Thursday, June 07, 2012

"Desperate, but not serious"

If the title of today's post sounds even vaguely familiar, it's because you are or were, a fan of Adam Ant in the 80's.

I discovered this lost/forgotten little gem of a song last week while watching the VH1 Classic channel. I never heard the song or saw the video before, but I got to admit it's pretty damn catchy. So yeah I like the song, and the snazzy riff, but the main thing I like about the song is the title itself. "Desperate, but not serious." Yeah, that pretty much sounds like my current love life, or rather the lack thereof. I've been currently trying out the whole internet dating thing, but let's just say it's not working out too well, and leave it at that. Definitely not a route you'd wanna' go, but are kinda' forced to if you find your city's current crop of potential girlfriends leaves much to be desired. Ah yes, the thrill of the chase eh?

Here's the video:

Gotta' love the 80's huh? And now that I think about it, it kind of fits the old reports that Adam Ant was a raving, paranoid lunatic, who was convinced that someone was going to kill him. Was he perhaps listening to too much Rockwell at the time? Add to that the "reports" that he was hooked on drugs, and yeah I guess I'd be paranoid to if I was up to my eyeballs in shit that made me see stuff that wasn't there; you know the wonderful drugs like Meth, LSD, Crack, Bath Salts, and Synthetic Marijuana. Oh and there's also Goo's favorite, Windex. Don't believe me? Go ask him. Hi Goo!

Alright, on to the funny, and today's skit that involves that wascally wabbit himself, Bat-Mite! Oh yeah, and the the Dynamic Duo are there too.

Bat-Mite: "Greetings Dynamic Duo. It is I, Bat-Mite, and I'm bored. And you know what that means...."

Robin: "Holy gosh and gee wilikers Batman! How are we going get rid of Bat-Mite this time?"

Batman: "Easy chum, easy. Bat-Mite's a harmless little elf, so there's no need to worry about him. We'll just trick him into leaving like we always do."

Robin: "I don't know Batman, Bat-Mite seems harmless, but he is just like that Mr. Mxyplytz guy that Superman fights all the time. Maybe we shouldn't take him so lightly."

Batman: "Nonsense Robin. We'll just ignore him like we usually do and he'll go back to wherever he comes from. Besides, I have to take a big Bat-Dump, so I'll let you handle this one by yourself."

Robin: (Sarcastically)"Gee, thanks Batman."

Bat-Mite: "Hey! I heard that! Why are you two fags talking like I'm not even here?"

Bat-Mite: "So I'm harmless eh? I'll show you who's harmless!"

Batman: "What the hell!? I feel so strange."

Robin: "Oh fuck! This isn't going to end well"

Bat-Mite: "Ta-daaa! How you like me know Batman?"

Robin: "Holy shit! Bat-Mite just turned Batman into a shot-glass!"

Bat-Mite: "So I did junior, whatta' gonna' do about it? Cry?"

Robin: "Well gosh, could you at least fill it up? I think Batman would want it that way."

Bat-Mite: "Hahahhahahaha! Ain't I a stinka?"

Yes folks, that is an honest to god Batman shot glass. I got that at Spenser's last month(Thanks Starrypluto!)
There was a Superman one too, and some others, but I forget who they were. I just wanted the Batman one 'cause he's one of my favorite DC superheroes. And yes, it's as awesome as it looks, especially when you're drinking a shot of Crown from a Bat-Shot-glass. Fucking A! and that's why I love America.

Have a good weekend people.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

this skit totally gave me a flash back of the Batman cartoon of the late 70s. by the way Dale i saw your comment on Dan's Secret Wars #1 posting. if i had known you liked Crisis that much i would have just mailed you my Crisis on Infinite Earths TPB. i wasn't that crazy about it so i ended up giving it to the local library a little over a year ago.

Dale Bagwell said...

Hey Shlomo, glad you stopped by. How the hell are you?

Glad you enjoyed the skit. I finally used this free photoshop program I have, Gimp 2.6, and I tried it out, so that's where the special effects come from.

Oh and don't worry about the TPB man. I've had that for almost two years now. Like I said I need to buy the Secret Wars trade, you know, the one with the the sweet Salvador Larocca cover? Yeah that one.

Hope you plan on sticking around awhile, and expect to see some new posts from you. Shot me an e-mail some time.

Omega Agent1 said...

The skit reminds me of the new Brave and the Bold cartoon. It hadsome really good moments. I think the show went overboard with the comedy after it got a few laughs from an episode or two.

Gimp 2.6??? Keep me informed on this program and how it works. Photshop is the best I ever seen or used.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

well, from what i can see already i'll have something to say about SS#10 which comes out next week so that's probably when i'll post again. with any luck i'll have some confrontations this weekend with some of those anti-Israel leftist fucks that will be showing up at an Israel/Jewish cultural festival in SF this weekend. of course i'll record that shit and put it on Youtube and email you the links. i've still got a lot of shit on my plate so i'm not really back per say just for the record.

Dale Bagwell said...

-Omega, I will, as I continue to experiment with it. If I could afford Photoshop I would, but these two programs seem to do the work of Photoshop just fine so far. But I'll let you know how it goes.

-Shlomo, damn dude, sounds like you haven't had a proper break from your current drama, and you're already planning on getting into it some mindless, assholes. There's just no holding a good Jew down is there?:)

Take it easy, and try not to get arrested/do anything too foolish alright? Crazy bastard.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

it's more like try not to get arrested . . again.

Dale Bagwell said...


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