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Top 5 Songs that make me think of Thor's Hammer

Happy Hump n' Bump Day people!

This week, I'm blessed with another day off, as frequent contributor(I think she's trying to hussle me out of this gig;) RandomNerd gives another Top 5 List topic for today.

Take it away Random.......

Hello fellow frequenters of the Morbid House! This time I'm going to tackle a list of music that is completely and utterly subjective. To me, at least. If you've been around a bit and seen some of my comments on this blog, Dan's, Shlomo's, or just talked to me you know how much regard I have for the golden-locked god of thunder. Simply put, I love Thor. Put it down to my Norwegian ancestry or just rampaging hormones, it was hard for me to tear away my gaze from the first thunderbolt. And no, it's not just Chris Hemsworth (although the fact that he appeared first as Kirk's daddy didn't hurt his appeal for me AT ALL). Thor struck a chord in me for many many years before his godhood was portrayed so wonderfully on the big screen. Even in the tiny panels of a comic book he seemed to fill the page and every picture could have been a pinup for me. Heck, I even have a giant sticker of Kirby's Thor on my wall behind my bed (Thank you Dan. If I hadn't already promised my firstborn elsewhere you'd have dibs for that). Anyway...back to the list. I'm going to give you my five songs that make me think of the Glorious Glowing Godhood that walks among us mere mortals.

Remember, all songs are akin to that test that do when they say a word and you respond. You can disagree, but you won't change my mind. These are:


1). Better than Neil (Commentary! The Musical)

This song choice is entirely based on one line in Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog. If you've seen it, you have no trouble getting the correlation. “The Hammer is my penis.” Yup. That's it. There's absolutely no other reason for this song to be here. Of course, I love it for other reasons. It's Nathan Fillion at his cheesy best, singing all about why he is better than Neil Patrick Harris. Which. Duh. I already knew.
“My hammer the people can tell that I'm awfully swell.” Oh yeah. I have no trouble picturing that.
Yes. It's freaking silly. Yes, I realize it was a song written on a spoof commentary for a web series that was itself a spoof. But I love it's “all in allness”. Which kind of describes Thor too, when you think about it.

2). Help I'm Alive (Metric-Fantasies)

Yes, my heart is still beating like a hammer. Hard to be soft. Tough to be tender. I know it's not about the god in question, but even aside from the hammer line (and who doesn't love a good innuendo like that?) the entire song feels like someone is hitting you over the head with a pounding force while shooting electricity through your veins. And for you guys, the chick is totally hot. Her name is Emily Haines. And damn if she didn't make me love synthetic pop again. Not in the least because this song was on my “Songs of Thor” playlist on my ipod for quite a while.

3). The Hammer Song (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Good Son)

I'm not entirely sure old Nicky boy was talking about Mjolner plummeting to earth and smashing some sense into good old Thor, but even discounting that, these lyrics could definitely read as a opus to my favorite god in comics. Not only that, but it's a frakking good song, every tiny bit of Cave's angry version of melancholy pushed into each sound. Which feels a bit like being pummeled in and of itself. But still pleasant to listen to. And not nearly as uncomfortable as some of the songs off the Murder Ballads album.

4). Götterdämmerung (Richard Wagner)

Let's go a bit high brow for a minute. :) Nobody says Norse mythology in music like Wagner, and the last cycle in his epic The Ring ( Der Ring des Nibelungen for those who speak opera) is absolutely my favorite. Basically Gotterdammerung is the german word for Ragnarok. And I know when it was written that Marvel comic's version of the norse gods wasn't even a glimmer in anyone's eye, but I can't listen to it without seeing one of two things: 1.) The Thirteenth Warrior, which had my favorite actor choice for Thor before I got a load of Chris Hemsworth (Vladimir Kulich, he played Buliwyf , and I swear that's who the artist was imagining when the Ultimates came out) and 2.) The epic battle Thor fought way back in Kirby's day to regain his honor. If you've never listened to it, and I'm sure most haven't, because it's frakking long as hell, you're missing out on one of the greatest pieces of music ever produced by a living soul. I don't care who you are, you will get goosebumps, you will feel that hammer strike you, and you won't care that you're listening to gasp opera.

5). Immigrant Song ( Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin III)

Hammer of the gods indeed. :) Valhalla, I'm already here. Those of you who know me know exactly what Zeppelin does to me. And this song almost always makes my top five zeppelin list (although it rotates, ask Dale). The only thing better than Plant singing about Tolkein or a Stairway to Heaven is Plant singing about my favorite god and his hammer. It pounds into me, through me, and comes around for a second pass. And all in the space of 2:25. Remarkably short for a Zeppelin song. Although, really, what else do you need? Me? Nothing. I just hit repeat.

