Monday, December 23, 2013

"Across The Universe"

What's up people?

Today's the monday before Christmas, but where I'm at you can't tell since it's so damn warm. Rainy, but warm. It is winter right?

Yeah, thought so.

Anyhoo, here's a skit of sorts I did, set to one of my favorite Beatles'songs off the White Album, "Across The Universe." It's one of my personal favorites from John Lennon, and combined with "Imagine" make up two of the most important songs he ever wrote. Plus I think those two alone, if not just Imagine, gives Mccartney's song "Yesterday" serious competiton on who wrote the best Beatles' song ever.

Today's star should be no stranger to you, the Silver Surfer. I figured he was a natural fit for this one, and I'm pretty sure you'll agree.

Take it away Surfer.....



karl said...

Don't really know the song but damn damn damn damn those Surfer pictures are hella cool! Any one of them would make great wallpaper backdrops for my computer, really gorgeous, especially the first one.
Who wouldn't wanna go flying around the cosmos with the Surfer, itd be great.
He'd have to shut up at some point tho - all that endless introspection would have me asking for Galactus to come back.

Dale Bagwell said...

Thx Karl. Glad you loved em'. Yeah they really would look cool on your desktop, so feel free to use anyone you like or all of them. It's whyI post in the first place.

You don't this song? Tell me a Brit like yourself, doesn't know that song. for shame ol' son.

karl said...

Well is it a Beatles song? I dunno - Im originally from Liverpool [for my eternal shame, an awful city] and the Beatles have never really 'done it' for me - I m more of a Hollies man myself, with a touch of Go West thrown in as well.

Dale Bagwell said...

Oh yeah, bigger than hell. You're from the very same birthplace as the Beatles and yet not much of a beatles fan. Sweet Baby Jesus who wept! Excuse while I go shot some random doves;)

Tiger OA1 said...

Man wow....

I know this place, It's in-between my heart and mind and changes the celestial universe.

Best damn post of the year and I havnt even played the song yet. Fuckin A.

Dan W said...

Yeah I cant say I'm a Beatles fan either but Hey Jude's always good for a roadie. Now the Surfer thats different. Love the Francesco variant cover. It really shows the isolation of the character.

Nice orignal idea of mixing the two mr! interesting to see what hero / artist combos you hit next ;-)

Dale Bagwell said...

@Tiger: Thx man. Truly appreciate the kind words and sentiments.
Play the song, and I guaren-damn-tee you it'll only enchance the experience.

Interestingly enough, I'd considered asking for everyone's thoughts on best post or skit of the year. Good to know I know what you picked brother;)

@Dan: Et Tu Dan? Where's the love for the Fab Four? It's all you need! well that and a really coold beer;)

Glad you enjoyed this mash-up of sorts. There's more on the way, that's for sure:)

karl said...

Its kind of a prerequisite for those from Liverpool to dislike the Beatles; those that do only put it on for the tourists.
Personally the only Fab Four I love are the Fantastic Four!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: Makes a twisted sort of sense, but then that chick obsessed the Things's "thing" still thinks it's okay to masturbate and obsess to a rock-encrusted imaginary character. We all have our something don't we?;)

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