Thursday, December 05, 2013

So, Who Would Win: Dr.Who VS. Kang the Conqueror?


Everybody enjoy yesterday's guest post? I think it was entertaining, educational, and provided lots of food for thought as far as naming off multiple female rockers.

Most of them I've heard of myself, with the exception of Mellisa Auf Der Maur, and only recently became aquainted with the group called the Zuftons.
Still, I think we can all agree those were some very solid picks, with very convincing argurments made on their behalf.

As always, I welcome any suggested topic or list for discusion to post here @ The House. Nothing wrong with having a day off, and letting someone else's opinion shine I say.
Just let me know ahead of time what you want to talk about, and either leave it on the comments section, or
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And now onto today's dream match-up of the day:



Kang The Conqueror

 I was originally going to have it be Booster Gold Vs. Kang, but then since I'm in a Doctor Who frame of mind lately, I figured this one would be a lot more interesting and nnowhere near as clear cut on who the winner would be.

Now of course there have been many Doctors to choose from, but the sake of argument, I'm going with the current one(but after christmas) Matt Smith. Also, what's Dr.Who without a companion, so we'll just go with the current one, The Impossible Girl herself, Clara Oswald.

Oh you just know Kang would say something like this at first;)




Who wins and why?

Let me know how you think it'll go by leaving your picks in the comments section.
Have a good weekend people!


Randomnerd said...

Okay, so I'm definitely weighing in here. The Doctor is a Time Lord. Not a human, but an actual alien whose race (yeah, the entire race) had been meddling with the Time/Space continuum for so long they actually became masters of Time and Space. THE ENTIRE RACE. The Doctor is obviously the cleverest of them all (seeing as how up until the recent 50th anniversary episode he was the only survivor of the Time War with the Daleks. Because he destroyed his whole race to get rid of them.) and in a world full of geniuses that's saying something. He's also protective, ruthless, and kind. He can scare off an alien invasion simply by telling the aliens WHO HE IS.
Now, Kang is a human from the future. Not unlike Captain Jack in the Dr. Who mythology, he jaunts about time until he's kind of good at it. Unlike Jack he's not whimsical and flirty. He's just a douche. So I'm handing this to the Doctor, not because I know HOW he'll beat Kang (although I'm sure with Clara in the mix she's probably visited him in one of her earlier incarnations and baked him a souffle so he'll have a soft spot for her) but because I know the Doctor is smarter than me. And he'll figure it out.
Because he always does.

Dale Bagwell said...

I agree. Any oncarnation, even the 1st, would hand Kang his ass. Here's how I'd have it: Bounce bewteen Galifry(where Kang wants to go to steal more of their tech) and eventually the final battle will be Trenzlanore. Yeah, that epic.
Throw in Immortus and the council of Kangs and the Master/Daleks/Cyberman, and you;d have the mother of all Dr.Who battles to rival the great Time War.

Randomnerd said...

I only wish River Song could be there too. Kang wouldn't know what hit him.

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha! Good one. And I'll see your River Song, and raise you Kang's greatest love and failure, Ravona!

Dan W said...

Okay, I have to admit, I know more about Captain Planet than I do about Dr Who so I might not be able to judge this one. Though it would be cool to have all the Dr's vs Kang, Immortus (and his legion of the unliving) and Rama Tutt in one panel.

I'll go hang my head in shame now ;)

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: No worries, mate. That's why man invented Wikipedia and Google. Ging knows more than about the current doctors, whereas I have some knowledge of the older ones. I'm just know catching up myself, so don't feel too bad.
All the Dr's vs All the Kangs'?? Hell yeah! Now that would truly be worthy to be called a Time War.Of course you know somehow, the Avengers are gonna' be brought into this, cameos or not.

Randomnerd said...

And the Daleks. Can't leave them out.

Dale Bagwell said...

I didn't ging. Check the 1st response. They're sandwhiched inbetween the Master and Cybermen;)

karl said...

