Monday, December 01, 2014

"Just One Of Those Days"

What it is people?

So glad Thanksgiving week is done, so I can finally enjoy new episodes of my favorite shows.
Due to last week's holiday, most of your favorites and mine were on holiday break.

This week, they're all-new baby. So I damn sure can't wait to watch the crossover episodes of The Flash and Arrow, as well as the next to last episode of Sons Of Anarchy and a new episode of AHS: Freakshow.

I don't know about you, but last week for me weather-wise was horrible. Rain, rain, and more rain. Add the cold into that equation and you get a surefire recipe for catching a cold.

Bad weather folks. It damn sure sucks.
If you don't believe me, ask these two:

The End

What the hell indeed;)


The King of Thessaly said...

DUDE! -That's my JAM! Hahaha- I spent every weekend of my teen years in The CLE. E99 & St. Clair for LIFE!

Hope you had a good Christians Murdered Indians Day.
Fuck yeah- The Flash V. Colorless Arrow: Dawn of Something!
I dig AHS, and I like Freakshow fine- but it's kind of meandering...

I would have fried those Playskool fucks.

Dale Bagwell said...

You know it *igga!
They're old Little People toys from the late 70's/early 80's.
My mom's childhood friend gave them to my nephew to pay with. Hey, kids gotta' know their history.

he know owns the barn, the harbor with sea plane, original airplane, and a house.

if it weren't for the shitty lighting, I'd be using those bitches.

I did. it was pretty decent. You?

dude, Freakshow is working on a fast pace. They've seriously been killing off supposed long-stays very quickly. Hell, they bumped off the evil clown in the 4/5th episode. Plus last week La Petite got snuffed. Literally.

I would've too. Hey, at least they 'd be put of their misery. Poor bastards living their lives like multiple amputees. Only the Oblongs were able to pull that off, and it was only the dad.

I know, I know. Faces of Death much Mr. Morbid?;)

The King of Thessaly said...

Oh, Fisher-Price, my bad! I remember 'em... Had the Farm, Airplane, and Saloon play-sets as a tyke.

Yeah- I've been watching it... it's moving fast- sure- but so directionless. It's still good. -I'm just confused as to what they are moving toward- plot wise.

HA! The Oblongs!!! -You get a gold star.

Dale Bagwell said...

King: Freakshow seems to be moving along, quickly resolving character story arcs almost as fast as ending the characters themselves. Jimmy found out who his dad was and they bonded. More of the freaks are dying, making you wonder who's next. The spoiled rich boy took over the mantle of the killer clown. Nasty bastard picked up the mask and straight up put it on before washing it. Nasty bitch. Elsa's arc is moving along as well, but they did make it look like the main story would be about the Twins and that's not the case.

It's moving quicker than the early episodes of SOA until Bobby got kidnapped and then killed.

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