Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What'd I say?

What it be like people? I'm sorry was that a little too gangsta' for you?

Today's skit involves another brief shout-out to that comedy classic Super Troopers.
See if you can guess which comedic line comes directly from the movie.


Nite-Lok: "And that was the first time I got space-herpes."

Dex-Star: "Hurpmaghhhafh!"

Nite-Lok: "Oh it was easy to cure, but my private parts burned for almost a week."

Dex-Star: "Wait, so who gave it to you?"

Nite-Lok: "Um, I don't really want to say, and let's leave it at that."

Dex-Star: "Are you serious bro? You just don't tell someone you got space-herpes, but then don't reveal who gave 'em to you. Come on, spill."

Nite-Lok: "Okay now this is going to sound bad at first, but keep in mind that it hasn't actually been proven.....yet. She was a stunning creature named Dai-Glo, and as it turns out, she maybe, MAYBE, is my sister."

Dex-Star: "Whaaaaaaat!? Your sister!? Hurargphmfgharm!"

Nite-Lok: "I said maybe. We all look alike where I come from anyways. Oh do stop that retching. It's disgusting."

Dex-Star: "G**Damn man! And to think they say I'm nasty. At least I never committed incest. Although there was that one chick I banged that looked very familiar, but I though it was just kitty litter in my eye. Oh God, Huargmpghargpmf!"

Kind of reminds of that jokes from Clerks 2. You know, the one about Inter-species erotica? Good times.

Speaking of things that are inappropriately funny, one of my new favorite shows on Comedy Central is a show called Tosh 2.0. You might have heard about it, and then thought "What the hell's that all about?"

Well I'll tell you what it's all about: It's a show that stars comedian Daniel Tosh(if he wasn't white, I'd swear that'd be an awesome Jamaican name) as he and his staff go through funny clips from the internet. Now yes I know there are dozens of shows like this out there, or it sure seems that way, but this one I swear is good.
With bits like his Web Redemption, Tweetment(funny as hell non-medical advice) and Video Breakdown, Tosh 2.0 proves its way better than those other shows. Of course what really made me a fan of the show, is Daniel Tosh. Let me explain: He's not just funny, he's inappropriately funny! He cracks wise on stupid people and on people or situations where you feel kind of bad to laugh at, but you do anyway. That's what he does, but better. He says just about anything, but well within the limits of the typical standards and practices followed by most cable networks. In sort, he's funny without having to resort to cussing.
Plus the man's extremely quick-witted. Now sure you can say "But that's because he's going off jokes already written by a team of writers." Maybe. But I'd liked to think, as he often proves with his 20-second time clock where he uses as many disses/insults as he can think of in that time span, that it's all him.

Here's some samples of of the show, and that inappropriate humor I love:

This one's called "Is it racist?" and if you watch the clip, you'll see why.

Here's another one where he lets those wondeful people on Twitter write out his own will:

And finally one more clip to illustrate his comedic genius. Things you should never say as you run into a room:

and part 2:

Yep yep, this is why I'm a big fan of the show. It fits my sense of humor to the fucking T!

Have a good one people.


googum said...

My favorite thing you should never say as you run into a room was "Let's not turn this rape into a murder." Please don't try that at home.

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha, I know right? There's way too many to pick from as I love them all, but I like the Oreo one, the chick asking if anyone had a coat-hanger, the guys that says "Isn't it funny that boogers taste like sperm", and the same chick who says "gang bangs aren't just for blacks." Funny, funny shit.

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