Wednesday, December 31, 2014

So, Who Would Win?: Booster Gold Vs. Kang the Conqueror

Happy *last* Hump Day 0f 2014!
And Happy New Year's as well.

Well here it they are; the last combatants/participants of my fantasy face-off called "So Who Would Win?":
Booster Gold and Kang the conqueror.

You know the deal, or you should by now, both are proficent time-travellers, who have seen their share of classic, epic battles and wars.

This time these two batlle it out through various timelines and space.....and all to see who's the ultimate time-travelling warrrior.

Booster Gold


Kang the Conqueror

So....Who Would Win and Why?

Tell me your picks for the final SWWW fight of the year in the comments' section.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i've been thinking of this one for a few days now and i guess i would have to go with Kang just because of his intelligence and his vast knowledge and access to what seems like an endless array of advanced weaponry. but when it comes to who's got the better costume it's Booster Gold by a mile Kang has been in serious need of a wardrobe update for the past 3 decades now he was sporting that lame outfit even back in the first Secret Wars series..

googum said...

I love Kang, but never know what he's up to. Every time a writer sets up a goal for him, the next writer says no, that was a fake, Kang's really after this.

Conversely, even when he's supposed to be doing something, Booster never has the slightest idea what he's doing. Booster would win, but it would take three or four tries, and Kang would claim it was all part of his plan.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah I agree. Rightfully Kang should have this one in the bag due to his sheer number of resources and determination.....


@Googum: I see Booster stumbling through a victory nonetheless.
With a combination of dumb luck and a huge assist from Rip Hunter, I see Booster steal victory from the jaws of certain defeat. It just kinda suits his M.O.

I like Kang's suit myself, but maybe some slight modernization might nor be a bad idea.
What do you suggest?

Randomnerd said...

Less bubbles?

Rightfully Kang should win. Really. But Gold is the king of pulling it out of his ass. And by it I mean sparkly Deus ex machina. The weapon of choice for bumbling idiots in super suits from the future. That's probably a bit harsh. Booster TRIES. But usually just a tad too late. Fortunately he's so popular he manages to win because the powers that be don't want him ending up in the trash bin. So yeah, Booster. Because he's Gold.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: Exactly. He doesn't deserve to win, but he probably would anyways.

;) "Stay Golden, Pony Boy. Stay Golden."

Randomnerd said...

He should have a unicorn.

Dale Bagwell said...

He probably does. I know Kang definitely has to.

Oooohh skit idea! Blue & Gold babaaaay!

Thx Ging:)

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