Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ben x(times) Ten!

Here's a short one today, but I think you guys will appreciate it just the same. And yes, it's definitely a play off the title, but it doesn't involve who you think it does.......unless your sick and smart:)

The Thing: "Hey Ladies! See something you like? 'Cause I'm aimin' to git my rocks off, haw haw!"

The ladies are stunned into silence, but can't turn away from the shocking sight!

Zatanna: "So that's why they call him The Thing!"

Cheetah: "My god! It looks like a big bowl of fruity pebbles!"

The ever lovin' end.

And here's a bonus variant "cover" of sorts for this skit:

Also on unrelated note, yesterday was my favorite Beatles' birthday! 

Yes, Sir Paul Mccartney turned 70 yrs young, so wish him well. Happy Belated birthday Sir Paul!.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

"getting my rocks off", why have i never heard that one before when it came to Ben Grimm? nice one!

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

but don't forget, Ben Grimm may also be Jewish but there's only one Shlomo "BEN" Hungstien.

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha! Glad you enjoyed the skit Shlomo.

And yeah you might be Hungstien, but are you hunk like a baby elephant's trunk w/ eczema? Yeah, imagine what that looks like.....

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i don't care too imagine that. however, i do have some good advice for you as far as noisy people at the theater goes (see comment on Dan's blog).

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha! Love it. Yeah I actually get in this kid's face one time and point blank told him to shut the fuck up or else I'd kick his ass. Of course I was on the way out, so I guess he won in that round. I did get a free ticket to see the same movie again though, so I guess I won the war.

Of course knowing you Shlomo, it'd be more like "If you don't shut the fuck up, I won't do your dad's taxes and he'll lose his business, and you'll both be poor. Fuckers!"

Ha ha, you slay me man.

Dan said...

as the siuthern hemispheres biggest Thing fan I rename this post 'the Thing skit you never knew how much you needed it till you read it skit' lol A bit wordier, but it'll do.

nice job mr!

Dale Bagwell said...

-Dan, ha ha, will do mate. Actually if you can say all that but in funny Aussie slang, I swear I'll change the title right away!

And thanks for stopping by the house; you're always more than welcome to check in for the night. But you have to bunk w/Shlomo......so good luck there.

Omega Agent1 said...

Man, I can't even say nothing, this whole damn post and comments are hilarious. Good job dude.

Dan said...

lol one post im in hell with an ice vending machine next youve got me bunking with Shlomo! havent decided yet on which wins out but all im sayin this house better have a hell of a mini bar if these are my only options!

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha, ha! Hey what can I say, Shlomo's cheap, and there's only so much room at the inn:)

No, I'll hook you up Dan with plenty of bourbon(you crazy bastard) and other top-shelf liquors. Hey only the best for my friends(or whatever's on sale at the time).

And hey, like I said, at least you got the spot next to the ice-machine....I may have to spit or swallow to get a decent spot like that. I just gotta' remember what Shlomo taught me about that whole gag reflex thing...

Alright, enough with with jokes. Shlomo will probably hunt me down or send the Mosad after my ass. Please Shlomo don't hurt 'em....

-Omega, yeah as you can see, the fun never ends around here. I did promise a house of fun, I just didn't know I wasn't going to be the only person bringing the funny.

Thanks again to all you guys for stopping by. I mean it.