Monday, July 09, 2012

The Blue and Black Attack is Whack Jack

Well folks,
another week, another set of posts.

And hey I'm not complaining because I'm doing what I love, but the next two guys in today's skit aren't as happy about their current employment status. Will that change? Let's find out.

Blue Devil: "So, it looks like we're back in business now with the whole reboot thing going on. It does feel good to be employed again, but I'll admit I'm not too crazy about my new outfit. See?

It's like I died and woke and up in Rob Halford's closet, mixed with a little Chris Angel for extra spice. Eww!

Oh, and here's yours:

That one kind of looks just like your old one."

Black Vulcan: "Whatever man, that don't even look like me. And shit, at least you got a job man. I mean I have all these damn powers, and I still don't even rate a money loan commercial or a kid's birthday party!"

Blue Devil: "Hey don't knock a kid's birthday party man!  All the free cake and ice cream you want, and sometimes you get to hook up with a single mom or desperate housewife. Heh, heh. Not bad for a clown gig huh? Besides, we both have jobs now partner. You're in the same rebooted boat as me Black Lighting. Yeah!"

Black Vulcan: "I'm not Black Lighting fool! I'm Black Vulcan! Damn, even the blue-skinned demon guy shows me no respect."

Blue Devil: "Oh shit, I'm sorry man. It's you know?"

Black Vulcan: "Know what you horned, honky racist? That all of us black guys with electrical powers look the same? Is that what you were gonna' say? Man fuck you and John Wayne!"

Blue Devil: "Well yeah, don't you?"

Black Vulcan: "*Sigh*....Yes. I blame it on those motherf**king white devils in charge over at DC. They screwed Tony Isabella, and now they're screwing me. Damn!"

This is dedicated to Tony Isabella, famous creator of Black Lighting. If you know anything about his long problematic history with DC, then you know how the recent developments hasn't exactly helped their strained relationship any. It looks like DC is looking for a possible legal loophole by possibly/maybe renaming Black Lighting to Black Lightening, as a way to retain sole ownership of said character. Dirty, dirty move DC! And yes, just changing those few letters makes the possibly new name look that much more ridiculous.

I really just don't get what is up with DC lately. They've successfully screwed over the creators of Superman, forced CC Beck out of business and then bought up Captain Marvel only to continually shit on him and his family, run off and royally screwed Alan Moore over the rights to Watchmen, and of course this as well.

Is it due to the inherent corruptness and greed of corporations/large businesses, that when they reach level, they automatically turn into grade-A assholes?

And yes I know they're a business in a business to make money, but that doesn't mean you have to leave your morals and good conscience at the door.

Well on to brighter topics, as the action figure Gods smiled down on me recently. While I had no luck @ Wal-Mart, I did stumble onto some really nice finds @ K-Mart.
Right now they seem to have a 50% off sale on all toys, and really helped me out when I found these in giant aisle display:
Yeah these guys.

I intitally skipped them the last time I was @ Toys R' Us, but then I found them buried behind the new Batman movie figures of Bane and Batman. I was going to just buy Catwoman, but then she rang up as only 6$. Ha, ha! So I quckly ran back, and picked up the 1st App. Batman as well.

You can go to for a real comprehensive review, but take it from me, these are really nice figures.

Then I saw another figure there that isn't usually there:

Yep, this is the Arkham Asylum version of Nightwing, but carried on the Batman: Legacy wave. I passed him over last Friday, but then after reading and watching some reviews on him, decided to snatch him up yesterday. And yes, he too was only 6$. Go me.

Normally I wouldn't get a DC figure that wasn't exclusively from the DCUC brand. Just ask Goo about how far my snobbery goes concerning only buying those and Marvel Legends figures. But since he was roughly in the same scale, and has mostly the same type of articulation you'd find on the DCUC version, I got him anyways. The pain job's snazzy, and he looks great detail-wise. He comes w/ his black sticks, and a small mini-poster, as do all/most figures from the Batman: Legacy line.
 Plus I'm really not sure when I'll have an opportunity outside of buying the DCUC version online, to get a Nightwing figure.

Speaking of Wally world, I was surprised to find this little bugger there near the magazine section:

For only 10$, I got this nice TPB. It collects Batman: Vengence of Bane, Bane of the Demon, and some excerpts/origins from the 52 series.
So not a bad read, and it really gets the reader and/or potential new fan into the last Nolan directed Batman movie that comes out July 20th. I myself can't wait, and will break my solemn vow just this once, to go to an actual movie theater, brave those miserable and annoying kids/teens/tweens, and watch the Goddamn Batman on a movie screen. Folks I haven't watched done this since the last one came out a couple of years ago. So I'm really stoked to see it.

So what did you do this past weekend?

Also, a possible new feature over at the House of Fun, is video of the theme song for the day.
I see it as another chance to show of my musical knowledge and interests. You fortunate people can be entertained and possibly be introduced, or re-introduced to old/new classics.

For today's selection, I picked a very appropriate song, given the today's topic.
Here's Public Enemy, and one of many hits from them, "Fight the power".

What? Who said you had to be only black to enjoy PE?


Dan said...

Black Lightning i loved in the 80s. Boy I miss decent Outsiders comics. I always wondered why he'd sunk out of sight after being so prominent.... jesus imagine if Bob Kane's estate started rippling the waters!

I so need to get some figures. I just have to settle on a character to get first. been indecisive doesnt help

Dale Bagwell said...

The last time BL was remotely interesting was during Final Crisis for me. Other than that, the poor bastard had to suffer through that god-awful Didio Outsiders' run, and then nothing. And yes he had a bit part during FC:Last Will and Testament, but nothing to significant.

-If Bob Kane's estate ever tried re-claim the rights to Batman, DC would have a fucking shit-it! That and Imagine Bob Kane's estate would ultimately lose. Plus Batman fans would have to suffer through more unnecessary retcons just like DC's doing to Superman know.

-Finally, dude buy some fucking figures already! Find who you like, look for deals, and buy some already!!!!!
I want to see how you'd do this action figure skit stuff.

Omega Agent1 said...

Another good one Dale. Is that Black Vulcan , is he being added to the new DC line up? His name should be Vulcan, drop the rest. And some action figures! It's ok, were adult collectors, it's excepted now days everything else is).16 autlest

Dale Bagwell said...

Glad you enjoyed the skit Omega. No Black Vulcan isn't going to be featured in the NuDCU, and thank god for that. For one, Hanna-Barbara still own the rights to the BV name, thus why DC(I suspect) never featured him in an official comic. Secondly,The fact that they even made him, is I think, due to not wanting to pay royalties to Tony Isabella, thus why they did what they did.

I just used BV,since I don't own a Black Lighting figure, thus the skit pretty much wrote itself, as you can see even the Blue Devil couldn't tell the difference between the two.

And damn straight there's nothing wrong with collecting action figures. It's mostly adults that have kept that industry going.

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