Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Top 5: Comic Book Futures I'd actually like to see happen

Happy Hump Day!

Okay, so today's Top 5 list is all about the types of futures you see in comic books, Except for me, these are the futures you'd actually want to see happen to your favorite heroes. They may not always be super good, but they're also nowhere near as fucked up and tragic as the "Days of Future Past", or "Old Man Logan".

So with that in mind, here's my Top 5 comic futures that should happen......

5). Batman Beyond/LEGION

Set about 80 years in the future of the pre-NU52 reboot universe, Terry McGuinness has taken over the mantle of Batman from a very old, very retired Bruce Wayne. Terry is very much the opposite of Bruce, in that he's nowhere as obsessed with fighting crime like Bruce, has a girlfriend, and is just all-around more pleasant and positive to be around than say ol' sourpuss Bruce. Plus look at all the technology that rules that era. That's why I'd be all for this possible future coming true at some point in Bruce's future.

I threw in the LEGION because while it's in the 30-31st century, which we'll all never live to see, it's also a haven of technological advances. Flight rings, time-travel, personal force-fields. What's not to love about that future. Plus, not only are there other planets to go visit or re-locate to, but you're also more likely to have super powers. And really, at the end of the day, isn't that what we all want?

4). Kingdom Come

Okay so maybe it starts out bad, and the mid-west is left a radioactive wasteland. Ok, I guess that was bound to happen eventually. We'll just have to count on the east and west coasts to pick up the slack.
And yeah, outside of that wicked battle that was like Marvel's Civil War, only 10 years earlier and better, it might seem to be the pits. But I prefer to think of life and the future afterwards. Like saying during The Kingdom mini and tie-ins. it really wasn't a bad place to live once the superheroes that were left managed to all get on the same page again. I think it'd be nice. Plus, the KC future is where you really get to see the Superman vs. Batman battle we all wanted to see. Team Superman or Team Batman, make your pick, but that's a future for our beloved DC characters that I want to see.

3). Geoff Johns' futures for his run on Green Lantern
I know I know. "But Mr. Morbid, that's a NU52 book/future."  Yes, yes it is. And I'll tell you why I'd like to see Geoff Johns' wishful outcomes for all those characters he wrote.
It's simple: He gave them all happy endings.
And not just some half-ass happy endings, I mean real happy endings.
Hal and Carol finally get married and have a slew of kids and grand-kids, Kyle remains a White Lantern for a very long time until his death, hundreds of years in the future, new GL Simon Baz enjoys a nice career as GL and then becomes an ambassador of sorts for peace, John settles down and retires, Guy sorta retires and enjoys running his bar in space, and Sinestro becomes a GL again, as well as a teacher and keeper of the book of OA.
Seriously, tell me that future for those beloved characters doesn't suit you? That was the best things Johns has done for GL in long while, besides leaving the book.

2). Superman as President of the United States

This was Superman's possible future during the "Armageddon 2001" comic event from 1991. In this story, Waverider's still trying to figure out which hero goes bad, and turns into the evil dictator, Monarch. 
Basically Clark goes into politics to help out his good childhood friend Pete Ross while he runs for president. Pete gets killed by an assassin, and Clark's secret as Superman is revealed for all the world to see. It's then that things really go into high gear, as Superman's asked to run for president. He initially turns it down, but then reconsiders. he runs and wins, while Lex Luthor conspires against him. The matter of his being an alien is brought up, and it's ruled he's an American citizen since he once he was released from his space pod, he was "birthed" on American soil, thus making him an American citizen, not an alien. Weird logic, but it works for the story.

Superman as president rocks in this story! He single-handedly halts the production of nuclear weapons and acts to remove all of them from all countries. He solves the national debt issue with Aquaman's help, buy finding lost sunken gold treasure that magically pays off the debt, and he does what I think should be done in the real world of comics, he unites all super-hero teams into one huge Justice League. Yep, just like the JLU series. I've always wanted things to swing that way since the watching the cartoon. It just makes more sense to me, but then I might again, I might be weird.

