Wednesday, December 25, 2013

So, Who Would Win: Dr.Doom Vs. Dr.Who

Well Happy Hump Day and Merry Christmas people!

Man you should be here and see the craziness that's going on here @ The House.
I tell ya, it's a madhouse this year. The Demon, Trigon and Deadman are singing(and horribly I might add) "O Holy Night", while Guy and Tony and are going at it in a Egg-Nog drinking contest.

The whole place is alive with the spirit of christmas. No wait, I think that was the Spectre passing by. Burrrrrr!

Anyhoo, wherever you are, I sincerely hope you and yours have a very merry and happy christmas.

So on today's very special christmas edition of So, Who Would Win?......
I decided to present to you all the ultimate duel of a pair of Doctors.

Dr. Doom



Now of course I've been on a huge, huge Dr.Who kick as of late, and with today also being Matt Smith's final episode of being the doctor, I figured, what the hell, let's do this one.

For me I imagine the set-up scenario is really easy.
Dr.Doom discovers the time-lord because he's Doom. Intrigued by the Doctor's reputation and skill-set, not to mention what a huge bonus it would be to posses the TARDIS, Doom sets in motion events that manipulates Dr.Who in coming to Latvaria.
It doesn't matter what, more than likely a distress signal that only the Doctor can pick up on via the Tardis. Either way he arrives.....straight into a trap that will rival even the one Dr.Who's enemies have set up for him in Trenzalore.

"Greetings Doctor. Your reputation preceeds you."

"As does yours Doom. It seems you've been a very naughty boy Victor. All that time and effort just for me? I feel flattered you know."

"Indeed you should. It's very rare to find the last of the time lords. Rarer still to trap one. I bid you welcome to Latvaria. I bid you your death"

"That's that they all say Victor old boy. That's what they all say, and yet they can never quite get the job done I'm afraid. The Daleks couldn't. Nor the Cybermen or the Weeping Angels. What makes you so sure you'll succeed where they all failed?"

"Because they were all mere pretenders and fools. They were weak. They were not DOOM!"

And so the battle begins......

Dr. Doom



So, who wins and why?
I will say this, unlike Kang, I don't see this one being quite so clear cut. Remember this is Dr.Doom. The same guy who beat the Beyonder, stole the Silver Surfer's powers, and dragged young Franklin Richards to hell. I personally feel he's more than a match for the good Doctor, and may just be the most formidible opponent Dr.Who's ever had. But then that's my opinion.

Let me know who you think'll win in the comments section.

Again, have a very merry and happy christmas you guys.


karl said...

The long-standing FF fan in me will always go for the good Doctor - DOCTOR DOOM, that is!
The Time Lord may be all kinds of something depending on his various incarnations, but as you mention Doom has stolen the Surfer's power and much much more in the past and quite simply is far to devious. Only Tennant or Smith's doctor could possibly devise a plan to deal with him - and even then Vic would have the last laugh, The idea of him getting his hands on the Tardis is too horrifying to contemplate, after all theres all that timey-wimey confusion with his connection to Kang [actually that's more to do with the Richards family, as his ancestor in the future turns out to be Kang, and get this breaking news his girlfriend Ravonna turns out to be Reed's daughter Valeria!].
Anyway the Doctor's nemesis the MAster hasn't been seen in yonks and someone like Victor would be picture perfect as his perfect enemy. Vic's sometime 'assistant' Lucia Von Bargas [think that's how its pronounced] would take care of crafty Clara too.
As much as I love Dr Who, his popularity depends on which Doctor you like individually and which era - yet DOOM is eternal [unless you discount the Seventies, when he became just a pantomine villain until Byrne reinvented him[.
It hasta be DOOM. Got the IDW Artists Edition of his FF work yesterday and the black 'n white line work is stunning.
Anyway hope you got some for Xmas, Dale. My girl got a kiss under the camel-toe, I mean mistletoe.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: I'm glad you voted for Doom too. I was always somewhat of a fan of Dr. Who(Tom Baker for me)but have only recently REALLY got into it. That being said, only some like maybe the 3rd or 4th doctor, besides Smith could really take on Doom and possibly survive. Doom is indeed a tricky and nefariously clever guy, so I don't see the good doctor having an easy go at fighting Doom. The only one to really get under Doom's skin is Reed Richards, and that's because it's always personal between the two of them. But when Doom deals with someone else, he's usually cool,calm, and very calculated in his attacks. I'm going for possibly a pyrrhic victory for the doctor. Even if he wins, it he'll have lost far too much, like the rest of his lives, companion, and the TARDIS.
But fuck it, Doom for the win. And as you say, Doom with a TARDIS might even be worse than a Doom with the Infinity Gems or the power cosmic.

"Cameltoe". Nice one sir;) Glad you got some holiday cheer, while giving her some holiday spirits, in her ass probably knowing you:)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Doom by a land slide. but i'm not a big Dr. Who fan so my vote is pretty biased. what i would really like to see is a Lex Luther vs Doom match up.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: Don't worry about it man. An opinion, is still an opinion. 3 for Doom. Wow. Now if only Random were here it'd be 3-1.

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