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Happy Hump Day People

So this past Sunday I was having a mini DVD's I haven't watched in long while-marathon with my girl, and after watching some (now) classic wrestling matches from the the WWF/E, I popped in a few copies of burned collections of the old animated X-Men series from the early 90's.

Any kid born during the 80's or a slightly earlier, should remember the last golden age of kids cartoon on the FOX network from 1992-1998.

With shows like Batman: The Animated Series, Animaniacs, Tiny Toon Adventures, Spider-Man: The Animated Series, and the like, FOX was THE channel to park your ass down in front of during Saturday mornings. Or least I know I did.

This classic animated series from the early 90's was only put back on my mind because of a little things called Secret Wars that Jonathan Hickman and Marvel are unleashing on the public in May 2015.

As you might or might now know, Secret Wars pertains to the concept of the Marvel Multiverse copies of  the mainstream MU fighting amongst in each other in a Hunger Games-Like battle royal for survival.

This is all happens on a revisioned BattleWorld, different from the fist because of the much larger-scale the whole thing's being fought on.

BattleWorld's been divided up into lots territories among the different storylines and famous crossovers.
Stories like Old Man Logan, Age of Apocalypse, A Spider-verse where One More Day never happened, Age Of Ultron, and more.

Well guess who else is there?

Yep. The 1990's animated X-verse.


I'm not 100% sure of their chances for survival since they're a cartoon world, but hey, they're the X-Men. When haven't the NOT faced insurmountable odds?

And you know what? After watching a good bit of episodes, it hit me that at least for me, I haven't seen the X-Men really act like that in a long, long time.

-Cyclops' a villain and mutant terrorist.
-Wolverine's much more known of as an Avenger than he is as an X-Men. Now he's dead(vacation).
-Professor X is dead.
-They aren't banded together anymore like they used to after a permanent schism erupted, splitting the X-Men into two camps: Team Cyclops and Team Wolverine.
-They've apparently become one of the main things they fought against; a terrorist group during Inversion.

And while I understand the need for the so-called progression of the illusion of character development and change, I just don't think  this current version's really cutting it.

  Laugh at the fashion and hair of that era all you want, but at least the X-Men were X-Men back then.

I'd leave to see that era do really well in that war. Hell, I'd even go so far as to say I wouldn't mind it if that roster replaced the current one for awhile.

God knows no one other than Bendis gives a shit about the 5 Original X-Men that came back from the 60's.
How the fuck have they survived this long anyways?

And btw, before I forget.....

When the hell did this group EVER get together? Thunderbird only appeared like, what, once or twice?
And who the hell is the mutie with the big pink dome?  He just slid in there like a wedding-crasher with none the wiser.

Seriously, anyone out there know who this guy is?


The King of Thessaly said...

Magneto, Juggernaut, Pyro, Mystique, Sabretooth, Avalanche... and... and... okay, you know what? -I never fucking noticed that guy before. WTF, Mate??? CRY FOR THE MOON! The Japanese opening was MUCH cooler:

The King of Thessaly said...

~Oops, I forgot about Warpath... just like everyone else.

Is it supposed to be Mastermind? Gargoyle? I've Googled only to find a lot of people asking the exact same question as you- but no one has ANY answers. Someone said he WAS in an episode with Warpath called Slave Island. -But I can't verify that. I watched this cartoon at the time- but hated it more often than not.
1.) Because it was not Pryde of The X-Men- and I would have rather THAT became a series.
2.) Because as an actual fan/comic reader of the time- they took WAY too many liberties with story-lines and got almost nothing right.
And 3.) is pretty petty- but it pissed me off that now all the kids, that made fun of me in school for reading comics, LOVED the X-Men and Wolverine all of a sudden.


Dale Bagwell said...

I have no idea either man. Could be the old silver-age X-Men villain The Changling for all I know.

I absolutely loved the show man. I'm not gonna apologize about that:)
That sho long with B:TAS and S:TAS were THE shows for me to look forard to on saturday mornings.

And while yes, they took liberties
with adaption of the famous comic sagas of the past, it wasn't that bad.

Shit, you knew they weren't going to do a straight up adaption of the Hellfire Club on a show for kinds. Hell no. They shit got sanitized.

But all was not bad the show either.
Hell, it gave us the last wave of X-Men toybiz toys like Corsair(Cyclops' daddy) Illandra, Ch'od, Raza, and WarStar. I loved that metallic green guy for some weird reason.

On the other hand a series WITH that squad I loved playing on the X-Men arcade game and loosely based off the ever popular Outback era would be that version you just mentioned.
If they could make us think that Vibe DC animated short was legit 80's, they could damn sure make make a current retro version this roster.

The King of Thessaly said...

So- apparently it IS Gargoyle. The Hulk villain... later voiced by Mark Hamill. I guess a guy who worked on the show confirmed it. WHY they picked HIM for no reason is beyond me but, yeah...

