Monday, June 25, 2012

Hulk Love Kitty

Whew! Can't believe it's almost the end of the month already. Where the hell does the time go?

Speaking of time, it's time for a short skit involving the Hulk and Cheetah, as I attempt to answer what the Hulk does when he's lonely.


Hulk-Grundy: "Here Kitty, kitty. Hulk-Grundy like nice kitty."

Cheetah: "Oh God, here we go again! Ahem, This is the 3rd time this week, aren't you tired of me yet handsome?"

Hulk-Grundy: "Haw, haw. No, Hulk-Grundy like nice kitty. Hulk-Grundy want to pet nice kitty again and again until she purrs."

Cheetah: "Pet me, pay me! Let's see some cash, and I'll let you pet my ass got it?"

Hulk-Grundy: "Sigh. Okay, Hulk-Grundy broke, but Hulk-Grundy go find ATM now. Nice Kitty stay here and Hulk-Grundy be right back."

Cheetah: "You'd better or no petting, and no making me purr! Now hurry up and go make Kitty happy."

Cheetah: "Wow! Solomon Grundy sure has gotten a lot dumber lately, even for him. And why is he calling himself Hulk-Grundy?"

Extra Scene:

Hulk-Grundy: "Can pretty kitty make change for a $20?"

Cheetah: "Can I what!? What type of girl do you think I am you cheap bastard? Come back when you have more money to spend on me than a lousy 20 bucks!"

Cheetah: "I swear to God if he wasn't so hung, I'd stay away from the big dumb retard!"


It's like they say,"Pimpin' ain't easy", and nether is whoring obviously.


Omega Agent1 said...

According to Pam (True Blood) this is true. Back alley whoring is hard work.

Dale Bagwell said...

And she should know. Thanks for stopping by Omega.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

goddamn are the toy manufactures serious with the tits on that Cheetah figure? is Pam that vampire who's basically Eric's under study and basically acts as his second in command?
hey Dale try and send me an email: . and yes i saw your two thesis comments and responded accordingly.

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha, yes they are unfortunately, and that's not even the worst female figure they made with breast issues. Check out the Starfire figure and her hideous uni-boob! Sweet fuckin' god what a crime that one is. I mean Starfire's known for bigger and better looking breasts than that, yet utterly fail to translate action figure-wise. And for the record, no they still haven't fixed her.

Yes to the Pam question. Now I've only seen up to Season 4, so I can't speak too much on what's going on, but I used to like the series before losing interest in it.

Anybody got any spare change for Hulk-Grundy?

Oh, and head over to Omega's comment section, where he threatened to force me to dress up as Cheetah and be Hulk-Grundy's date for the night. Obviously our friend Mr. Omega has a serious cosplay addiction:(

Can you say intervention?

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