Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Hats Off To Roy Harper

The End


So yeah, the current 2nd season of Arrow really is moving along pretty good. Other than their smei-bad portrayal of Bronze Tiger, I've been throughly entertained. Spoilers if you haven't been watching lately,
Ollie's mom was accquited, Malcom Merlyn's back(and not dead obviously) and Count Vertigo's dead.
Plus the flashbacks with Sarah have also been really entertaining. Can't wait to see what tonight has in store. Plus Barry Allen's coming. Already watched a clip from Bleedingcool.com. Yeah he really doesn't look like Barry Allen at all. Just a kid really. Fuck.

Oh well, at least Sons of Anarchy's been damn good. I think tonight might be the next to last episode befroe the season finale. Can't wait to see how it all ends, and to see who else dies. This shall be good.


karl said...

Been watching Arrow since it began and love it.
BIG Black Canary fan here [fucking hell, Im straight who isn't?!?] and contribute most every day to her official blog 'Flowers and Fishnets; A Black Canary Blog' where current eps of Arrow are dissected.

Roy should totally fuck Dinah; thatd teach Ollie. hes always ben such an ungrateful fuck.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: Yeah that'd show him alright. Unfortunately she see's Roy as a son kind of. So thankfully that part of soap operas don't make their way into comics.

Dan W said...

Sons is my all time favourite TV show. I turn phone off and all when that's on. I don't watch TV save for Arrow, Sons, Wipeout, AFV and Survivor - says a lot huh?

I haven't quite been able to go near Roy since he lost his arm, but he is a great part of the TV series. I really liked him as an Outsider, oddly enough, more so than I ever did as a Titan.

I wonder if many comics remember Canary's 'moment' in the Longbow Hunters - not that I guess it matters now, but the no-children aspect does add her as a character. The biggest loss is JLA Year One being wiped. Sure the bookie isn't surprised DC undid that masterwork so the trinity could be there, but it was great having Black Canary as a part as she really bridges the Society with the League... again not that that matters anymore :(

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Glad I'm not the only one who still remembers that previous aspect of her character. I think, ike you said, it added to her personality and character. Sure it was a tragic element, but she obviousl didn't let it define her. A real true role model for all women I say in that regard.

It's unbelievably fucking criminal that JLA:Year 1 no longer "matters/counts"! Waid made those characyters shine, and shine well w/o having to introduce darker, "mature" aspects into their origin like Johns did. It's still a personal fav of mine to this day.
favorite issue for you Dan? I myself loved the team up w/ the Doom Patrol myself.

I hear ya' on Sons. Clay's dead, and I'm damn curious to see who's next. And of course will Tara, and even Jax make to the series finale?

Randomnerd said...

(Closing my eyes and ears to the Sons commentary)

I'm digging Arrow. So much so I wish that Felicity was a character in the books, just like Roy. Unlike Roy I don't want to screw her, but I do think she should get some kind of play. And with someone a lot smarter than Ollie, because let's face it, any dude that thinks banging two sisters is a good strategy is a raving moron.

In the comics Ollie and Dinah's relationship was one of my favorites. Almost entirely based on physical chemistry. Either she had serious self esteem issues we don't know about, or he really does have perfect aim.

Randomnerd said...

Oh, and nice Blog title. Gonna go hit my ipod now. :)

Dale Bagwell said...

Ging: Right?;)
Aww Felicity....I'd totally hit that, perfect aim or not:)

Dan W said...

Hmmm favourite issues... that's a hard one. I like moments. Aquaman learning English on the dock, Barry stumbling the press conference before Hal saved it, Green Arrow and Canary's "score vs Jerk" initial meeting and Canary being soft spoken when not in a wig and fishnets... like you say it was the character work that really made that book stellar.

Aquaman being offered a place in the DP was great too, and the bar scene where the redneck dunks his face was awesome too.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah, those really were good. Oh, maybe it's super funny, but J'onn shape-shifting from Superman to Mr.Mxylpltz was a cute moment, so as to ease the rest into not being creeped out by his powers. Barry Kitson just pnwed the art to that book. I don't know who else could've pulled off the depth of emotion or any of the scenes w/o him.

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