Monday, December 22, 2014

When Androids Attack

The End

Would someone please, for the love of God, hook Deathlok up with a decent support group? I'm seriously starting to feel bad for the poor bastard.


karl said...

LOL those two robo-nerds Vision and Ultron just crack me up - they spend so much time discussing shit that even the other androids batteries must run down in terminal frustration. Who would blame Deathlok?
Can I wish you Dale a very Merry Xmas and also a Happy New Year!
As ever I dig your blog and tune in regularly, do keep it up [if you can LOL].

Dale Bagwell said...

You can kind sir;) And I problems there, just ask my girl:)

I know right? Better than failing at attempt #4,500,789 to take over the world though huh?;)

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