Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In Sinestro we trust

Just a quick one today folks. Well a quick one for me, anyways:

Hal: "Ugh my aching head! Uh, the that's the last time I let Guy talk me into going shot for shot with Tony Stark for awhile. Damn, that man's an animal! He's not even human! Uh, even with one of the most powerful weapons in the universe on my hand, and I still can't fix my hangover."

Sinestro: "Hello Jordan. What's your problem this time?"

Hal: "Oh great, it's you! I don't have time for your shit right now, so come back later when my headache's gone."

Sinestro: "Hangover again? How predictable Jordan. Here, use this."

Hal: "What in the hell is that?"

Sinestro: "It's an old Korugarian device that's great for curing headaches, hangovers and small amounts of brain damage. So it'll cure your hangover, but not your stupidity."

Hal: "Fuck you Sinestro."

Sinestro: "It was good enough for Abin Sur."

Hal: "What, really!? Well....if it was okay for Abin Sur, then okay. Thanks Sinestro. I guess you're not that bad after all."

Sinestro: "Ha ha haha! Fool! I can't believe he fell for that "If it was good enough for Abin Sur"line. That idiot has no idea I just placed a living virus on his head. Ha ha, priceless."

Hal: "Damn Sinestro was right! I feel a lot better now."

John Stewart: "Hey Hal I--, what the hell!? Hal you got Despotellis the living virus on your head!"

Hal: What!? Arrgh! But I thought? Sinestro!!!!!!"

Yeah that funny little guy is kind of neat. It was bitch trying to keep him on Hal's head though, since even with scotch tape he still kept slipping and sliding off.


googum said...

Thank god Hal just had a hangover; who knows where he would've put that thing...

I don't know if I keep moving it, or the kids, or if it's trying to infect me, but Despotellis is somewhere else everytime I look. And now I think my throat's closing. Great...

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha, maybe, maybe. I just hope you don't have ab alien bust right out your chest now.....

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