loyal readers, and just try to come at this whole thing from a different perspective. Which is kind of hard, since you(I) only really manifest one perspective.

So yeah, tell what works. Tell me what doesn't. Tell me who and what you'd like to see for future skits, album or artist reviews. Whatever.

I'm dying out here:)

But we'll see.

Anyhoo,  here's something I usually save for next week, but then I said fuck it! Give the people what they want. Whatever the fuck that is:)

I decided to use the Woody from Toy Story figure that's lying around(not mine BTW) and to see what a mock Marvel Comics Fantasy camp would look like now that Disney owns Marvel.

Let's see shall we......

Oh yeah, feel free to play the theme song to most National Lampoon's Vacation movies, "Holiday Road".

 Oh shit!

 Oh, that wascally Frank!:)

 What's this? Tai-Chi Lessons from Giant Man?

 Nope. Just how to keep your pimp hand strong. Isn't that right Jan?

 What's this? Playing catch with Captain America?

                                                Free Hobgoblin Glider lessons?

Oh look, it's that wascally Frank again! I wonder what he's up to this time?

Woody sends his greetings.......


Randomnerd said...

The other toys had it right all along. Woody is dangerous. Just look at that crazy smile as he's leading all those plastic people to their deaths (great blood spray, btw). And I don't think even Pym has ever looked happier giving Janet what for. Man, she cannot catch a break.
It's an unholy alliance. I'm a little scared.
Personally I vote for a trip to the strip joint for all the girl figures.

Dale Bagwell said...

OOOoh I like that idea. No ken dolls though:(

If I had the sets, yeah, I'd do that, a casino, mall, soooo many ideas, not enough props. that's another major nemesis of mine.

Randomnerd said...

Yeah, I'd imagine that is a stumbling block. And I don't have any Ken dolls either. Well, I have a Spock doll. Well, my daughter does. I'm not really allowed to play with it.

The King of Thessaly said...

Jan deserved it.

-Wasn't there a comic where she got revenge and pimp-slapped the fuck out of Hank? I seem to remember that. Maybe I dreamed it though... like I dreamed that comic where Speedball, Deathlok and Sleepwalker all start a Detective Agency......

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: Pretty much yeah. And it's a slap by Woody. How fucking hard could that possibly hurt? He's fucking limp-wristed, and not a real cowboy, so yeah, not too hard at all. I bet Baron Zemo's dead daddy could hit harder than that, and he's dead.

Yes you dreamed it, but that detective agency idea sounds a hellva lot more funny and interesting than most of the current shit out there.

Now you have to come up with a plot and how the hell they all decided to run a detective agency. Speedball? Deathlok? Only Sleepwalker makes sense since he mostly works nights.

The King of Thessaly said...

No- it happened. I think it might have been in the Avengers: EMH cartoon, maybe? Wasp knocks Yellow Jacket out and says how it 'felt good for some reason' or something like that.
Check this out:

Yeah- they form a Detective Agency but Speedball is all fat now... and Deathlok is half of one of The Red Ghosts monkeys. Sleepwalker is in a female body now and has a crush on Dagger...
They solve crimes perpetrated by The White Rabbit, The Circus of Crime and sometimes villain Leap-Frog, as well as battle the corrupt CEO of The Roxxon Energy Corporation. Dazzler joins the team but eventually betrays them.
But the big twist at the end is that Deathlok's programming was corrupted all along by none other than Iron Man 2020- who was sending them on missions to make himself richer in THE FUTURE!!!

Dale Bagwell said...

King: I smell gold King, or is that just the stench of you relieving yourself on that brick wall whilst reciting this pitch? Hmmmm.

Haha, no I like the premise. Sounds like the most original and wildest story truly worthy of a Marvel Knights imprint mini.

The King of Thessaly said...

Yeah- I'm on a conference call with Marvel while I'm pissing on DC Corporate Headquarters...
Marvel Knights? Rock on- we'll get Garth Ennis to write it and Mike Allred to pencil it. It IS gold. SOLID GOLD.

Dan W said...

Hobgoblin glider lessons? Count me in! When I was a kid we used to play make pretend in the school playground and while one mate was Snoopy another Luke Skywalker I chose to be Hobgoblin. I don't think anyone related the name to the Marvel guy, but I did, and that was all that matters. (Hence his face in my banner too). If I had a glider like his, that would be pretty cool.

Sleepwalker, Deathlok and Speedball - Random - you are speaking my language! I love all three of those guys. Deathlok is very sorely missed. His turn in Wolverine with Ron Garney really needed to lead somewhere more than it has.

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