Monday, December 09, 2013

"Mother Nature's Son"

It's Monday!!!! Argghhhh!

It's cool guys, I got something to hopefully help distract you for like 5 minutes.
I'm trying something new, and using comic panels instead of the usual action figures to do the musical skit thing I usually do around here. Today I'm using Swamp Thing. Now of course I don't own a Swamp Thing action figure, thus I was forced to used existing comic art of Swampy to sing one of my favorite Beatle songs from the White Album, "Mother Nature's Song".
It still gets me everytime I hear it.

Here's what it sounds like just in case you don't remember or know how it goes:
That's the  raw acoustic version from the Beatles Anthology 3 album.

So with that in mind, here's Swamp Thing "singing" a very appropriate song for him, Mother Nature's Son:




                                                                            The End

So what did you guys think?

I tried to find the best images to me that fit the images from the lyrics, and that wasn't a super easy task. but I'm happy with the final results.

I don't usually like covers, with a few exceptions, as nothing beats the original for me. But I will recommend listening to John Denver and Harry Nillson's cover of Mother Nature's Son. They do it they're way and in their style, yet still stay true to the original. Honestly I prefer John Denver's cover myself.

Tommorow, back to action figure skits, with famous GL Ch'ip. Yes, Ch'ip.
Be afraid, be very afraid;)


karl said...

Whos that fat kid in that picture, poor fat fucker. as if Swampy dosent have enough problems.
Adreiene Barbeau however.. gggrrrr.....that's my wet dream sorted for tonight.
You admit listening to John Denver? Thought you didn't like taking it up the ass.

Dale Bagwell said...

I don't, and yes I listen to John Denver. I also listen to Elton John and give not a single who fuck who likes it or not.

Barbeau was....sort of okay, and passing in the bang-a-bility department. Apparently, and I did not know this, she caught naked for the movie. No, I mean naked. Like sagging tits naked. I'm curious as to how much of that swamp water increased or decreased the sagging of her breasts.
Here's the link if you're brave enough and have good health insurance:

As for the aformented fat fucker, idk. Just some random kid in the was in the the 1st Swamp Thing movie. Probably either dead of diabetes/obesity, or super-fit. 50/50 really;)

Randomnerd said...

That does seem to be the way it goes, right?

I wish Sean Astin would make up his mind which one he's going to settle on.

I've never heard that cover so I'll have to check it out. Yes, I like John Denver too. But I'm a chick, so I don't think I need to take it up the ass for that.

Nice job on the swampy pics, Dale :)

Dan W said...

That's pretty cool timing with John's anniversary and all - nice one Dale! I really had high hopes for Swamp Thing in the new DCU. He is a well known cult icon for the company, and despite a promising start, their marketing focus has fallen back on the same faces again (screams into a bag). And we're done (exhales) :)

Still all that aside, cool post mr!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Ging: Thx kids;)
As for the actor formally known as Rudy, meh;)

@Dan: Thanks Dan-O. John Denver's anniversary?

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

don't know this song but i do loves me some Swamp Thing. Dale check your farcebook page although i suspect you'll see what i post on your time line before you see this comment.

Dan W said...

No not John Denver's, John Lennon's :) You must really be a big Denver fan if he's the first one you think of.

8 December is the day the music died. When I was a DJ it was one of the only deaths we commemorated on the station with a third of every hour dedicated to Beatles hits or those by The Beatles solo efforts.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Oh fuck you're right! Some Beatles's fan I am. Damn.
No, I guess I had John Denver on the brain is all.

@Shlomo: Yes I did, and I stay say you did a beautiful job on that.

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