Monday, December 15, 2014

What About Bane?

What's up people?

Who's up for some Deadshot and Catman skit action, with a slice of Bane thrown in?

The End

Funny inside/behind the scenes info:

I was originally going to go with the DKR Batman, seeing as how he's so fucing huge, it'd be ironic kind of that a big, buff Batman would kick bane's ass like Bane did him.

Then I thought, but how much funnier would it be for it to be the Adam West Batman to be the guy who pwned Bane?

Hey, I love batman, and I appreciate the hell out of Adam West and what he as the 60's era Batman did for the franchise, but he was pretty much the soft, lovable 50's dad . Not initiating and dark at all.

So because of him, Batman got a black eye image-wise as a joke.  

But not now. No one's laughing at this version of Batman. Certainly not Bane;)

Finally, anybody remember a comedy movie titled "What About Bob?" Starring Bill Murray?

That's where today's title comes from......jus in case you were wondering.....


Kia Myers said...

that unmasked Deadshot figure looks fucken awful. he looks more like Burt Reynolds getting a pine cone shoved up his ass then Floyd Lawton.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

my bad, I was accidently logged into my girlfriend's Google account when I left that comment.

Dale Bagwell said...

Soooooo, not a big fan of unmasked Deadshot I take it.

Duly noted;)
But did you like the skit in general?

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