Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Forever Evil?

So I watched the DC Animated movie Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox, and I have to say, it was really, really good!

I was surprised by the brutality of some the fight scenes and between such characters as the film's main villains Aquaman and Wonder Woman. The scenes where WW kills Steve Trevor and later Billy Batson were especially brutal. But cool to see as well. For some reason, even with both their darker natures given a chance to show through and takeover, Aquaman and WW really seemed to shine in this dark world.

The weird alliances were cool, like Lex Luthor working for the government, or the scene I really geeked out for, when Grifter and Batman team up to kill Black Manta, and Grifter says I love your style Bats. We shoulda teamed up. And Batman goes, "yeah batman and Grifter the boy idiot!". HA!

Overall I loved the character designs, the animation was superb, and the cast of characters equally awesome.

So yeah, Shlomo was right; the only thing worth seeing from DC nowadays are animated movies. Now that my friends, is a fucking sad reality right there.

Speaking of popular characters, the CSA, or Criminal Syndikate of Amerika, are very popular right now due to them having taken over the NU52 comic universe. They disposed of the JL, unmasked Nightwing, and have even more up their sleeves. So naturally since the CSA are hot, everybody wants to jump aboard.

And thus is the set up for today's skit.
The CSA is looking for recruits, or are they?
Find out when recruiting goes wrong in "Forever Evil?":

The End

Oh that rascally Owlman right?;)


Randomnerd said...

Once again, Owlman is the ultimate Evil. Mostly because he just doesn't give a shit who's getting the broad side of the stick.
Very nice turn on the old Justice League recruitment drive, Dale. It's so funny it started out with an Aquaman joke, because just this morning I was watching the Robot Chicken DC special. Again. Do smelly fish jokes ever get old? Sure. But then they just smell more, and thus are funnier.
The Neil Patrick Harris comment made me think of Dr. Horrible, which made me think of the outtake album the cast did. There's a song on there called "Better Than Neil" that Nathan Fillion sings. He is the "True Man of Steel" You should look it up.
Flashpoint was an excellent movie, and I'm glad you got a chance to see it. I've rented it so many times now I should just buy it. That's my comic kryptonite. Comic book movies. Or video game movies (anime productions). And owning the entire run of the cartoons. Or random web series. It's a sickness. But then I had to stop and realize that Star Trek is coming out this month and I really need that on Blu Ray, and I just bought a couple graphic novels...man. We should have a support group. Or a museum. With interactive exhibits.

Dale Bagwell said...

Or both. Probably the support group for both of us though. I'm equally guilty about buying shit I don't need instead of saving up. And dear friends is why I don't have a car.

You can never go wrong with Robot Chicken. ever. I loved that DC special, and no, no they don't.
"Period Panties" with portraits of real historical figures drawn in period blood. Hmmmm.

I'm sorry what were we talking about again?;)

Randomnerd said...

That. Definitely that. :)

Dale Bagwell said...

Excellent!*Does the Mr. Burns spider fingers dance*

Randomnerd said...

Image burned in my mind Dale. Thanks bunches.

Dale Bagwell said...

You're welcome;)

The King of Thessaly said...

Savage Dragon??? -What are YOU doing here?

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

sigh, reminds me of the Crisis movie. i didn't know there was a Jem action figure out there.

karl said...

The Crime Syndicate are ten ways of AWESOME, I just love love love them. Esp pervy Owlman [what a stupid name] and Power Ring who looks totally badass.
For the oddest thing is I actually LIKED the Trinity War - good plot, decent twists and a final page app by the Syndicate. Plus as much as I disliked having a female Atom, when she was revealed as their Syndicate version of our Atom that pleased me no end.
Neil Patrick Harris always reminds of what a gay Aquaman would look like in an alternate universe anyhoo.
Recruiting? Savage Dragon and that lame-ass Jemm from the 80s? No, listen you may not have a car Dale but check this out; Ive just walked eight miles in my officers uniform back home after my transport failed to turn up, and I didn't get in till three-thirty in the morning - now THATS tough. Or insanity, whichever the Syndicate prefers. Probably both, so sue me [after I finally recover, which I wont need to as Im officially hard as fucking nails] or not...
Sign me up.

[cant feel my fucking feet...]

Randomnerd said...

@karl, my daughter said that exact same thing after I forced her to walk home from school carrying both her trombone and backpack. Of course, that was only three blocks...
Yeah. I laughed too. Not to her face though. I was already in trouble.
I had honestly forgotten Jemm existed. I'd like to go back to that.

karl said...

Wasn't Jemm Son OF Saturn some bad Martian Manhunter rip-off? Im sure I remember him last in the 1997 JLA version as some mind-controlled puppet of the Injustice League.

Randomnerd said...

Yeah, Karl, he was. I don't remember a whole lot about him except he was from Saturn and was afraid of fire.

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: Thanks for spotting Savage Dragon in there King. You win a no-prize:)

I'm selling him btw if anyone's interested. Him, Evil Ken, and LOSH DCUC Karate Kid.

@Karl:Right? And you sir are indeed tough. Bonus points and an imaginary pint for you!

Wikipedia Jemm's history, bu yeah, his race were the slaves to the white martians. Lots of stuff going on there. or was.

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