Wednesday, December 10, 2014

So, Who Would Win?.....Mirror Master VS. The Living Laser

Happy Hump Day

So last Saturday was the last day that my LCS, Nuklear Comix,  was open for business.
While it only stayed in business for two years, it was a home away from home, and the direct source for buying figures and comics.

I'll miss it a lot.

Now I'll have travel 45 minutes or more out my way, just to go to a comic shop, not to mention having to rely solely on the local Wal-Mart and K-Mart in my area for figures.

Now while I was told I could start shopping online at this online stores called, I'm just leery in general about shopping online, outside of Amazon. Com.

For the last bit of SWAG from the store, I bought #'s 1-2 of the new Hobgoblin mini-series, #'s 1-2 of the new Carnage mini, #'s 16 and 17 of The Superior Foes of Spider-Man( a damn good series I know I'll personally miss) New Avengers Annual#1(a damn good creepy Dr. Strange story) and the latest Multiversity one-shot by Grant Morrison, Pax Americana. It's a pretty solid read and homage to the Watchmen.

No new figures this month so far.....but I do have my eye on a nice Sportsmaster figure at my local Maxway from the 6 inch Young Justice line.


Anyways, this week's participants for So Would Win Anyway, is a battle between two villains, the Mirror Master.....


The Living Laser.
Both are old-school, silver-age villains with unique gimmicks; MM has his mirrors, and Laser, well, lasers.

This one just seems like an interesting mix since Mirrors can both reflect and refract laser beams, and LL is made up entirely of Lasers.


The Mirror Master


The Living Laser....

Who wins and why?
As always tell me your picks in the comments section.


googum said...

Every once in a while, the Laser actually gets gummed up by physics, but Mirror Master's...mirrors, are basically magic at this point. So MM over LL, then.

Dale Bagwell said...

I'll confess to not being super knowledgeable about the specific physics of mirrors, but I;m pretty sure they refract/reflect/divide lasers so....yeah probably....Unless LL's got some killer coke to offer:)

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