Monday, December 29, 2014

True Story: The Demon and Ronnie Dio

What's up people?

Okay so I'm starting this new feature based off a very popular catch phrase I tend to use a lot,
"True Story."

If you've guys have ever had a conversation with me, be it on the phone or otherwise, you might just hear me say it.
Well, I figured I'd do something like what I'm about to do and showcase a new skit feature.
The gimmick? the kicker?

Not every story's a true story. Quite the opposite in fact.


The End.
(Well isn't it?)


Randomnerd said...

I'd file that under plausible.
Hey Dale, if even half of your true stories are true, you'd still be a more honest man than the entire city of Washington.
True story.

Dale Bagwell said...

You know it Gig!
Sad but true.....and that's what's up!;)

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