Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"How to catch a Punisher"

Fresh off the presses, is a short one, but a funny one(I hope) today people.

I was thinking, as I usually do, about what topic or joke I'm going to create a skit around, and then it hit me: "How to catch a predator." And from there the ball kept rolling.


-The Punisher looks at Kamandi, noticing the boy holding enough guns to make him an honorary junior NRA member.
The Punisher: "I hear ya. Sometimes its just one of those days you know?"

Kamandi: "What?"

The Punisher: "Yeah, just one of those days where you absolutely, positively want to blow every motherfucker in the room away. I hear ya' kid. I get those days too."

Kamandi: "Uh, are you hitting on me? Because I know Chris Hansen man."

Punisher: "Hey I'm no filthy pedophile, I'm just admiring a nice young man like yourself holding a lot of firepower and looking like he just escaped from the planet of the apes or something is all."

Kamandi: "Yeah, I'm going to ease on out real slow, so no funny business mister!"

Later on that day.....

And here's some Chris Hansen joke pics I found on the 'net:


I was big fan of the show when it was on, as I loved to see the hapless fools get lured in and exposed for the pathetic perverts they were. And good god were there plenty of those!

Rabbi's, Cops, and Truckers oh my!

And they'd all swear the same thing; "I wasn't going to have sex with him/her. I just wanted to talk."
Awesome-sauce right there.

Too bad the show didn't last as long as I'd have liked. Why you my ask? Because, in the mother of all ironies, Chris Hansen was caught in a sting by the National Enquirer cheating on his wife. And that's not all...nope dear Mr. Hansen also sexted his new paramour, costing him his marriage, and his job, seeing as how at the time he was supposed to be the new head anchor of Dateline. Not after that scandal broke he wasn't. Thus why no more Chris Hansen, and no more To Catch A Predator. 

Nice Hansen. Real nice.

Finally, I'll leave you to watch some funny moments from the show:

And this one of a guy with Cerbal Palsy trying to score with a 13 year-old.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

yeah i used to watch that Dateline show too it was pretty entertaining, even when that rabbi got busted. as i recall that chick Chris Hansen got busted with was pretty young too but still some where well over 18 right?
by the way, Youtube has prank calls with Chris Hansen sound bites from Dateline NBC. one of the videos has the title "Chris Hansen Calls Rehab".

Dan said...

Damn we needed that show here! 'Can I have a Ride Home?' - loser. I'm glad there was a show rounding up those kinda people. Kids need time to be kids.

Back on topic that is an awesome Punisher! I ordered my first action figure today, one of those 'you're the only fan of them alive so they're cheap and in mass supply' kinda jobbies, but I think he's cool. Look for him in a fortnight.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo, that's funny as hell, I'm going to youtube that that shit immediately.

And yeah the Rabbi one was really funny. "Stop, no!" HA!

@Dan, I have no clue who it is, unless you bought the Blue Devil or the Spectre maybe? IDK but can't wait to see who it is.

Well that's official then; welcome to the club buddy.
Trust me collecting action figures is truly like eating Lays potato chips; you can't stop at just one....That is unless you have an amazing amount of self-control and a truly limited budget.

But hey those qualities are for lesser mortals, as Doom would say:)

Thanks for stopping by guys.

Omega Agent1 said...

Dale, you a fool man. Hansen is going to be peeping in your window next, revenge for killing him over here. I got to tell Dan congrats and bout time.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Omega, Ha ha! He would if I was trying to pick up an underage girl:)

You'd think since he's unemployed(maybe) he might have all the time in the world to pull that shit huh?

Ha, we'll see. Glad to have you back @ the house stranger:)

Dan said...

Thanks OA1! Don't know what skit I'll be able to pull with one figure but who knows!

Hope you guys have good weekends!

Dale Bagwell said...

I'm sure it'll be great Dan, no pressure;)

Just use your imagination like those commercials on TV, or drugs. Yeah drugs definitely help:)

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