Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Pets or Meat"

If you've ever watched the Michael Moore documentary on the unemployment crisis in Flint, Michigan like I have then you'll know where the title to this post came from:)

Here's the clip in question, from the documentary Roger and Me:

Hey don't look at me, I wasn't the one that did that to the poor bunny:(

Anyways here's a more light-hearted take on Animal rights.

The Hunter: "I loves ya' Kelly ol' gal. Ever since I ate ol' Bessy, I've been hankerin' for a hunk of sweet, sweet moo patties."

Kelly: "Moo, moo? Moooo!"

Animal Man: "Hold on citizen! Meat is murder!

The Hunter: "Awww shoot! Not this horse-shit again. Nawww you hold on there city-slicker. I can's do what I want 'cause own this here steer ya' hear?"

The Hunter: "Now what'cha goin' do about that mister?"

Animal Man: "How tall are you?"

The Hunter: "The hell does it matter? How long's a piece of string? Too Got-damn long that's what!"

Animal Man: "Hmm. Good enough."

Animal Man kicks the hunter.

-Yeah I know it looks horrible, but I couldn't very well take a good picture of Animal Man kicking the poor bastard since the A-Man figure had an annoying tendency to fall over when he's only balanced on one foot. So work with me here people.

Hunter: "Aggggh!"

Animal Man: "I hope he wasn't a midget, because I'd hate to have think I'd just committed a hate crime."

Animal Man: "Let's go Kelly. We can get a nice tofu wrap or you know, whatever you're in the mood for. That sound good to you?"

Kelly: "Mooooo!"

Animal Man: "Ha ha ha. You said a mouthful."

Hunter: "Ughhhhh! I think I'ma gonna' retire from this here skit business. Ughhhh!"


StarryPluto said...

Love it!

Dale Bagwell said...

Awww, thanks for stopping by Star. I knew you'd like the title:)

StarryPluto said...

Yeah that woman in Flint is a nut bag!

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah, but damn does she enjoy her work! "Oww the the little fucker bite me." The she proceeds to skin and then bite him. Nice:)

Dan said...

Id hate to think I committed a hate crime lol challenge is on. before the day is done im going to use that line somewhere.

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha, let me know how that went Dan. I bet that story's going to be fucking funny. Oi!

Dan said...

i almost forgot! two mates and i went to the freemasons for a brew after 5. i got first round, shane sober driver i got a cider. he looked disappointed it wasnt a coke. i said its non alcoholic aint it he said yeah i said good would hate to think i committed a hate crime.

Dale Bagwell said...

Not bad, not bad. Messing with the DD's always fun.

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