See, thing is B/S:TAS both hold up- to this day. X-Men does not. Like, at all. Yet 'Pryde Of' does.
However- I will agree that we got a lot of awesome toys out of it... I had tons of those as a kid and it was awesome. So I guess I owe it that.

Dale Bagwell said...

Agree to disagree 'cause both the X-Men and Spider-Man animated series were solid, even for the times. Were all the episodes great? No, but that's how it is. You'll occasionally get some stinkers in there. Hey, they lasted longer than the FOX Avengers cartoon that was doomed to failure from the start for stupidly not going with the A-list.
It was Mighty Avengers before the Mighty Avengers.

Spider-Man unlimited stalled out. Does anyone remember it?

Silver Surfer never got off either, and if you want to look at shows that didn't age well, look no further than the Iron Man and FF cartoon shows from the early 90's. Great toys I bought, but just didn't age well.

Hamill was indeed wasted in Hulk. A show I enjoyed, but should've been better and on a much different network(FOX)

Just goes to show what a huge comic fan he is.

The King of Thessaly said...

Whoa- you think the 90's Spider-Man was solid??? HAHAHA! Solid crap, maybe. The jagged-line animation, the never-ending Sins of The Father storyline, water-clone Mary Jane??? And you want to talk about taking liberties with comic story-lines... yikes! (And I don't mind things branching off from their source material- it's just HOW they did it) Again- I watched it as a kid... because it was a super-hero cartoon. But I seldom remember ever really enjoying it. Yes it was cool seeing some of my favorite characters animated... and like X-Men, good enough for a one-time-watch but...... those don't hold up either. (for me anyways... you like 'em- that's your prerogative.) -I'm just saying- they are really, really boring.

Oh, man- that Avengers cartoon! With the matching A-insignias! Hahaha- and one of the best theme-songs ever that was in no way trying to be like The X-Men one! -Yeah, it was pretty bad.

Spider-Man Unlimited was awesome! I talk about it all the time. Excellent story-line, and it really took risks- no comic-book counterpart to fuck up, great animation. LOVE that cartoon.

I was SO disappointed in the Silver Surfer cartoon... I think I've groused about it on this very blog before... or mine.

The Hulk cartoon was alright... nothing great, but not bad- good stuff with She-Hulk and Rick Jones. Yeah, Mark was totally wasted on that...

Oh, man- you're right; it does not hold up- soooo dated, but... you know what, though? I have fonder memories of the Fantastic Four/Iron Man Action Hour than I do of/for X-Men and Spidey. Also- cool toys. That is really the best thing about these shows- we all got super-hero toys! And of some of pretty obscure characters, at that!

Well, I'll still always have Pryde Of The X-Men, and Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends... or I can jump ahead to X-Men: Evolution, and Spectacular Spider-Man.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

that X-Men Cartoon was the last thing Marvel ever did when it came to animated TV shows that was worth watching. it wasn't great but like I said at least it was worth watching. while I was in Oregon earlier this week I did DC animated movies DVD swap with an old high school buddy who moved up to Portland in 2002. I just got done watching Batman: Year One it's just another great example of how superior DC is to marvel when it comes to animated stuff. but when it comes to CW shows based on DC Comic titles and marvel animated stuff these days I think they are equally shitty. although Agents of SHEILD for several weeks now hasn't exactly been anything to rave about I just kinda only half assed watched those episodes.

Dale Bagwell said...

I don't know about jagged animation man. That art was always solid to me. The lighting was both heightened and muted at times, but the animation never bothered me.

Yes I'll give you that certain story-lines drug out, but that was rare for cartoon shows at that time. No one was doing long-term story telling like that.

The ending though.
Yeah that one wasn't too satisfying, ending on that cliffhanger with Mary Jane being tossed around that "phantom zone"-like place.

And MJ's outfit.
Just plain bad. The horrible colors made it like a bad hipster's version of western wear. Those boots

It really just boils down to whether or not it "spoke" to you or not. If it wasn't your thing, it wasn't your thing.

I thought it was cool how the HUlk at least got to meet guys like Ghost Rider, Dr. Strange, sand Thor(as voiced by the guy from Slider no less) before the show ended. Plus he got to fight Dr. Doom.
Yes Hulk might not have lost that easily in the comics, but at least he never went out like he did during the 80's.

I consider all those easily defeated-Doom moments Doombots.

I still remember the Marvel Action Hour.
I watched it on FOX @ 3pm. It was right after the Beware Of The Mummies show.

Love the toys that came from those shows, but they weren't as good as the later offerings from Marvel.

Evolution wasn't bad at all. Introduced me to the kick-ass art of animator Steven Gordon.

Probably should catch up on Wolverine and the X-Men though.

@Shlomo: Still not watching Agents. Refuse to.

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