Thursday, December 11, 2014

What The Fuck Were They Thinking?: Swarm


So who watched the series finale of Sons of Anarchy?
If you haven;t seen it yet, please do. It was a very solid and satisfying ending that wrapped up pretty much everything that got started this season and in previous seasons.

It gave us some food for thought, and a long-time mystery was solved.
Sad, but very worth seeing.

Arrow was also solid.
We found out Thea was the one who shot and killed Sarah(That's who I thought did it)
and of course the duel between Ra's Al Guhl and Ollie.

And shirtless no less, as a homage to the first duel between Batman and Ra's no doubt.

A fine mid-season finale really. Can't wait to see the rest of the season, 'cause seriously, who really thinks Ollie's dead right?

So, this guy:

Yep, Swarm.
The Nazi bad guy made up of sentient killer bees.

Yes, bees.

I know King would probably get on me for making fun of this guy, since I'm like what, 0-4 in picking weird characters he likes that I make fun of.

So, I'll do him a solid, and just point out the absurdity of a guy who missed his calling as the star villain of a bad Sci-Fi B-movie from the 50's.

Swarm was originally a Nazi scientist named Fritz Von Meyer, who was into bees. VERY into bees. I don't think he tried to fuck 'em, but I'm not saying he didn't maybe try either......

Moving right along, Ol' Fritz was introduced in Champions#14 by Bill Mantlo and John Byrne.

Top-notch talent, and yet they made this guy. Well, I guess it goes to show sometimes you have corn in your poop when you're just aiming to you know, poop out a regular turd.

He's shown up a few times here or there over the years, and even boasts the honorable distinction of having his very own action figure.

Go Swarm.

But seriously though, Bill Mantlo, John Byrne.



The King of Thessaly said...

Yup, I figured Thea killed Black Canary too- but I kind of hated the whole "mind-controlling-plant" angle they took. I would of rather Merlin just convinced her to do it- because he's evil and she's a terrible, hypocritical person who is filled with lies!

And sure, Ollie's not dead- but how do they write themselves outta this one??? Obviously Merlin finds him... and- Lazarus Pit? Because his organs and lungs were sliced and perforated.

A shocker of a literal cliff-hanger, for sure. And I loved how one-sided his fight with Ra's was... I mean- Batman has trouble with him- Green Arrow didn't stand a chance.

Anyways- moving on to- OH, FUCK YOU DUDE!!!

Gods damn it!

-You son of a bitch!!!!!!

Swarm is AWESOME!!! Oh, damn you... I swear you make these posts just to piss me off!
You son of a BITCH!!!
Lay off Spider-Man's rouges!!! They are the best!!! The BEST, Jerry! He's a Nazi bee-man! I own that very figure!!!!!!
You wanna know what Mantlo and Byrne were thinking??? -Let's make an AWESOME character; that's what!!!
FUCK YOU, (Merry Christmas, by the way) but fuck you!!!


This is your most egregious post yet!!!!!!!!!

Dale Bagwell said...

LOL. Oh King...I swear you're such a mark for those Rogues;)

Now when drawn right, Swarm looks pretty good, maybe even decent enough to maybe take temporarily seriously....maybe....

Yeah Thea being straight up evil would've been more convincing, but I guess they were giving her an out by saying she was under "mind-control". It's a fuckng cop out, but that's how it goes sometimes.

Dude, Batman only lost the first time because Ra's cheated, arranging Bats to be stung by a Scorpion. He cheated, and I figured he might pull the same thing for Ollie. Ollie was totally pwned here. I was expecting more of a fight than this. I guess after his rejuvenation he'll be magically able to better fight and defeat ra's, but damn, they just jobbed Ollie out bigger tha fuck here.

The King of Thessaly said...

I am... I'm a TOTAL mark. I'll admit it. Fuck you, again, by the way...

It's a total cop-out with Thea! And I hope they don't cop-out that ending when it comes back- like it was all a dream, or they replay the end of the fight but the last bit wasn't as bad as it looked... The ONLY acceptable out is Merlin and a Lazarus Pit.

See, I would have been mad if there was more of a fight than this... Ollie is no where near his league, so to speak- and he is definitely NO Batman!

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah but Ollie's been built up to be a bad-ass when it comes to be a fighter, with Deathstroke being really being the only guy to take him....and maybe Merlyn. At least he started out that way in the beginning.

But being a huge Batman-mark that I am, he'd kick Ollie's ass from Star(ling) City back to that fucking isle.
Which leads me to wonder why job Ollie out so badly, so quickly. Seriously, he knew Ra's reputation, why did he not better prepare for that fight?
For the added sense of drama and tension I know, but still....

You say such sweet things to me in the heat of passion;)

The King of Thessaly said...

First- again; allow me to say: Fuck you.

It doesn't matter! -As The Rock would say- how badass Ollie has built himself up in his own little universe... Ra's is still supreme.

Ollie was born to be a jobber... (until he, with one arm, nails Superman in the heart with a Kryptonite arrow! The most bad-ass moment in comics- EVER!)

Shit, he didn't have TIME to prepare... the game was on NOW! He was born to lose, die to win...

Dale Bagwell said...

I guess so, it just looks bad on Ollie's part to go out like a bitch. But Ra's is indeed supreme, and after a nice long hot bath in the Lazarus pit, I'm sure he'll go Rocky 3,4, and 5 on Ra's.

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