Monday, December 16, 2013

Wanted: Single Shiny Female

What's up people?
Got your holdiay shopping done? Yeah me neither, so we I guess better quit doing the asshole shuffle and get 'er done right?;)

Well while you're waiting inspiration or desparation to motivate you, check out today's skit.
It's all about the dangers and perils of dating online, a subject I myself happen to know all too well.


The End

Thankfully I haven't been Catfished yet, or ever had this particular experience happen to me, but just....damn right?


Dan W said...

I am so gutted the Ed McGuinness inspired toys never made it this far south. I always wanted this Captain Atom and Cap Marvel too. I saw them in Australia, but at they were wanting too much for them.

I like that Booster and Beetle were behind it all. Ahh the old DC.

What you didn't see though is a real shiny female shows up, Akhema from the Avengers. Being the female Ultron she obliterates them all when she realised they don't match their profile photo, but hey that's life.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Right? That's one of but many reasons why I'll always miss the old DC. Bc shit like this would happen on the regular....or at least it would if Keith Giffin was still writing the League.

You couldn't afford the McGuinness-style figures huh? What about Amazon or ebay? They should be resonably priced by now, but I'm not 100% sure.

Ah Akhema. Only a true student of the game/comic nerd would remember the chick created by Ultron from Mockingbird's brain patterns. Good choice...or maybe even Danger from the X-Men? Hey, it could happen;)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

now that's one kinda team up between the Silver Surfer and Captain Atom i would not want to see.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: Right;)

karl said...

That Silver Surfer action figure is mega-cool isn't it - I have that one and the board is awesome.
My computer broke on Sunday so have been away for a few days getting a new one [all this expense I could do without, just a few days before Xmas gggrrrrr] so only just got back online.
Online dating? Ooohhh...don't think so, sounds well dodgy. You never know who youre going to get turning up. I would never go on one myself. Ive been on a blind date once [well, she ended up blind after I came in her face, so I think that counts as a blind date] and that was set up by my late ex [well, she will be late if I ever catch up with her again] so never again. Judging by some of the fuglies that go in for this youd have better luck finding a date where I work [not recommended either, btw].

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: yeah it's not super ideal, just another option in the dating toolbox as it were. Most of my experiences have ended well enough, but mostly in the friendzone department. So yeah, nothing like going out to the bars and finding the drunkest(but hopefully not loosest) chick you can find right;)?

Blind date after you came in here eye huh? Did you at least give her your "cane" so she could find her way around your place?;)

Play a bit of blindman's bluff did you? Or was it blindchick's muff?;)

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