Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Why the Ch'ip on your shoulder?

And now a word from Green Lantern Ch'ip..........

The End



Dan W said...

LOL I literally laughed out loud at that one then mum asked what was so funny. I actually have a t-shirt with two Ren and Stimpy style chipmunks on it with one telling the other "you look good with nuts in your mouth" on it, but neither of those have a GL ring.

I think that last panel needs to be framed. If not the new Morbid's House backdrop. I wuvs it.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: :)
Thanks mate, very much appreciated that you enjoyed this one. I felt I might've either ranted too much, or didn't go far enough.

New House Backdrop you say?
Done and done sir. Now that's giving the people what they want;)

Hope your mum wasn't offended in case she saw this.
How's she doing by the way?

Dan W said...

No - she knows my humour so asking the question she's already picturing probably worse than a foul mouthed intergalactic cop chipmunk (ahh comics).

I noticed as soon as the page loaded - very cool :) I'm working on a face lift for mine too but that'll happen around the 1st.

Mums good second chemo stage is where everything's meant to hit the fan and that i kid you not is set for Dec 24th. Yay the health system aye? Don't these people read comics? Where's the healing factors and jetpacks? Really. Someone oughta sue.

Randomnerd said...

@Dan, geez, Christmas Eve? I'll be praying for that. Hopefully she'll get remission for a Christmas present.

I'm with Dan on that last frame, but I want it side by side with the glowing ring effect one, that's frakking sweet!

I wonder if he's one of the critters Eddie Izzard was talking about?

That new backdrop is smokin!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Damn man really?:(
I'm kinda' in a similar boat there with my own Dad, except I don't think they'll schedule any surgeries utill after the holdiays, but with the goverment, you never know.
As always, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your mum, as they do to all my friends and family members, as you you guys, my frequent and loyal readers, count double:)

In another case of great minds, I was also thinking about changing things up for the new year, so I'm curious to see what yours looks like by then.

@Random: Idk, but he should've. Maybe Ch'ip didn't make a blip on Izzard's pop culture radar, but he should, especially after seeing this. Dare to dream;)
And thx, I like 'em too:)

karl said...

That 'nuts in your mouth' was very similar to something we hear at work every day - are you sure you haven't been behind bars once or twice, Dale?
That new blog header freaked the shit out of me when I first saw it - and that aint easy. I did like that cool effect you did with the ring power. Seriously we need a match-up between this sick squirrel and Rocket Raccoon. And it should be written by Mark Millar, so we innocent souls can all feel dutifully outraged.
Dan, I do hope your mum goes thru her treatment well. Im sure she'll be fine; my next-door neighbour has the same sort of cancer and is still going strong after five years of out-patients chemo. My very, very BEST wishes to you on this.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: No sir, I swear, not me. I've never seen the inside of a prison and don't hope or expect to anytime soon......really ever!

Millar might indeed write an interesting battle between the two, but since he's too much into unnecesarily brutal and shocking mode, I'd rather have Keith Giffen write it instead. Plus he did co-create RR, so yeah,him.

Glad you liked the ring effects, and here here on Dan's mum.

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