So those are the songs that most remind me of my god with the glowing locks. And his mighty hammer, mjolner. Although really, who needs to think of the hammer in hand, when you can think of...well. I'll let you fill in that blank. Uff Dah!

Thanks Random.

I'll happily add to the list Elton John's "Valhalla"(Even though she says she doesn't think of Thor when she hears it), MC Hammer's "Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em" ,"You Can't Touch This(Where he says the immortal words, STOP! Hammer Time!), and of course his theme song to his 90's cartoon show, Hammerman. Yes I did watch that, and the NKOTB cartoon back then as well. What? Don't judge me;)

For the Led Zeppelin selection, I'd also add "No Quarter". Come on, tell me you don't think of Thor in the midst of his legendary battles when this song comes on?


karl said...

Wow, you really have a throb-on for Thor, don't you Random? But that's ok - we all must have our fantasies, and for some women Chris Helsmworth is well worth it.
It could be worse, y' know...over on our FF blog, said weirdo is still fantasising over the Thing and that's seriously creepy; she even replaces the thought bubbles in the old comics with her own dialougue.
But for Thor enthuisats he hasta be the main man, cant get any more macho than he [well except for the Hulk but hes green and as we know no-one looks good in green] even if the second movie did end rather abruptly it did give us a Thor we can justly be proud of - if only the rumours regarding Chris leaving the role for a third movie aernt true.
I always imagined that guy from Sons of Anarchy [Jax] playing him somehow.
Must confess I haven't read/bought a Thor comic in donkeys years - the last one had him fighting the Super-Skrull. Yes it was THAT long ago.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: Oh she really does, but as you pointed out, at least it's not Ben Grimm. Fucking hell right?

Speaking of Jax, did you happen to watch the season finale of SoA? Damn...just, damn......

Dan W said...

Thor by Jack Kirby is only rivalled to me by New Gods, with the FF in second. Marvel did a great job modernising the Norse myths they really did set the standard.

This list is awesome - and I'm so glad Aussie Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds registers with someone else! Still reckon Kylie Minogue's most redeeming song was when she teamed up with that laddie.

As for songs that make me thing Thor, that's a hard one as any rolling drum loop or decent metal thrasher does the trick, but I'd add in Hammer To The Heart by The Tamperer feat. Maya (the nicest celeb I've ever met), If I Had a Hammer by Led Zeppelin, Hammerhead by The Offspring, Hammer to Fall by Queen and of course the 80's wouldn't be the 80's without Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer.

Cool job Random!

Dale Bagwell said...

Ah Sledgehammer! How did I manage to forget that one?

Randomnerd said...

@Dan and Dale, I really could have filled up the entire list with Led Zeppelin. But I thought I'd be fair, and since there are a few other songs that ping my brain with a resilient "THOR!" when I hear them I took the chance to give them some play.
I love that Cave song with Kylie. Wild Rose, wasn't it? It, and the one he sang with PJ Harvey are my favorites of his.
No, Dale, I still won't think of Thor when listening to Elton John. But I will think of you. :)
@Karl, I have a throb on for many heroes, but Thor is the prettiest. And Jax never entered my brain because I wasn't watching SOA at the time, and didn't know who he was. Right now, though, I still think Hemsworth is the better actor. Jax can do all my popcorn movies. I won't complain. :)
Ultimates Thor was really cool insomuch that he LOOKED norweigan. Spooky like. And you were never sure for a while if he really was a god or just a crazy person with powers. It was a good spin.

Thanks so much for all your comments guys!

karl said...

The Ultimates version of Thor really grabbed me, in a way the original 616 Thor hasn't for many years, but then Ive only followed him in the various Avengers comics, never really got into his own book.
We here in the UK are two years behind in Sons of Anarchy, an dout cable station not only screens it late at night, but without any advance warning of each new season! Ive missed the opening eps of the past two seasons this way.
Re' Sons of Anarchy - does anyone get the new comic like I do, and does anyone else hate Gemma? Shes so interfering, makes you wonder if the real Sons would actually tolerate someone like that in real life.

Randomnerd said...

Wait...there's an SOA comic?!!!

To the website, Batman!

And as regards to Gemma...well. I'd punch her. But I fully realize I would die if I did so. I'd say they probably have the same issue.

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