Saturday, December 06, 2014

Say, You Look Familiar

Quick interesting thought that I just had to share with you guys.

Chalk it up to just being a possible Pot Prophecy, but haven't we already seen a group of Inverted Avengers before?

Like oh say as recent as 2009?

Yeah. Thought so.

That's a sigh of a true salesmen right there.


Randomnerd said...

There are no new ideas anymore.
As I keep telling everyone who trolls the Young Adult shelves thinking dystopian future fiction is new. And I have to disabuse them of that notion and tell them "Dude, it used to just be called Science Fiction, and we used to be made fun of for reading it."

Dale Bagwell said...

They're really aren't, just new ways or POV's on said ideas.

I don't know about the YA section at your library, but that's where all the comic trades are at my mine. DO I feel like a child molester/ pervert for going there?
Fuck no.

That just so happens to be where the good stuff's at.

Randomnerd said...

They're all over the place at ours. Some are in YA, some are in the GN section, some in regular Fiction, some in Science Fiction... they're trying to figure out where to categorize them. They don't like putting the superhero comics in the children's department because of some of the adult themes. Funnily enough, the Scott Pilgrim books are over there. I'm not sure anyone at the library really knew anything about Graphic Novels before I worked there. I just talked my boss into getting Saga. Big win. Next I'm going to talk to him about Hawkeye being one of the few Marvel titles you can collect and not worry about continuity. What's funny is that every department now has me reading every GN that comes into the library before it goes out, especially if they aren't sure where it should go.

Dale Bagwell said...

Living the dream Ging, sounds like you're living the dream;)

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