Friday, November 28, 2014

So, Who Would Win?....The Blob VS. The Juggernaut


How was your turkey day? Still stuffed to the point of puking? Glad to be rid of the in-laws?
Yeah, I bet;)

So today's the last edition of So Who Would Win? for this month, I thought I'd finish the month of November off with a timeless battle between the Immovable Object and the Irresistible Force.

And if you paid attention to the title, you'll know who I chose to represent those classic forces, The Blob and The Juggernaut.

Now I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think these two particular combatants have ever faced off before.
Well, they are now, and you get to choose who you think walks away from this one.

Is it the mutant with nigh-unbreakable skin who exerts so much of his own gravitational force to keep himself from moving unless he wants to(not to mention the living nightmare of buffets everywhere), The Blob.....

Or is it the guy with the mystical armor who(most of the time)can't be stopped unless he wants to in the Juggernaut?


The Blob


The Juggernaut......

Who Wins and Why?
You know the drill, leave your pics in the comments' section.

Hope you guys have a good weekend......


The King of Thessaly said...

Yeah- nothing moves The Blob vs. nothing stops the Juggernaut. Fuck. I don't think there can be a winner? I mean... if either wins- the others life is a lie!

Hulk has moved Blob before. I think Strong Guy did once too- sent him and the ground beneath him flying...
But then- Juggy once got p'wnd by Squirrel Girl. So......

I think the safest answer is; the force of impact and strain put on each of them would knock them both unconscious. And when they woke up- they'd just go get some drinks.
...and probably rape bitches.

Dale Bagwell said...

LOL. Yeah probably.

And more than likely if they hadn't been knocked out, they be going at it for hours like two wild bucks.
Until they both bored, and and went and got beer....

....then HORRIBLY, HORRIBLY raped lots of chicks.

The King of Thessaly said...

Maybe they'd just be like Dr Seuss' Zax.

Man- those chicks lives would be over, too... how would you go on after THAT. They would be WREAKED! -Could never walk again... I mean, normal rape is traumatic enough. But Blob/Juggernaut rape? My gods... The horror.

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha! Right? That's why Rotten.Com was invented my friend; To show you bloated corpses and vaginal trauma.

I imagine one stroke/thrust or half/quarter-half of a stroke/thrust would split her vag and asshole in two, forcefully tearing open the entire natural division between the two. Yep, lane-expansion;)

googum said...

I swear there's one where the gray Hulk grabs the Blob by the..."moobs" is the only word that comes to mind, and then steps backwards slowly, stretching out fat like a taffy pull. Blob points out his powers don't work like that, and it hurts like hell, so he lets up his "nobody moves the Blob" bit to jump--wait, the Blob jumps? OK, whatever. Anyway, the Hulk then punches him into another time zone.

So, Juggernaut, then?

Dale Bagwell said...

@Googum: Ha! Moobs. Dude, that's a shirt right there.

I haven't seen that one though. Which issue was that?

I like Juggy too though. He'll just outlast the Blob who'll either just walk away due to boredom and hunger, or tire out from the fight.

Speaking of, how's it feel being hitched again?

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