Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Tales from the Top Shelf: Hulk hate customizing!

What's up guys?

I just went to bleedingcool.com, where I usually go to get interesting comic news, and I came across the 1st 5 pages of Darwyn Cooke's Before the Watchmen#1.

Here's the link to those pages:

I have to say, not only does the art look damn fine, but the way the story and narration is framed is very well done. Now I know most of you who have read this blog in the past, know I haven't been that kind towards the whole "Watchmen Sequel" business from DC, especially considering what a big fuck you this is to Alan Moore. That being said, I am changing my tune a little, only in the fact that as far as Cooke's contributions go, so far it looks good.

I don't know how the rest of the mini's will do, but I am intrigued by what Cooke's doing. I've always loved and appreciated his art, ever since first discovering him in the early 2000's. And of course I bought his awesome work and love letter to DC's Silver Age, The New Frontier.(although I need to get on the ball and buy the 1st Vol.) Hell, I even bought the New Frontier dvd movie because I liked this project so much.

So while I still think DC is blatantly dicking Moore over, and shamelessly putting this out to distract from how poor their sales for the NuDCU titles are doing(with the exception of GL, Batman, Aquaman, and JL), I realize perhaps I was being too quick to judge some of the creators involved. Perhaps they'll encourage new fans to check out the original. If they did, it's not like that'd be a bad thing......

On to my original work, here's a fresh new skit for you guys under my Tales from the Top Shelf series. It's a quick little ditty about the Hulk. Enjoy!

Spider-Man: "Hey Hulk, something I've been meaning to ask you for awhile."

Hulk: "Leave Hulk alone puny web-head!"

Spider-Man: "No man, it's cool, it's cool. I just wanna' know what's up with all that white stuff on your head?"

Daredevil: "What white stuff? I don't see any white stuff?"

Spider-Man: "That's because you're blind Matt, sheesh! You'd think a guy would remember being blind."

Hulk: Web-head no want to know; it embarrassing."

Spider-Man: "C'mon Hulkie, it can't be that bad."

Hulk: "Okay, Hulk tell. Puny human try to customize Hulk into a Solomon Grundy figure, but not finish job. He put weird white liquid into Hulk's hair, turning it white. Then puny human color in Hulk's blue pants with black magic marker, making Hulk's pants a messy black. But puny human no finish job, and now Hulk look like hot mess."

Spider-Man: "Oh my god that's freaking hilarious! Aha haha ahahahaha. Oh man, that explains the dirty looks the Legion of Doom have been giving us from the bottom shelf though. Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Black Spider-Man: "Oh man this isn't going to end well for Pete. He shouldn't be laughing at Hulk like that. Hulk's gonna' fuck him up for this."

Daredevil: "Yeah, this isn't going to end well for Peter. I need to get the hell of here once I find my cane."

Captain Marvel: "Just keep perfectly still Mar-Vel or else that perverted publishing company that stole your last name will find you and kill you off again in a stupid crossover or story-line again. Hmm. But it is work. No, I'll stay still. Safer that way."

Hulk: "Why Web-head laugh at Hulk? Web-head think what puny human do to Hulk funny? Hulk show you what's funny! Hulk Smash!"

Spider-Man: "C'mon man, I wasn't laughing at you just the situation. Oh boy!`whistles`"

Daredevil: "Yeahhhh, I'm leaving before I get blood on newly washed uniform."

Black Spider-Man: "Yeahhhh, I'm leaving before I get Pete's blood all over my costume. I just got this thing washed, and blood does not come out easily."

What the Hulk said is true. In my own half-assed way I tried to make a custom Solomon Grundy out of the Gray Hulk that came from the ML Galactus wave. I put white-out in his hair, and used a permanent black marker to color in his pants. I even have an old torn-up coat from an old Toy Biz Mr. Fixit Hulk from the 90's to use for him. Unfortunately I got bored quickly, as I often times do when trying to be creative, and left poor Hulk like that. I don't know what to use to get the white-out out of his hair, so I guess he's stuck like that. Maybe I can still pretend he's Solomon Grundy anyways. That way, I'd have all of the Legion of Doom, except for Giganta, Black Manta, Cheetah, and Grodd.

Oh well........


Omega Agent1 said...

Classic. Puny human tried to turn Hulk into Solomon Grundy. Hilarious, it's a true story.

Dale Bagwell said...

Exactly. Thank God the toy Hulk doesn't come alive and go all true grit on my ass because if that:)

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