Me back.
I think Tom Baker's Doctor would fare better against Kang - after all he took on the Black Guardian, and he could use his randomiser he used against the Guardian finding him [oh I know my old Dr Who] to send Kangy hurtling thru the timestream, plus he had the lovely Romana [the first one] to help out. Win win.
Or Doctor 3 [Jon Pertwee] could put Kang in a Time Loop like he did the Axos entity and lose him doing the same thing for ever.
the current Doc would just lose the plot in gobbledygook and technical language instead of actually doing something useful. Still, Id fuck that Clara while he was kept busy.
Bigger on the inside than the outside? You bet I fucking am.

Dale Bagwell said...

Not bad suggestions karl. Tom baker is still my fav doctor even the recent ones have been pretty fun to watch as well. I'd fuck the hell out of Clara too, so I hear ya there;)

As for the last comment, do I even want to know?;)

karl said...

Hey Dale Ive been trying to send you an email, but it keeps getting rejected, as in ;this user does not have a yahoo email account' is there another one we can use?
And whats with the kingflame[r] anyway.sounds a bit gay [a bit].

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: I have no idea why my Kingflame81 account isn't working. Keep trying though.
And ha ha, very funny(not really;) it's not gay(ish).

Although if it was, I'm sure you'd have some lovely suggestions about different postions and an opinion on the whole spit vs. lube arguement.
By the by, you a top or bottom?

karl said...

Top, definitely top, as my two ex-wives and a few girls will attest [if they could sit down, that is].
Still...its been nearly two weeks since I got any action so any port in a storm Dale you understand a straight man's frustration [if you don't, just imagine it] give it another two weeks and I'll even consider your offer [it was an offer? Top or bottom? Unless youre contemplating buying a bunk bed or something]. If Im really desperate [or in a rush] I'll even take yours Dale even if its got hair on it [maybe not, I only work in a prison, not fucking participate in it!]. As for lube, who needs it, never wanted it. Just do the fraternity male method; get your girl to wet it with her mouth then twist her right around then ram it in. The trick is to put in in dry [without lube] and tight. Im told it doesn't hurt.
Still, give it two more weeks.

Sorry, just realized how totally disgusting and maybe innappropriate this post of mine is!
Off for a cup of strong tea.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: Actually I hear ya about it being awhile since getting any action, but no I wasn't offering. Sorry ol' chap, but M=my ass is exit only, and the only thing I want in my mouth is tit and pussy/tuna/clit thank you very much.

Inapporpriate no, but I have to say for a straight guy, you do seem to love your anal;)
Cheers, not queers; hags not fags(unless it's ciggies right?;)

karl said...

Yep I do love ass action [I know I shouldn't like it so much, but I do] think its a control thing; once Im started its hang on tight till the rides over. I hardly ever put it in the woman's fanny [fanny here in the UK doesn't mean ass, here it means pussy, odd that].
Get your point about ciggies, tho its been a few years since I smoked. I did once remark to a Canadian friend over here on invasion, sorry holiday that I hadn't had a cigarette for almost two days and 'couldn't wait till I have a fag in my mouth' needless to say that took some explaining to him. But then Canadians need the time explaining to them, never mind anything else [joke].
Don't like anyone messing with my ass either; been broached by girls a couple of times and that sent me into orbit but that's as far as it goes.
God, what must anyone think reading all this[!].

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha, ah Canadians. Does it ever get old picking on them? I think not, but unless they ise the same terminalogy for cigarettes, yeah I'm sure they needed some 'splaining. While they're that it, they can also explain why they call their equivalent of the dollar, a looney. Yeah makes no fucking sense to me.

I wouldn't worry what people think Karl. Fuck em in the fanny(how does that not mean ass in England? You crazy-ass Brits;)As Bonnie Rait famously sang, "Let's give em something to talk about."l)

karl said...

'Fanny' here in England relates to an old Victorian porno novel 'Fanny Hill' about a girl who liked showing off her, well, pussy, no I mean fanny.

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