Monday, July 16, 2012

"Cat Scratch Fever"

Well folks this is it; today's my 200th post. Oh don't worry, it's not that big of a deal, as Dan does 200 posts a day on his aussie head, so no big  whoop there. I will say I am glad and a little pleased with myself for having stuck with this for so long. As I've mentioned before, I have creative ADD, so that means being amused with one project, getting bored, and then moving on to something else. Commitment issues much? Not in the relationship department, but creatively, yes, very much so.

Anyhoo, here's my 200th post named after one of my favorite Ted Nugent songs, "Cat Scratch Fever."

Catman: "Hey pretty kitty, it is still considered bestiality if we do it with or cat-suits on?"

Cheetah: "How the hell should I know? This isn't a costume, this is my real skin you jack-ass! You're thinking of the other Cheetah."

Catman: "Oh yeah....Grandma Cheetah. Ehh, and no!"

Catman: "Sooo, you free tonight?"

Cheetah: "Seriously? After not even knowing this is my real skin, you want to go out with me?"

Catman: "Pretty much, yeah."

Cheetah: "Fuck it! I did "Snapper" Carr, so this can't be that bad. Take me home daddy, I'm all yours tonight!"

Catman: "Hell yeah!"

Catman: "Oh yeah, ummm. Wait what the hell's that? Is that kitty litter? Fuck it, I'm hardcore!"

Cheetah: "Umm hmm, that's right fucker, pull my tail!

Cheetah: "Aww, yeah, yeah, that's the spot. Pull me tail harder you son of a bitch!"
          Catman: "Ye-ahhh! Damn you're hot tonight baby! I'll pull that tail all night long, I don't give a fuck! Damn you're a dirty girl!"

   Dex-Star: "Oh hey guys have you seen------Whaaaaaat!? Inter-Species Erotica!? Harugphmprh!"

             Catman: "You can watch all you want, but you are not getting in on this, capeice?
        I don't care what Lady Gaga says, it is gay on a three-way.....unless it's two chicks, then it's                    okay."
Ha ha! As a friendly reminder, always remember to have your pets spayed or neutered.......

Take us out Uncle Ted.........


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

"that's right fucker pull my tail" :) funny, but not all that far from the truth with some of my exes.

Dan said...

Lol I liked this skit. The great ones are the scenes that are in right in front of you as you read comics, but you never know how much you needed to see them till you read this blog.

Congrats on the milestone too mr!

Dale Bagwell said...

-Shlomo, ha ha! Dude, your exes are cat-women too? That explains a hellva lot man:)

-Dan, thank you god sir, and please explain to me what duty-free means. I assume you're not talking about shitting in your pants. get it, dooty-free? No.....okay then.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

they weren't cat-women, but i'd say they were more human then human.

Dale Bagwell said...

Like the White Zombie song? My condolences then:(

Dan said...

duty free? tax free toblerones alchohol and other goods as you go through customs :-) As for 'god sir' thats quite some promotion! wonder what salary goes with that?

Omega Agent1 said...

Ha Haaa, this is some funny, no good smelling litter you got up for scatching. Love this one, but I can't concentrate when other animals are in the room.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Well thanks or clearing that one up. Ah yes, the ever present spelling error. Well the hours are steady, put the pay sucks. But you do get your pick of fine cigarettes and clean prostitutes, so.......:)

@Omega, now that I think about, I could've easily put you in there instead. Oh well, maybe later. I promise you'll get another crack at that crack in the future good buddy:)
Thanks for stopping by.

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