Thursday, December 04, 2014

So, Who Would Win?; Captain America VS. OMAC


You know, I've kinda' always wondered about this particular match-up.

It's a battle between two super-strong sons of Kirby with similar origins.
Ok, Steve's was all about WW2, and a super-serum, but Buddy Blank transforming into OMAC was just about the same thing.

The only main difference is the time periods, and exact methods by which they derived their powers: Steve's was a serum; Buddy Brother Eye.

Now of course the main glaring difference is that OMAC was only as powerful as Brother Eye allowed him to be, depending on the different situations and battles he faced.

Cap's power-set's pretty much stayed the same over the years.

And really if you think about it, isn't OMAC really just a futuristic version of Cap? I tend to think so.

Another random bit of coincidence, Cap recently came back from the near year-long Dimension Z storyline, and rescued one of Zola's kids.

 He's since rapidly grown up, and has taken up the mantle of Nomad, partnering up with the new Cap, Sam Wilson.

Sounds very similar to the role Buddy Blank would later take, taking care of the boy who would become Kamandi. Remember him?



Captain America



Who would win and why?
You know the drill people;)

Have a good weekend.

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