Sure, Superman becomes the ultimate Big Brother-type figure considering his powers. But this is Superman we're talking about. he's careful not to become corrupted by all of this power, and he's uses his powers, both presidential and super, to help make the world a better place to live. Now isn't that something we could all use right now considering the current political climate?

1). Earth X

Okay, this is supposed to be a bad future for our beloved Marvel heroes, their own Kingdom Come to be exact. But I don't see it that way.

Sure the heroes become redundant since all of humanity gains powers, which should be a good thing as every superhero can retire, and have a good life.
Sure there are a few downsides, like not being able to have kids, and becoming mutated in appearance as well as powers, but hey! I think that's actually something I could personally deal with. The trade-off is super powers and basic immortality. How can you not love that? Okay, yeah, the part about looking like a freak and not being able to have kids will bum a lot of you out, especially those who are parents. I get that. But the flip side of that is no longer having to worry about std's or unwanted pregnancies. And sure you may get mutated into an animal or some bizarre-ass creature, but then so is everybody, so you won't be alone, and nobody should really judge appearances since we're looking like freaks anyways.

Plus, Earth X was a damn good story that ultimately shows what heaven and hell look like for the likes of the Avengers, Daredevil, and the rest of the MU.

And that my friends, is a future I'd love to see actually come to pass.

Ok, so, you guys know the drill. Let me know what you think, and your own comic futures you'd love to see happen and why in the comments section.

Have a good one people:)


Randomnerd said...

I loved Earth X. I wouldn't mind being in that future. Especially right now (the kids are fighting over the correct way to play guitar hero). I just hope I don't end up looking like the wolverines/sabertooths. Although I loved that bit in the comic. It explained a helluva lot of coincidental hair cuts that went on at Marvel for a while.
All the rest are perfectly lovely. I'm a hug Legion fan, and always wanted to go visit their clubhouse. It always seemed like a much cooler version of 90210 to me. With super powers. And better plots.
As for the Green Lanterns...any future where Guy Gardner ends up running a bar is a good one for me. I know where I'll be hanging out. Forever.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: Here, here. I'm sure we'll be good as long as we pay our tab:)

Randomnerd said...

I'm sorry. Ginger's don't pay tabs at Guy's bar. I thought you knew that.

Dale Bagwell said...

God Doomit!!!!! Fucking gingers! Shoulda known........:(

Randomnerd said...

Mwahahahahaha. ;)

karl said...

The Earth X future depresses the shit out of me - everyone winds up dead or transformed into something.
Now one future I WOULD happily jump in a time bubble for is the LSHs...just imagine, ice-cream parlours that cover an entire block, and ... well just ice-cream really!
And as for the clubhouse...I have a LSH clubhouse that houses six of my action figures, cant get over how much I love it.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: well yeah, but again the upside is immortality(of sorts) and super-powers. What's not to love....other than maybe the strange form you become;)

A LSH Clubhouse? From which set/line of figures? DC Direct or DCUC?
And which figures, because I want to sell off my Karate Kid figure.

karl said...

Its DC Direct, Dale, btw what is DCUC?

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: DCUC means DC Universe classics. It's a toyline that ceased to be retail-only since 2011, and now essentially over after almost 3 years of being online subscription only.
There was a DCUC 12-pack of LEGION figures but out around 2010/11.

Look it up, but for LoSH fans it was epic, plus you got a Legion Flight ring and the packaging looked just like your beloved LEGION clubhouse. It was about 180$.

karl said...

Oh, THAT one - yeah, that's the one Ive got, Dale, the clubhouse which came with the flight ring. That mustve been the one I was talking about. Yes there was a rubber flight ring with each one wasn't there - I have three rings now, two of those rubber ones and the gold one, the really flash 'bling' one which I love.
There was a JLA Silver Age set also which I got, bloody box was massive[!].
Its gonna seem terrible next month when theres no LSH comic to read; its always the second one I get to after my FF.

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