Monday, June 18, 2012


Hey people.

I figured for today's post since I didn't take any new pics, I'd float by today by posting some of my forays into creative art. And yes I did take Graphic Design, but my skills are nowhere where'd I like them to be. So bear with me, and humor my ass for a little bit okay?

You know all those funny demotivational and Pwned pics that you find everywhere on the internet? Yeah I enjoy a good bit of them too. So much in fact, that I even tried my hand at a few. Enjoy.

Remember where that quote came from? Here's a hint, it was before the hideous George Clooney era, but right after the awesome Michael Keaton series.

This is from an actual picture of Adam West riding an elephant. And no, I don't know why the fuck he was doing that, but what the hell, he's Adam West!

 And here's some variations on the theme:

Any House of 1000 Corpses fans in the audience? I fell in love instantly with this cult-classic hit by Rob Zombie when I first saw this movie. Then he made the sequel, Devil's Rejects, and I really dug that. Not only did I really enjoy the sequel as much as the first, but it's in Devil's Rejects that I discovered classic rocker,Terry Reid. Of course all those things are topics for another day, back to what I was originally talking about.

Anyway, I made a faux-movie poster-type thing for House of 1000 Corpses using the picture I took of my uncompleted C&C's and various spare parts. Here's at least seven different versions of what I was trying to accomplish, and yes I like to change things up and make several variations in a theme:

As you can clearly see, I was playing around with what type of font best suited the logo for the faux-poster, and since I'm not good enough to photoshop the real movie logo onto the poster, I went with the next best thing of trying out various fonts.

I personally like the all-red, and and red- and yellow- Psycho-style fonts myself.

Next up is really old work I did on MS Paint. I was creating a faux-comic book cover for a superhero character of sorts I created called "Bug Man." Yes, I know, very creative name genius"(sarcasm)

But it's the best and easiest I can thing of that applies to a guy who's basically Animal Man, but with bug powers only. His visual was kind of based of an old TNMT episode I watched where a scientist/entomologist, was working on some kind of weird formula, for something, I don't know. But he was attacked by Foot soldiers, and left for dead, whilst being drenched in his own formula and various other chemicals. Yeah I know that sounds perverted if taken out of context, but I swear that's how it happened. It was the early 90's, what'd you expect?

Anyways, he wakes up and starts to grow wings, a scorpion tail, bug eyes, and pinchers out of the side of his mouth. I'm talking shit that you probably saw in the movie Guyver. Yeah, that kind of freaky! Hell he made Baxter Stockman look like Antonio Bandareas compared to what this guy wind up looking like.

Here's Baxter Stockman:

So yeah, that's how I imagined would happen to this guy I made up. He was/is a scientist trying to work on a super-soldier-like serum, but loaded to the fucking nine with different types of bug DNA and venom/blood, and there you go.

And here's the kicker, you know who his main antagonist is? Come on, it's so obvious? The Extreminator!
Yep, I'm just a creative sonuvabitch sometimes.

So here's my humble effort at a possible comic book cover for Bug-Man:

The text on the side, in case you're wondering what the fuck that's all about, is my attempt at insect language- speak for Bug-Man. Again, I'm just so damn creative, can't you tell?

Interesting factoid, or not, I used to want to be an Entomologist when I was little, since I liked bugs so much, or rather killing them so much. I guess its a good thing that never happened, or else I might have ended up as a bug exterminator since I don't think I'd have the attention span or good enough grades to make it as a scientist.

Oh wait! On further investigation into the bug doctor episode, I discovered he too was called Bugman, and was Michelangelo's favorite super-hero. Nice.

Here's what he looked like transforming, you know,just in case you were curious:


I told you he looked freaky.


Omega Agent1 said...

I had a professor that told us there's no new ideas. You have to take an old idea and put your own spin to it. Basically make it your own.

And is artsy fartsy anything like star trekkie?

Dale Bagwell said...

No, Artsy-Fartsy's pretty much an old term that's meant to mock the Art world. You know how art galleries and certain artists are supposed to be so wrapped in themselves, and take the whole thing super serious? It's like that. They're supposedly so better than regular people, avant garde', highly-intellectual and all that bullshit. Basically bunch of rich people looking at paintings, but making it an high-society, snobbish get together.

Whew! That answer your question. And thanks for stopping by Omega. You know you're always welcome here at the house anytime you like.

So yeah

Dan said...

wow mate thats really interesting stuff! thanks for sgaring. it's always cool to see behind the blog kinda stuff. I really like the red house of 1000 Corpses cover.

Bug-Man is pretty cool too. I used to write and draw my own universe of charaters for years as a hobby. Actually its still on the list of what I'd like to do should I get free time again... lol free time huh? where the fuck does that go as ya get on in life?!

Dale Bagwell said...

Thanks for the kind words as always Dan. yeah, it's a fun process doing stuff like that, especially working with photoshop programs. I'm like a friggin' kid in a candy store with that stuff.

I've made my own universe of characters myself, and created them using MS paint. You know those micro-heroes? That's how I made them. I might post those again someday.

If you have any available artwork of your characters, I'd love to see them some time.

Ah free time, yeah time is a tricky bastard isn't it?

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